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Jan. 28, 2011
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about me

former D18 board member


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18 Board Movements on BBO
Only if the game exceeds 27 boards. So far our 34 (typo) board games haven't been well attended. Our directors get overtime pay after 1 board. It raises their compensation by a factor of 10 for each board after that. Think of it, $0 times 10 to the power ...
18 Board Movements on BBO
A club can do what it wants regarding number of rounds, boards per round and Mitchell/Howell. Our club usually has between 21 and 34 boards depending on number of pairs and movement (Mitchell/Howell). We have had at least one game with a 9X3 movement. BBO does not set ...
And now for something completely different..Not!
Can anyone post a general summary of the article. At least for me, it's behind a paywall.
What, if anything, do you miss about bridge in 1970?
What do I miss about bridge in 1970? I miss being 21.
Director in distress
If N/S won the first 4 tricks, then they must be credited with them. Their 'ruling' concedes trick contrary to L71B. If any law applies, it's L74.B4. Had it been followed, there would not have been a problem. So, E/W and N/S get the score ...
No Alert
So East is arguing that his hand would be better if he knew North's was weak?
BIT Ruling and Aftermath
I've seen and had enough bad rulings from "National Directors" (eg "Oh Sh!t ruling") that I don't think having one on speed dial would help.
ACBL Reorg Fails by One Vote.
Actually, JoAnn he replied and says he intends to send 'a letter to the district' on his return. I don't know who his audience is, but I know I have received several of these in the past. I fully expect to find out his reasons.
ACBL Reorg Fails by One Vote.
As a member of D18 (and former president of D18), I asked our rep (Claire Jones) to post his reasons on the D18 website ( Maybe he will.
Simultaneous play and claim
Robert: was the law followed? It seems that the players (not the director) made the ruling Paul: you said "They clearly have the right to call the director, make their statements and do whatever the director rules." I agree. Why didn't they call, rather than make their own ruling ...

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