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Cool Position After Creative Bidding
The problem with the 3 bid isn't that it will be a bad contract. The problem is that, when you bid this in direct seat, partner will play you for more clubs, and raise even more clubs if there is even more bidding.
ACBL Regionals at Clubs - Put the Ecosystem to Work.
Almost all full service clubs are in places that already have a nearby regional every year, if not more often. Anyone have ideas for bridge players outside the big cities, or have you just given up on us?
What do you say if anything?
"I think this is the hand for a LOTT downgrade. They might only have a 7 card fit, flat hands often produce fewer tricks than LOTT says, and this is a situation where they might find the double for 200."
Congrats College Pairs Winners!
Sadly, anyone with both the time and the brains for bridge isn't going to the university I teach at.
Rebid after J2NT
I was indeed talking about standard Jacoby, and imagined Tom's bidding sequence. I agree there are better methods out there, though I don't know one that's both better and at least as easy to remember.
Rebid after J2NT
Here is the what Jacoby 2N is supposed to address: AKxxx KQx x Kxxx opposite Qxxx Axx xxx AQx is almost cold (around 80%+) for 6. However, AKxxx KQx Kxxx x opposite Qxxx Axx ...
Another idea to improve system compliance
Ed - you read me correctly. In one club, the director would insist that they should be welcomed to play what they play. But it would mean we would probably go from having no game a couple times a year to no game every couple of months. They'd add half ...
Gold Rush
I'm about 35 (of any color) short. I might as well get it over with instead of taking 4 years to do it. (Besides, I like playing in better games...)
Gold Rush
Robert - there are bracketed knockouts. Also, the side games, even though they are open games, are generally much easier than the 2 session games.
Another idea to improve system compliance
Ed - both of the clubs have survived because we have welcomed the not particularly competitive, socially oriented players who, in most other places, would be unwilling to venture out of the kitchen or senior center games. The alternative is to join the several dozen clubs in other rural communities in ...
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