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Alex Bourn
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Sept. 28, 2011
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Depends who we are playing
You Judge - The Whole "Whole Story"?
Possibly you need to read the whole thing to understand why it holds so much interest for so many :-) Catch 22 at work
You Judge - The Whole "Whole Story"?
Thorough job and very troubling
Injunction Lifted
Is there a fund we can contribute to for legal costs?
Bridge vs Ford Thunderbird
"In my opinion the 1955 Ford Thunderbird is one of the most beautiful cars ever made ... In my opinion bridge has evolved almost to the point that the Ford Thunderbird once was back in 1955" Hard to square the above with the fact that scores of top level tournaments were ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
For practical reasons really. Having a wired network in what will likely be a large open space with lots of people moving around isn't a great idea though I absolutely take your point. It's a trade off.
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
A wireless network would be needed for sure. You wouldn't need the Internet. This is the latest piece of total inaccuracy which is beginning to bother me. There are also a number of security and logging measures that could be implemented. Reading some of the comments has been utterly ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Boye, I agree that statistical analysis is an important part of the armoury against cheating at he top level. I'm not sure it can be the only part. Maybe your $20000 could go toward funding a PhD student (or similar) to explore robust mechanisms for such an appropriate analytic ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
Bridge is declining. I guess it depends on your definition of "masses" but it's hard to see a mass movement of bridge players, certainly compared to the more popular sports. And more importantly having iPads at the top level doesn't mean that this will follow at all other ...
A Proposal from World Bridge Productions
"... we would still have to watch for hand signals." Reading some of the comments here there is a hand signal or two I would like to make occasionally :-)

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