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April 3, 2014
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BOD Restructure Vote
I'm as big a critic of the ACBL BoD as has ever lived, but this is a worthwhile proposal. Perfect? No. An improvement? Unquestionably. Money saver? Certainly. And the key question--is this proposal politically saleable (can it attract 13 votes on the existing BoD)? Yes! So all comments that ...
Massimo Lanzarotti readmitted to the ACBL?
Jonathan turns out to be correct--I checked with someone privy to the A&C's report and indeed Mr. Lanzarotti was readmitted, based on his actions mentoring the Italian juniors and his otherwise clean record since being readmitted in Italy (where the maximum period of expulsion is either 3 or ...
Massimo Lanzarotti readmitted to the ACBL?
Along with Chris Compton, I acted as Presenter of Evidence in the Ethical Oversight Committee (EOC) hearing concerning Lanzarotti and Buratti. First, let's get the facts straight: dummy asked to seek the Israeli defender's cards; the request was refused. Dummy leaned over and looked anyway--there was nothing about ...
Catching Cheaters
Larry, I support much of what you have written, but not all. Some years ago, I spoke to Alan Cokin, who told me that when he and Steve Sion were cheating, they knew they had to be careful not to get "every" hand right--they had so much unauthorized information they ...
The Whole Story
Very happy to see your explanation; unless the fouled board was one on which your team had received an especially unfavorable result (so it would be clearly advantageous to have the board thrown out), I can't understand the brouhaha or why it warrants taking this to the EOC. And ...
And Another One Bites the Dust
OK, let's start by clarifying how the process works and what the disciplinary terms actually mean. I have served on committees that wrote or rewrote the disciplinary code and the procedures for committees. Probation means a player is free to enter any event for which he or she is ...
Board 60 of Vanderbilt final
Criticizing players this good in partnerships this practiced is fraught with peril--for the critic. I have good reason to believe that 5D by S in the close room said, "I have a diamond control but no club control in a hand with slam interest in spades." This immediately told N ...
Cheating and placings: a poll
I knew and played against Cokin before (when he played with Bob Stone, a perfectly honest and nice guy) and after his temporary ban from the game. He was a likable zhlub and a good theoretician. Steve Sion, sadly, certainly an extraordinarily talented player, had an overriding character flaw--he preferred ...
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