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Allan Simon
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Aug. 24, 2010
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Allan Simon's bidding problem: AKJ8 AJ7 Q753 Q5
The only makeable slams wete 6H or 6NT by South. West held xx xx Kx KJ10xxxx and South Qx KQxx Axxx Axx. 6D can be beaten with a club lead and a later ruff. Could 5NT over 3H be misinterpreted as GSF or is that convention totally obsolete?
Curtis Cheek Wins 2019 Lazard Sportsmanship Award
I could have sworn Joey Silver and Irving Litvack won it one year for withdrawing from the Cavendish.
In The Well- Michael Xu
Maybe pronounce the U like a schwa? To rhyme with "the"?
In The Well- Michael Xu
How do you pronounce your last name?
Is this AI or UI?
I agree with most of this, but because you have 5 diamonds, déclarer us more likely to have a singleton Q of diamonds, as he in fact did. The Ace of Clubs is less likely to get away. Admittedly the 2nd heart ruff gets lost if West misguesses.
Is this AI or UI?
Keith, after trick 1 East has seen every heart spot. West must have started with a singleton. Quite apart from the fact that East can tell from the bidding and dummy's strength that a shift is not going to be helpful.
Is this AI or UI?
Declarer's hand was AKQxx KQx Q A10xx. On a club return at trick 3, he makes five. With a diamond return, he is down in four.
Is this AI or UI?
Kit you may be right about the UI, but the comment about doing this intentionally is specious. It's like intentionally barring your partner with an insufficient bid, then making it sufficient in the knowledge partner must pass. This is a serious ethical breach and may result in a severe ...
Robot Makes a Striped-Tail Ape Double
A Google search of striped tail ape gives links to the bridge term. There doesn't seem to be an animal with that name.
Zero Tolerance Card in Club Games
Oh. I thought those were takeout doubles

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