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Allan Simon
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Aug. 24, 2010
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Yuan Shen's bidding problem: KQxx J AKxx QJxx
I believe the sequence with the slow 3H bid shows six or seven hearts, but not solid, maybe Ax KJ87653 xx Ax, something like that. I would rebid 3NT and let partner place the contract.
Can the Director do this?
Why? If partner has the right cards especially in hearts for instance Kxxx QJx xx KQxx , or even a bit less, then 4S is a good contract.
Retiring TD -- Roger Putnam
Phil Wood, not Woods.
Allan Simon's lead problem: KQT73 5 4 AJ8653
Declarer falls into the winning line. He has to ruff out the Ace of clubs, then his only way back to hand is a heart ruff. Then the hand vplays itself.
Road to the GNT Final Four Part 1
Can you not be opponents, yet friends?
ACBL Nationals Start times
I remember when starting times were 2:00 and 8:00!
Bermuda Bowl F3: FRANCE vs USA 2
on board 15 if North sits for the double of 1NT, it may well make. Declarer has to guess to play for spades 4-2, which is likely on the auction.
Bowling Along 2 - Sunday kind of day
You couldn't have known at the time but that was the only match Mexico won.
Allan Simon's lead problem: KQT73 5 4 AJ8653
Had good defense against hearts. Why do you ask? What would you bid?
Allan Simon's lead problem: KQT73 5 4 AJ8653
The only lead to defeat the Grand was a Spade. Dummy held x AKQxx KQxxxxx --. Declarer had xxx xx Axx KQXXX. My partner found the spade lead, reasoning that I (his partner) was sure to hold the Spade Ace, and if there was a club loser it was unlikely to ...

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