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Other than the trick where RHO ruffed the heart and the heart trick later won by RHO, did the declaring side lose any other tricks that they wouldn't have lost anyway?
Alex Bealles's bidding problem: A KJ964 AK975 AK
Partner's hand: K973 AQ2 J643 Q8
Why are IMP pairs events so much more popular in Europe?
Mike,John M wrote that partner opened out of turn in fourth seat. Since no other player had made a call the director was correct that John was barred for the remainder of the auction. Sounds like the 2N bid was not accepted and the auction proceeded P-P-P-3NT- by one ...
Why are IMP pairs events so much more popular in Europe?
Jim, I had an auction today go 2NT on my right followed by 6NT on my left. I felt really bad when I doubled with my two aces.
Alex Bealles's bidding problem: A KJ964 AK975 AK
That's what it sounds like to me, too. Check back tomorrow for partner's hand.
Requesting a higher bracket
How fair is it for most teams to play opponents who belong in their bracket while one team gets to play a team of novices who thought it would be "neat" to play in the top bracket? (A hypothetical example) How fair is it if there are eleven teams with ...
correct director call
"Exalted One, please" is also acceptable.
correct director call
Aviv, the applicable law is 26B. I stand by what I wrote above. The withdrawn call was not related to a specific suit. Declarer may specify any suit, including one later mentioned by the offender during the auction.
correct director call
Sounds like he intended to double, albeit mistakenly. This wasn't an inadvertant call. Don't remember the number of the law offhand, but the gist is this: He must replace the double with a legal call. No matter what he chooses, his partner muss pass for the remainder of ...
Bumper Movement Foul-up
Did the director let them finish the board? Should have. E/W gets their score and the bumper pair gets A+.
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