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Alex Hydes
Alex Hydes
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March 25, 2014
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about me

Bridge prostitute.  

US NABC+ record: 2-12

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Alex Hydes's bidding problem: 843 QJ976 T83 T8
presumably because 9>8
Well done Alex Hydes!
lol ken
Reverse Attitude Leads?
leading low from good suits, high from bad suits is called attitude. this is popular on the continent. as for the 'rules' of it, that's a little complicated. it's a very flexible method. the idea is the lower the card you lead, the more you want the suit ...
Club level ruling . what do you think?
lol paranoid a bit? bad players are allowed to get good results
Club level ruling . what do you think?
south is obviously clueless. i'm not referring to the 1 club opener. i'm referring to the 3NT bid.
ATB - missed slam
otoh it's a fine slam to miss, but otoh north did too little.
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: K876 --- K983 QJ643
Overcalling a Weak Two with 3m on a 5 card suit
bidding is a lot safer at imps.
Director call in Honolulu
It's utter tripe to say one can't double 3 after passing 1. Most people don't overcall on 4 card suits or with hands with decent suits which are otherwise below the HCP threshold for an overcall, but that's plenty to double for the lead ...
ATB - missed game
a hand with extra values that's not shapely enough to bid itself but which would be happy enough for the double to be removed. this hand is much more common and more awkward than a genuine penalty double.
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