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Alexander Frieden
Alexander Frieden
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Aug. 3, 2013
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Oct. 23, 2019
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21 yo


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Don Caplin, Robin Hillyard, Thomas Scruggs
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Carleton College Bridge Club, Minneapolis Grand Slam Club
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Every Hand An Adventure
Every Hand an Adventure
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x Kxxx Ax AKQxxx. 6 is not a very good bid, but on this particular occasion, it worked :).
No, the hands aren't switched. In my drafts I called the double an "ostensibly penalty double" because I suspect that the doubler forgot her partnership agreements and thought that they played takeout doubles through 7 or something of the like. In the postmortem, however, North claimed that she ...
Bridge Over Troubled Water
You requested a link to the BHP version of this hand. here it is (enjoy!):
Alexander Frieden's bidding problem: --- AQ4 AKQJ AKQT72
2 refers to the opponent's bid. 2 is a waiting response, and that is the extent of your partnership agreement.
Inverted Major Suit Rebids
Yes, but how does responder know if opener has extras? And what does responder bid with 10-11 HCP and a two-suiter? One of the main points I'm trying to get across is that in many systems it's easy for responder to set up a game force in a ...
Inverted Major Suit Rebids
This method definitely helps you get out at the two level in a misfit auction, but you lose the ability to limit your hand easily. Maybe after 1 - 2m, 2S could be as you described, possibly with six hearts, and 2 could be "inverted," as I described in ...
Inverted Major Suit Rebids
Henry: This system suffers when you've got a 12-14 HCP hand opposite a 12-14 HCP hand. However, it gains whenever there is any opening hand opposite a 10-11 HCP hand, which is more common for a responder to have in S/A. Addressing 1), This is a major flaw ...
Inverted Major Suit Rebids
Maybe I wasn't clear enough about this, but I feel as though it is really important for opener's rebid of her major suit to guarantee a six card suit. So with only five spades, you would jump to 3NT, reverse, or jump shift. Thanks!
Alexander Frieden's bidding problem: AKQT76 A32 8 AT8
Hi Steve, thanks for your comment. I have played a bunch of 2/1, and I definitely agree that it is much easier to understand than standard. However, I am not convinced that 2/1 is a better system than Standard American! This is why I'm posting so many ...
The Balanced Club
Perhaps it is best to define the unbalanced 1 as simply 5+ diamonds (possibly balanced). Kind of like treating diamonds as a major: Axx AKQxx xxx xx would be opened 1, so why not open Axx xxx AKQxx xx 1? However, notice that this does not account ...

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