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Alexander Cook
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April 7, 2013
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Bill Segraves's bidding problem: 82 AKJ3 742 KQT8
I assume this is North's hand.
Giovanni Bobbio's bidding problem: xx Jx Axx AK9xxx
OP might not play fit-jumps.
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
Benjamin Twos were very popular at my club where 2D is the unbalanced game force 23+ HCP or 10+ playing tricks. 2C was taught as showing 8.5-9.5 playing tricks typically 19-21 HCP and a six card suit. The result: everyone opened 2C to show any 19-21 HCP regardless ...
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
1NT (X) You: "What does double mean please?" Answer: "Takeout"
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
E.g If RHO bids 1S and they hold a 4=2=4=3 13-count they double. "I have an opening hand so I have to bid something." If partner bids 2H then they bid 2NT to deny hearts.
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
Bidding goes: Pass Pass Pass. Fourth hand holds a balanced 9-count and opens the bidding. "I had to bid, it's unsporting to pass the hand in!"
How would you? A. Teams. B. MPts. C. BAM
It is from Australia. The Australian Mixed Teams Playoffs have been going on for the past four days with the final today.
David Sackett's bidding problem: J96532 K3 965 A6
Definitely not.
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: 3 85 KT953 KJ975
I agree. It's best to post the companion hand a day or two later.

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