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ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
I wouldn't be so quick to say there is compelling evidence against an illegal implicit agreement here. Just by knowledge of local standards I have plenty of implicit agreements with just about every player in my Unit, and I have further implicit agreements with many of them just from ...
ACBL and psyching 1N. Again?
I think maybe the ACBL could come back into compliance with bridge law by writing a regulation as follows: When a player makes a bid with a hand that violates regulations concerning legal meanings for the bid, the director shall presume absent highly compelling evidence to the contrary that the ...
How many !Ds to respond 1!D instead of 1!S?
On further thought... If I respond 1, I have ways to show a weak hand with long diamonds after a 1N or 2 rebid by opener, but I don't have a way to show this hand after a 2 or 3 rebid. If I have ...
How many !Ds to respond 1!D instead of 1!S?
With no other hcp - when I think 2D opposite a singleton is better than 2S in a 4-4 fit - which is never at MPs and AQJTxxx at IMPs.
My Orlando Regional, ACBL masterpoints, and big players make big bids
I think coming within a board of 1st in 4 straight open pairs is definitely a bigger achievement than winning 2 straight top flight KOs. Yes, the competition in the KOs is quite a bit tougher. But the pairs game, particular if there are some weaker pairs in the field ...
Help needed part 2
Nigel - I have (not very willingly) played a system where the South hand was a 3[clubs] bid. In Goren, 1X-3X was game forcing without interference (in all suits), and many beginners played systems did not change given interference.
Help needed part 2
I'm afraid we need more information. What information do we have on what the N/S agreements are? Do we have evidence that South misbid? (Also, is there any possibility that North has UI?)
2/1 vs. Precision
I prefer Precision at IMPs against roughly equal or slightly stronger opponents. Otherwise, 2/1 with weak (12-14) NTs.
When the wheels really come off the truck
Ed - I am in the ACBL - so Multi is by default banned. A club could specifically allow it, by why bother if no one wants to play it?
When the wheels really come off the truck
Ed - I can't find one player within 200 miles to play weak NT, though there are a few mini-NT partnerships. The only strong club partnership stopped playing mostly due to age. Even if it were legal, I don't think there would be a Multi-playing partnership within 200 miles ...
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