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Alfred Abel
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April 3, 2013
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Oct. 30, 2018
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Occupation - SW architect (RT environment project manager) 



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Alfred Abel's bidding problem: --- T98765 Q65 Q873
thanks for the detailed comment, actually I had bidden 4NT in case partner is 6-4 but failed to bid over 2c!
Captain's Diary, Day 3: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kuwait, Pakistan
Oren, I do enjoy your "diary" a lot.I feel that BW readers are blessed to have such talented personal, thanks for sharing your time and though with us, keep on the good work.
Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: T63 AT64 853 K93
slow pass :)
Not Found In a Textbook
I really enjoy reading your articles, this nice article shows how hard it is to find the right defense (required a series of actions from both defender) while a single mistake may blow all efforts, if for instance a is not return then all has been in vain!
RIP Henry Bethe 1944-2015
Henry was always with positive attitude and energy, in every debate he expressed himself with honesty and respect, although I only knew Henry through his posts in BW, I will miss him .
I do play 2 multi for at least 8 years the version consisting of weak in a major is in my opinion by far the best way to play it, the only advantage to include a strong NT is having 2NT opening free for both minors, the downside are ...
The Right Suit
As usual well written and great article, this hand also illustrates the basic principle that when we have two suiter hand one suit is very weak to treat the hand in respect, 6-4 instead of 6-5, when bidding a slam suit quality is a major parameter.
Chicago's Valentine Regional
Oren, I enjoy reading your articles pls continue the nice work!
Play Problem England Vs. Monaco Cavendish Teams
Discard a on the K play K an to the Ace cash the Q and then play a to the K
Partner Knows
I found not better words that "Great article", thanks Kit !
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