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Ali Ahmed
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Sept. 18, 2010
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Is this 2NT Alertable?
I don't know what laws say, or whether what I do is right or wrong, but my policy in these situations on BBO is that: bids that me and my partner don't have any agreement on their meaning, I simply do not explain. Why would I tell my ...
1!S - 2!H - 2!S
Yes, agreed, but reverse the minor holdings in your hand above, what would you bid then?
1!S - 2!H - 2!S
A few months back I started playing schuler shift with my regular pd, which uses 2 as catchall (all minimum hands, 12-14 & 18-19 balanced) and 2NT shows 6+ 12-15, 3m shows extras. So far, it has simplified our bidding greatly by not needing to repeat our major 3 ...
Takeout double with bad distribution
In general, Dbl now and complete silence afterwards unless forced to bid by partner (Of course choice may vary depending on the actual hand). With people opening on less and less, I have learnt that it pays and it is often necessary to t/o X immediately, even with an ...
Gazzilli: A description
With 11-12-13 5332 any, you can pass 1NT; with most 15-17 you open 1NT, everything ok so far... but what if (1) you hold 5332, 14 or good 13 points which may make 3NT opposite 10-11 in semi-forcing 1NT? (2) Those 15-17 which we open 1M because they are more ...
Gazzilli: A description
Sorry if I have missed it, but what happens to the 5332 13-16 counts?
B/Z observations
I got 19/26 using Kit's numbers (wrongs marked with a , Rights with ) 3: Wrong (i marked it as No/None) 4: Wrong, I marked it as No/5 8: Wrong, marked it as No/None 10: Wrong: No/None 13: Wrong ...
Negative Doubles after 3rd Seat Openings
what if the overcall is 2 on 1?
Negative Doubles after 3rd Seat Openings
For four card fit, the cuebid or 2NT suffices. The idea of using the next suit to show NegX is good but then I think we will be forced to play 2NT or 2/3 Minor in a 4-3 fit. But then again, I guess that's the price to ...
Negative Doubles after 3rd Seat Openings
I read your article on drury doubles, Yes my current partership style is similar, opening anything with good 4/bad 5 cards as 1M, so how did you cope with the situation described above when playing Dr.Doubles? Or should we set a floor for our 3rd seat openings, like ...

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