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Alex Bealles
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Jan. 13, 2013
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None of Peg's business.

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An interesting message on my answering machine
1. News of Brad's stance has gotten around. 2. Attendance at the last sectional was up 15%. Now, I'm not saying there is a connection, but is it really worth testing the hypothesis? :)
Complaints at clubs/bridge anywhere.
Jeff, I once asked a woman if she could go and wipe off some of her perfume because it was bothering another player. She said that it had already soaked into her clothing, but she did offer to take off her blouse. I couldn't think of a response that ...
Hesitation Problem
Based on the hand and bidding diagram, I assumed no one was vulnerable.
Tanking to get a read
When I tank as declarer, I try to either close my eyes or stare at the dummy's cards. I don't want to try to get a tell from the opponents and I don't want them to even think I'm trying to do so. Had a similar ...
Class of player
Depends on the definition of "eight". You may be using a language very similar to English where "eight" means (1+1+1+1+1+1+1).
ACBL Competition and Conventions Committee
Some open clubs do have members. One relatively close to me charges $25/year for membership, but members pay $1 less per session in entry fees. Might have other benefits such as voting rights. Don't know.
Under current ACBL Open/Open+ chart rules, is it legal to open this hand at the 1-level in 1st seat?
It's legal to open it. I would change my description to describing the distribution and saying that it either has 10-15 HCP or conforms to the rule of 19. Edit add: Since your 1D bid is artificial, it would only be legal on the Open chart if the hand ...
WBF alert procedure
In the WBF, was this the correct ruling? Did the opponents claim damage? Should it have been alerted because it was natural and/or because it was non-forcing? What meaning of 2 wouldn't have been alertable in this sequence?
South is a passed hand. Why should North, with his 11 count, raise? When is 1C 2+? Only when exactly 4432 or with other distributions, too?
Expected turnout for the Soloway KO in San Francisco?
There's a solution to Adam's problem that is so simple that I'm surprised no one else has suggested it yet. All he needs to do is buy round trip plane tickets for all of his family members, book two nights for them at the host hotel and ...
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