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Alexander Cook
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April 7, 2013
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Ogust followup
What if you are interested in slam?
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: 6 KQJ75 QJT92 AT
I have answered on the basis that a pass is missing.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AKQT4 A9 KQ543 5
If I wanted to bid 3 now, why didn't I bid 3 on the previous round?
Donald Lurie's bidding problem: AKQ9 AK6 A7 KQ86
As a beginner I was taught that 5NT meant please bid 7NT with a maximum and 6NT with a minimum.
The beauty of a 3-3 fit
3-3 and 4-2 fits are known as a Burn's Rule violation: When you are declarer, the total number of trumps held by your side should be greater than the total number of trumps held by your opponents.
Arrogant or Obvious
You state "Answer as many as you like" yet this is a single choice poll.
Would you open this hand?
"South's pass was alerted as could be short" Does this mean South intended to open 1 but passed instead?
Can you do better - multiple answers
Hand 2 Room 2: did South really bid 5D? Hand 3 Room 2: For me a 3 spade raise 100% shows 4 spades. If North doesn't want to rebid clubs then North should open 1NT. Hand 4 Room 1: What does 2C mean? Doesn't 2C promise another bid ...
Can you do better - multiple answers
Hand 1 room 2: Did North holding 13 HCP including 3 aces really pass out 3H undoubled opposite a 15-17 1NT?
Can you do better - multiple answers
To answer the title question first: Yes

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