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Alex Dezieck
Alex Dezieck
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June 19, 2010
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I either play bridge way too much or way too little


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Paying lefty $5 when he was squeezed so he would pitch his diamond guard so I could beer partner
Bridge Accomplishments
2013 and 2016 0-5K Spingold Champ, Finals of 2014 VZLM Pairs (though we got crushed)
Regular Bridge Partners
Joshua Parks, Shaz Taslimi, Dennis Yeh
Favorite Conventions
Bacon Torpedo 2S
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Silver Life Master
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Freak Deal appeal
West has already bid his/her hand twice, so I'm not sure what the need for a huddle was. As for what the break "suggests," 7 is third on my list of suggested calls (X first, P second) as bidding 7 to make is optimistic but BITs ...
ATB - missed thin game
As E, after hearing the W X, I would be disappointed when partner didn't turn up with a trump stack and I was soon writing -180 or -380 on the score sheet.
ATB - missed thin game
West is certainly blameless. Any actions other than what (s)he took seem ridiculous to me. I would listen to arguments that East should make a stronger move than 3 with a double fit, no diamond losers, and the major intermediates almost certainly working. That all said, I hardly ...
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: KT52 9532 QJ632 ---
I don't think we're surviving a trump lead here, and even without one the game will be thin, so I pass. Since it's a club game, I might kick it in against weak opponents expecting them to be hesitant to lead from an honor in trumps.
Any Blame?
From the get-go, I'd probably plan on driving to game with the East hand no matter what, but... After the correction to 3 I would 100% raise to 4 with the East hand since I'm worth more knowing the fit is there. As Dan said above me ...
How would you bid these hands.
This is what I would do except I'd shift the last two bids down a level. I would probably miss the somewhat-decent slam. After N's X, they have a nice minimum and should try to get opener to choose a minor suit game, and after S's 4 ...
Pick a Line of Play in 4!s
Another reasonable line is to win and play a diamond, intending to play the 10 and later leading towards dummy again. It gives us extra chances for setting up a diamond trick (or the whole suit) and still leaves us options to change tactics and ruff stuff later. Furthermore, it ...
ATB: In competition, how much do you need to support partner's 2-level overcall?
Dunno N/S agreements but 3 was available so 3 should be strictly competitive.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: KQ4 95 Q763 A543
1.5 NT I'm afraid of missing a vul game with RHO jokering so I do think it's close between 1NT and 2NT. If we were white I'd be much happier with 1NT.
I like this style of poll/question and I like the bell(-ish) curve that's been generated. With a bit more texture in spots or knew partner had real clubs I'd up it to 9 (from my vote of 8). Another K or Q in the minors and ...

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