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Allan Graves
Allan Graves
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March 19, 2011
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May 21
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about me

Bridge Teacher and professional player Interested in : Bridge Teaching focus and methods Meditation ( Mindfullness /Awareness training ) practice for bridge players.  University degree in Education. Member Canadian bridge Hall of Fame ,2017 Senior world Champion  USA team , 15 Canadian and USA National Championships. ( 3 of those we renounced but ACBL refused to honour our request)  Feel free to contact me for more information and resources. University major and credentials in Student Centered Education. 


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Bridge Accomplishments
Canadian Bridge Hall of fame. 2017 Senior World Champion USA, ACBL Grand Life master . 15 Canadian and USA National championships
Favorite Conventions
18-19 balanced 2D opener
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Crunch Time
That is brilliant Kit It is exactly how Ghandi approached many such issues.
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
tipping point is coming . also memphis nationals
Drop ins to the Blue Ribbons
Bryan and Brad et al are spot on
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
The Blue Ribbon was a stand alone premier event. Day 1 was not impacted by another premier event That is what made it premier . When you now create an overlapping event that you consider premium you simply consider them parallel premier events and allow drop ins . This should not be ...
Playing with Children
yes Joey was older than both Mike and I. Everything Mike said was true.
WOLFSON Wins Vanderbilt
Great show by the whole team. Not as much of an upset as you might think
Is Bridge a Sport?
sport (n.) early 15c., "pleasant pastime," shortening of disport "activity that offers amusement or relaxation; entertainment, fun" (c. 1300), also "a pastime or game; flirtation; pleasure taken in such activity" (late 14c.), from Anglo-French disport, Old French desport, deport "pleasure, enjoyment, delight; solace, consolation; favor, privilege," related to desporter, deporter ...
Tournament Site Horror Stories
Canadian Bridge is not for the fainthearted nor the cold blooded and slams on a finesse only refer to the last finesse.
Massimo Lanzarotti in Vanderbilt
I disagree with. my great friend Boye, This is not in any way shape or form an attempt at equivalency of harm but what if a preschool principle readmitted a convicted paedophile and assured you they were rehabilitated? Would you enrol your child? The abuse of trust and lasting harm ...
What’s the Point of Keep Bridge Alive?
Projects like this are critical to the survival of bridge in North America. The passenger pigeon was once a billion strong but after being hunted to 6 million it became extinct in a few years. The average age of a tournament player is 73 , The game is not being passed ...

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