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Alex Kolesnik
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Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: AQx 9x KT AQxxxx
How about my question about IMP strategy in Swisses? You have much more experience playing regional Swisses, so I thought I would get your take. I assume it might depend on the strength of the field; whether it is an open Swiss, a bracketed one, or a flighted one; and ...
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: AQx 9x KT AQxxxx
Yes, but it was IMPs. Of course plusses are good at IMPs too! What about the concept of needing to generate lots of imps in matches to win a Swiss?
Do You Count Your Cards?
I could be using the time for something productive, like maybe figuring out how I will bid the hand.
Do You Count Your Cards?
OK, being a math professor, I'll have to argue the math a bit. First, you are obligated to count your cards whether you are dealer or NOT. We play about 26 boards per session, so that is 78 seconds per session, or about 3-4 minutes per day of playing ...
Do You Count Your Cards?
I have my favorite 14/12 story. I was playing with Bob Etter in a third round Spingold match one year against Richard Schwartz and Mike Becker. There were about 10 kibitzers at the table. Schwartz had a 4-1-3-6 hand (yes, I know this is an unusual pattern) and opened ...
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: 6 T73 Q7 KQ96542
This hand has 1 too many losers for 3 clubs.
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: AQ7 AQJ652 K4 64
My hand was T9xxxx, Txxx, J, xx. Dummy was Kxx, Void, Txxx, AKJxxx. Partner doubled 6D, and I found the spade lead to hold it to -1540. If partner passed, I would have bid 6H. Our teammates defended 5HX doubled for 500.
Alex Kolesnik's bidding problem: AQ7 AQJ652 K4 64
It looks like evenly split between bidding 5H and passing. The passers and 6H bidders are obviously done. Those that bid 5H (or are OK with bidding 5H) can participate in the next bidding problem, which is what do you when they double on your left and then bid 6H ...
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: K6 85 A8642 AQ64
I remember hand from many years ago when partner had a very similar hand and bid 3S. I had a great hadn't and naturally assumed partner had 3 trumps. We got to the major suit slam, which made but was definitely not right.
Murray Melton - Rest in Peace
I agree with Ira Hessel's comments about Murray and Simon. Great bridge players and very fun to hang out with. Both have great stories, but Murray a little more so. I had the pleasure of playing some with Murray. I remember one event where we won a bracketed KO ...

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