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Allan Graves
Allan Graves
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March 19, 2011
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Oct. 17
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about me

Bridge Teacher and professional player Interested in : Bridge Teaching focus and methods Meditation ( Mindfullness /Awareness training ) practice for bridge players.  University degree in Education. Member Canadian bridge Hall of Fame ,2017 Senior world Champion  USA team , 15 Canadian and USA National Championships. ( 3 of those we renounced but ACBL refused to honour our request)  Feel free to contact me for more information and resources. University major and credentials in Student Centered Education. 


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Bridge Accomplishments
Canadian Bridge Hall of fame. 2017 Senior World Champion USA, ACBL Grand Life master . 15 Canadian and USA National championships
Favorite Conventions
18-19 balanced 2D opener
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Grand Life Master
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Well , when you get down to the end game there would still be the 4-4 vs 5-3 major suit probability which is compelling enough to warrant reflection. especially if the opening leader was capable of deception ( and it was on their card as a slam tendency) A player looking at ...
Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
Contract Bridge is the ultimate risk/reward whist family card game. Its form of betting for tricks and a risk reward scoring structure so perfectly conceived that it is basically unchanged since 1925 .Good bidders have always bet tricks governed by the risk reward principle inherent in the scoring structure ...
I had the pleasure of being Jill's partner for the 550 hands or so hands we played and she almost never misjudged the cards or distribution as declarer. ( not surprising as she is one of the all time best ) . Even in the expert games that Rosenberg frequents surely you ...
Control-Showing Responses to Strong 2!c Openings: General Thoughts?
Responder does not Blackwood. but rather continues to pinpoint control location and good agreements regarding shortness. Jump preferences and jump raises defined as to what kind of extras. To what level are various auctions forcing ?. Once you do that the whole thing falls Into place. The point about two suiters ...
RIP - Jan Janitschke
Yes great player and a good guy
Challenge the WC quarterfinalists' declaring skills
My partner Jill Meyers executed the strip squeeze throw in a fast tempo after reading all the discards accurately .
Fascinating Drop vs Finesse decision from Wuhan
All East’s bidding and play suggest QX H . . Convincing oneself to the contrary is the sort of over thinking that occurs at world championships and must be guarded against . The argument proving that the obvious inferences are incorrect is not compelling enough to negate them . If it walks like ...
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
Mike Lawrence in one of the greatest bridge books ever “ How to read the opponents cards “ had a section on reading tempo
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
That was back in the days of “ Black Magic “ and Edgar Kaplan’ ground breaking article in the Bridge World . Circus 1958 if memory serves
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Natural strong 2 bids were one thing and were pretty accurate. Frequency and tactical considerations gave way to more frequent and creative uses of the 2 level and the GF hands were all lumped into two clubs. Marty Harris is on to something for sure. My good friend Kokish always ...

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