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Alex Dezieck
Alex Dezieck
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June 19, 2010
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3 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I either play bridge way too much or way too little


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Paying lefty $5 when he was squeezed so he would pitch his diamond guard so I could beer partner
Bridge Accomplishments
2013 and 2016 0-5K Spingold Champ, Finals of 2014 VZLM Pairs (though we got crushed)
Regular Bridge Partners
Joshua Parks, Shaz Taslimi, Dennis Yeh
Favorite Conventions
Bacon Torpedo 2S
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
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Unusual 2NT
No reason for it to show one minor when 3m shows that. It defaults to both minors for that reason (when you eliminate the impossible etc. etc.) 2NT is a lot more useful here (if also dangerous) if a red card hits the table immediately after 2
26 IMPs at stake
If you take the heart finesse before anything else you know how many tricks you have to play clubs for.
What does partner have?
When you say "do not improve part scores" does that also cover trying to escape extra undertricks? Format seems relevant here for sure, as I would almost never pull 3 at IMPs unless I wanted to head for game, but at MPs it's trickier. Anyway, 3 or ...
Range for Responder’s Splinter
I like to play it such that partner can take over intelligently and so it needs to be a min GF. I will then proceed to obey. I think you can play it as split range with 1 and 3 as 3 is pretty much a slam force, but I ...
Beat A HOFer
South's bidding is fine IMO, though they should be suspicious that partner has some points without any more noise from the opponents. If I were North, I'd check the backs of the cards and then force to game in whatever way is convenient. Either we have a triple ...
Solid Suit Design in Strong !C Systems
We play 3 as a solid 7 or 8 bagger with nothing outside, and with outside stuff we go through our lower responses to 1. I can't remember it ever coming up.
Can this sequence exist?
IF it exists, I'd think it shows 4 spades and 6 really good hearts, not wanting to hang partner if they were stuck for a response to the double and expecting the auction to continue, likely on distribution. It also clearly shows extras beyond a double-and-bid hand. Perhaps something ...
John Holmes's bidding problem: AKJ74 --- T975432 3
The tougher question is what I'll do if the auction is at the 5 level when it comes back to me
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: J97 865 AT754 A6
I use whatever method I would use to find partner's 5 card major.
Doubling BPH
Agree with all of this, but I'd add that against strong club players who can jump to 4 on a whole range of hands, partner can still hold a profitable penalty pass, so against them I think the three-suiter is in the picture.

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