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Alex Prairie
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May 24, 2012
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Feb. 12
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about me


United States of America

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5th mixed pairs, GNT C national winner
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Dat NVBA stuff yo
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The 8000 terrible ones I've made up!
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Silver Life Master
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2N response options
Why would bypassing the transfer to bid 3N show ? It seems like you're forcing game opposite a potentially 0-2 HCP partner for almost no benefit. Only 1 balanced shape (2533) fits this agreement, although some semi-bal shapes (2542 2524) show it, this seems like it comes up infrequently ...
Precision Rulings
While I agree that none of this is surprising, I disagree strongly with the recommendations of this article. John, you recommend that everyone follow the rules and not open lighter than 10, and honestly, I do. When I pick up AT9x T9x AJTxx x, I pass despite having the agreement ...
Zach Grossack's bidding problem: 9xx KJx AJ8xxxx ---
Seems ridiculous to open 3d when I have 3supp, K, A, void for partner's major
Play a reject invite in 2S or 2NT?
I'm working on a new system where I think I can put invites in 2d+, all gf in 2c, and I think the 2c bid doesn't end up totally sucking. Before I finish up the work I want to make sure there are any benefits to this treatment.
Nonforcing vs. Semiforcing vs. Forcing
I think that is quite different, because this is assuming the rest of your system doesn't become garbage (you somehow still have 2/1 GF, and your invites, even if you select that 1n is NF, magically appear somewhere and it's fine) Basically, I want to know which ...
Nonforcing vs. Semiforcing vs. Forcing
I know, I'm asking you to use your imagination. A land where somehow it is unaffected.
Forcing or Not?
Would it be better to make 2 GF and 3m/3/2NT weak so you don't wrongside no trump with something like KJx xx ATxxx Kxx?
Seeing as I'm a huge minority opinion I'll explain. I think 3 is auto here and takes slam away from partner immediately
Missed Game
Josh, it seems to me that if you are game forced over 2h double negative then this convention doesn't even have a purpose. Even with 2d waiting you can still stop in 2nt. So I think 2h has to be nonforcing. I'm not saying this is a good ...
Missed Game
South has a good hand and in addition to that 3 should be forcing since opener could pass 2

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