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Allan Graves
Allan Graves
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March 19, 2011
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March 19
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about me

Bridge Teacher and professional player Interested in : Bridge Teaching focus and methods Meditation ( Mindfullness /Awareness training ) practice for bridge players.  University degree in Education. Member Canadian bridge Hall of Fame ,2017 Senior world Champion  USA team , 15 Canadian and USA National Championships. ( 3 of those we renounced but ACBL refused to honour our request)  Feel free to contact me for more information and resources. University major and credentials in Student Centered Education. 


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Canadian Bridge Hall of fame. 2017 Senior World Champion USA, ACBL Grand Life master . 15 Canadian and USA National championships
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18-19 balanced 2D opener
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What’s the Point of Keep Bridge Alive?
Projects like this are critical to the survival of bridge in North America. The passenger pigeon was once a billion strong but after being hunted to 6 million it became extinct in a few years. The average age of a tournament player is 73 , The game is not being passed ...
Willenken - Ginossar methods
Double transfers have been around since the 1970 's. You have to bid 2C then 2 Major with invitaional hands . You can play it with hearts as well as spades and sort out the tradeoffs any way you want.
Thanks to Jay Whipple
It has happened constantly everywhere. Seriously . And Yes the Hazel Wolpert case was egregous.
Thanks to Jay Whipple
Randy I did mention it , but good to repeat it.
Thanks to Jay Whipple
Good points Randy . Most unfortunately ,of those 2441 clubs are currently " full service " (ie in a stable facility , open most of the time and with a strong development and player service program ) they are rapidly becoming an extremely poor investment because if I was to run a nice full service ...
Thanks to Jay Whipple
Everything needs to be on the table, so your suggestion warrants consideration. My opinion is that it would need to be taken over " whole " rather than dismantled. The ACBL has some valuable physical and intellectual assets that would be hard to replace on short notice should not be squandered.
Thanks to Jay Whipple
Hi Terry , Thanks for responding. Not sure what your comment is referring to . Could you elaborate please ?
Thanks to Jay Whipple
I understand why the Nationals opinion expressed by Jay has drawn discussion but the core of his presentation is the deterioration of the clubs and the failed governance model. . If bridge is going to survive it will be through healthy profitable clubs providing a good experience for all bridge players ...
Leveling the playing field for newer players?
Club games are, or should be the backbone of organized bridge. they should be segregated as to peer group as much as possible. If a peer group game is not offered then destructive conventions such as suction , should be severely restricted. The argument that pairs need to practice destructive conventions ...
Better is a Polish originated approach. It is based on a hierarchy ; Default discard is negative and count. Next, If applicable , negative and Lavinthal, Next If applicable, Positive in suit discarded. Else nothing at all, just throwing a card. It is a surprisingly effective. Needs to be in tempo but ...

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