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Alex Brett
Alex Brett
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Nov. 28, 2015
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Nov. 29, 2016
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Bridge Player
about me

Younger regular player at the Young Chelsea Bridge Club in London and at Congresses; fan of simple, yet unorthodox systems; keen advocate of 5 card majors and wide-ranging 3rd in hand openers. Frequently play in Turkey and abroad; for such purposes sticking to 2/1 GF.

United Kingdom

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Michal Dajwlowski, Peter Rogers, Richard Granville
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Young Chelsea, Woodberry
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Psych off Flannery in 3rd Seat?
Speaking as an outsider, certainly in the UK for a 2C Precision we simply say "Intermediate" it may deviate slightly, but it would not be considered a psych, however if it is notably less and partner failed to take a normal action, i.e. Relay or GF bid then of ...
Psych off Flannery in 3rd Seat?
The real issue is the strength being substantially lower than 10-15, and without any agreements on 3rd in hand opening being disclosed. There is definitely no question of fielding here, it is not an invitational hand unless partner is absolutely top of the range and even then there is little ...
Phillip Grothus's bidding problem: x ATx AJx Kxxxxx
The third suit is only forcing in sequences where it is higher than the original bid suit. One surely wouldn't tell someone playing standard methods that 1H 1S 2D is forcing it is simply showing 5H and 4+D and is a minimum to intermediate opening hand. The 2H ...
Owen Lien's bidding problem: --- T9x A9xx 98xxxx
The first 1NT response has caused more trouble here and is compounded by a limit bid on the basis of partner's assumed strength. I play that over a suit response following a forcing NT, that 3m should be NF and to play, but if partner is offering 5323 and ...
Giovanni Bobbio's bidding problem: 8 JT86542 64 A64
Probably my terminology isn't as good as it should be, my main message is 2H is insufficient, 3H conveys length but no extra strength and prevents a 2S bid from LHO whereas 4H would have length with top controls in the suit which does not apply here and 2S ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: K9 KQJT53 --- AT862
The salient point is that the clubs should be shown to have value in order to consider the hand for ongoing bidding, partner is still unlimited at this point and if he has 2H he will bid 2H in which case one would bid 4H. The quality of the clubs ...
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: K9 KQJT53 --- AT862
I think 2C is the bid here, the clubs are nowhere near good enough to bid them at the 3 level, and partner is not precluded from having H support on this bidding. All he has shown thus far is 6+HCP and 4+S, in instances with 2H and ...
Jack Spear's bidding problem: KJT9 32 A32 AQ32
Trump lead
Terry Beckman's bidding problem: Ax xx AQTx AQJTx
It seems doubtful that a contract at the 5 level will survive undoubled, partner is marked probably with a doubleton H on the bidding. The NT bid is suggestive that maybe one of the minor suit Ks will break in our favour, I certainly don't want partner to sacrifice ...
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: QTx x ATxx Q8xxx
The biggest problem here is the colours, non-vul vs vul, there may be merit in balancing, although one runs the risk if partner thinks you have 4S to make a balancing double and you end up in 2S with a 3-3 fit too. On balance the shape and the adverse ...
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