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Alex Dezieck
Alex Dezieck
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June 19, 2010
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I either play bridge way too much or way too little


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Paying lefty $5 when he was squeezed so he would pitch his diamond guard so I could beer partner
Bridge Accomplishments
2013 and 2016 0-5K Spingold Champ, Finals of 2014 VZLM Pairs (though we got crushed)
Regular Bridge Partners
Joshua Parks, Shaz Taslimi, Dennis Yeh
Favorite Conventions
Bacon Torpedo 2S
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
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Second to last seed advances to round of 16
I believe when you beat a team in this format you assume their seed and therefore earn the rights afforded to the higher seed such as seating. In the scoreboard you'll see current seed and then in brackets the original seed for that team, but in the bracket you ...
ATB - Languished in 4 diamonds when slam was almost cold
North does not have a 4 bid in the framework of this system. He/she is way, way too strong. 100% north S looks like they made a reasonable decision to me. They have a 12 count and a void in partner's first suit and they're already ...
Bob Heitzman's lead problem: J754 Q8 AT764 T6
Agree with Kieran that I don't understand the X of 5. Opener probably has 6 hearts and took a flyer but auction derailed from there. I think partner is just doubling the stupid auction. If we trust opener's 3 keys, then it's likely he finesses hearts ...
Trump guess?
For this reason, if E is looking at Qxxx(x)(x) and Qxx and was listening to the auction, then ducking the T is much more likely to cause declarer to play W for the Q. I'd say the duck is nearly mandatory if E is awake. Actually there ...
Ed Spear's bidding problem: AKxx x AKQx KQxx
If you play 1 as forcing then I like that, since I agree with Bob above that 2 makes it look like I have 5+s. If partner comes back with 1NT then I can jump to 3NT. But if 1 if NF then I hafta bid ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: Qx K9xx J97xx xx
Did we have another way to show the other two suits after 1?
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: Jxx xxx x AK8xxx
If you took away all my pass cards, I'd probably psyche 1NT before I bid 2. But seriously, P >> 2 >> 3
How do you play a double in this sequence?
If partner can't reopen with a takeout double of his/her own, then I'm not too confident that we can beat this more than one, so it's not a huge loss to not be able to double.
Irregularly High
I mean. Call the director when partner said something the first time. If partner had a forcing 2 available over 1 then this looks like a cue for diamonds to me and passing is fielding partner's UI.
-500, ATB
S has no business bidding 5. Pass looks fine. Rest of the auction looks normal.

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