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Jan. 13, 2013
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An Insufficent—Bidding Problem
Never mind.
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
I've been at tournaments where they ran short of bidding boxes. After a few initial complaints, the players found that there was very little inconvenience in sharing a box with one of their opponents. This would halve your costs. If you want to go to the extreme, you could ...
dump bidding boxes - all in favour ?
Where's the comment for the "other" vote?
Delayed Alert
The Alert Chart is a little unclear, but the intent as applied by ACBL TD's is that 4NT as Blackwood or Keycard, and the responses to it, are not alertable, period. Those are listed under the "No Alert" column. Starting with opener's re-bid, other Ace asking or Keycard ...
Alex Bealles's bidding problem: K53 A4 J976543 3
Partner had Ax of diamonds and they split 2-2, so 6 and 6NT both make this time. I was the 2NT bidder. My partner bid 3 Spades and followed with 4 Diamonds after my 4 Club call. I think I should pass with only two diamonds, but I didn ...
Alex Bealles's bidding problem: K53 A4 J976543 3
Richard, if playing Puppet Stayman, after partner's 3 response, 4 would show 4-4 in the majors.
Alex Bealles's bidding problem: K53 A4 J976543 3
Your partner can play puppet Stayman, but this is the first board of the session and he is filling in until your partner, who is late, arrives. For the purposes of this poll, assume that you can. If you do so, partner will deny a five card major but show ...
What's This Double?
He actually had a singleton. South had responded on a four card suit. Like I said, random.
What's This Double?
Thanks for the sanity check. My less experienced partner pulled my double because he thought I wanted him to bid. For the reasons listed above, I felt it was clearly penalty. I wanted to make sure that I wasn't just assigning the meaning that I wanted for that hand ...
Appeal from Kansas City
I'm not a bidding theory expert, so please take this question at face value. Are there any expected meanings of 2 that would or could include holding five hearts?
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