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Alex Dezieck
Alex Dezieck
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June 19, 2010
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I either play bridge way too much or way too little


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Paying lefty $5 when he was squeezed so he would pitch his diamond guard so I could beer partner
Bridge Accomplishments
2013 and 2016 0-5K Spingold Champ, Finals of 2014 VZLM Pairs (though we got crushed)
Regular Bridge Partners
Joshua Parks, Shaz Taslimi, Dennis Yeh
Favorite Conventions
Bacon Torpedo 2S
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Take a risk for vul game or double for a certain positive score?
You are going to hate life if you don't show heart support and then have to decide what to do after 4-P-P-? I voted for 4 but I would stretch to bid that here with a good hand with 4 card support so I think 4 ...
Is this offensive?
Szabolcs, it just sounds to me like this was competitive frustration and on another day what you said may not have bothered them. It happens sometimes at the bridge table.
Is this offensive?
Hi Martin, I can assure you that I understood how the result was obtained. If I did not think that my partner deserved the comment for his great defense, then I wouldn't have made the comment. There are many hands where declarer has a choice of plays, selects one ...
Is this offensive?
Jay is spot on. Unless you feel the opponents are good-natured about this sort of thing or you know them well, I'd avoid comments like this, even though you did nothing bad. In a team match once, my opponent misplayed a touch-and-go contract and my partner found a really ...
Play Problem in 3NT
Low toward hand also makes it hard for E to rise from an honor in clubs to clear diamonds.
Club Ruling
Couldn't E/W have the (admittedly insane) agreement that 2 shows a transfer to spades over the 2 call, when 2 is explained correctly? And in South's world, isn't this then effectively what happened at the table? I mean, West DID have a 5 ...
Club Ruling
I was trying to ignore whether or not East was trying to do anything horribly inappropriate here. If this is a trend in fake alerting to deflect leads, then yes, we have bigger problems.
Club Ruling
Thanks. The 2 call makes this awkward. I'm a bit shocked that N doesn't feel they have a call (2 or 3 depending on how they took 2. Heck, 3 is in play). If N/S don't have an agreement on 2 ...
Club Ruling
E has 7 tricks and his/her partner voluntarily bid at the 2-level in the only suit that they don't have ""covered." 3NT seems eccentric but hardly a sign of fielding anything. E clearly doesn't think their partner has hearts, at least. Unless they're a wild gambler ...
Club Ruling
What is E/W agreement for the 2 call? Edit: Either glossed over this info in OP or it was added. Need more coffee. Looks like E forgot his/her side's agreements but E/Ws calls look normal given what they thought the calls showed. Looks like E ...

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