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The history of cheating in Bridge
In the Wikipedia article, the report about the 1975 foot-tapping incident is confusing. It says that while Facchini and Zuchelli did not play after the accusations, six other Italians went on to win the event. And they left out Pittala, who actually was on the winning team.
Interesting hand from BBO
I think it is better to lead the C Jack at trick 5, when covered continue with three rounds of hearts. As he played it, South could have discarded a Club.
How to export a hand from BBO to Bridgewinners?
Thank you all! I had looked for these instructions on FAQ, couldn't find them. And I do know what a hamburger is. But when I create my article, in the preview I see my link but only the letters not the actual hand, if you ...
How do you pronounce Jacoby?
Richard, you mean like JACKobee? That's another variant, I guess, never heard anyone pronounce it that way.
Anti cheating committee
Sjoert Brink has never commented about carreau et souscoupe but now he wants to be the self-appointed ethics czar? Oh, that's his meal ticket, that's different.
UFR: Del'Monte-Bessis
At the Fresno Nationals in the 1970's my partner and I, both very inexperienced, came up against Stayman and Mitchell. I recognized them, my partner didn't. We bid (1♦️)-1NT-(P)-2♦️ (P) - 2NT-(P)-3NT As Mitchell was about to lead, my partner pompously stopped him. "there ...
Would a 20-30 minute spectator delay impact BBO events in any meaningful way?
I am not sure. There is something about an event being live. Geoff gives Poker as example, but how about team sports? Would you be equally interested in watching an NFL game on a tape delay basis, knowing the game is over and you can obtain the final result elsewhere?
Pips on upper left hand corner, in non-English decks
Patrick, this thread is meant to be amusing, the posters are poking fun at themselves not at the French.
Pips on upper left hand corner, in non-English decks
Yes. And after the French Revolution, someone proposed that the lowliest peon, the 1, was worth more than a king. That is why the Ace became the highest card in many games.
Pips on upper left hand corner, in non-English decks
Perhaps this explains why Belgium has not been nearly as successful as its neighbours, at the world championship level.

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