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Allan Stauber
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#1 PERSONAL BEST! Preempting on 9 of the first 11 deals in a duplicate event. Inexplicably, all the other players sitting in my direction forgot to bid anything on many of those hands. #2 PERSONAL BEST! Being written up by Alan Truscott, “The New York Times” bridge columnist, for discarding a low spade from a worthless 3 card holding. I can’t be certain, but perhaps that is unique. In any case, it is weird regardless of the perpetrating weirdo. As Truscott noted, only a 1000% complete idiot would do such a thing in the given circumstances if that were his actual holding. Unfortunately, for the virtuous declarer, a multiple National Champion, the ACBL did not require a pre-Alert that he actually was playing against such a mega-moron. He went down 2 instead of making his contract. To further compound the stomach-wrenching travesty, that dumped enough matchpoints to the bilious offensive defensive mega-idiot and his partner for them to ignominiously purloin that National event back when men were men --- instead of the open, endplayed toys that they are today, even if they only want to pass. #3 PERSONAL BEST! 5 Straight (not to mention, consecutive) 70% games at the dreaded Poughkeepsie, NY club level with 5 different partners! PLUS --- by club or even much higher tournament standards, the games were actually pretty decent. Among other players, there were a bunch of bridge geeks who were IBM managers, engineers, programmers, other 2 hour lunch game addicts, etc. [Economics Note: Many academics, journalists, etc. have “credited” bridge (especially at Bear Stearns) for many aspects of the Housing Market Fiasco and other financial lunacies. However, to my knowledge, those “experts” have rarely “attributed” various IBM debacles over the years to bridge. I have no idea why.] MISCELLANEOUS DISHONORABLE MENTION LUCK OUTS Spring Nationals Top Performance Spingold KO Teams Reisinger BAM Teams Blue Ribbon Pairs Various other National shootouts --- then got excommunicated from the ACBL due to egregious overbidding and play. After just an occasional National bout of whacked out bidding and play every few eons, I discovered that the ACBL now allows certain types of semi-egregious bridge (especially bidding) --- at least for some semi-maniacs. Naturally, I had to raise the egregious overbidding “standard” again to compensate for this revolting development. Therefore, in recent years, I started playing again in some more scattered National events. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the ACBL to stop an event if we were first with one session to go, or find some mutually agreed price to disqualify the winners! Despite that, I may plod on to some other events anyway.

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Bridge Down Under - What a Difference!
What Jim doesn't tell you is that it is great to be able to blame the bar when you get to 7NTX, and after the lead is made, concede the first 13 tricks! Of course, earlier that day, I had "taught" him my system over 1NT. That might have ...
Extreme Bridge #1: The 7NT Opening Preempt (Amended Version)
I have complained occasionally that bids above 7NT should be allowed for reasons that didn't even include this one! This makes my case even stronger!
Extreme Bridge #1: The 7NT Opening Preempt (Amended Version)
Tragically, Jim Fox was my supposed “partner” when he perpetrated that action on me during our Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) days! Earlier during that especially tragic day, he also was supposed to have learned my system for our 1NT openings. Evidently, he learned it through the 1NT part, and that ...
Extreme Bridge #1: The 7NT Opening Preempt (Amended Version)
Maybe George thinks that he is CLAWED less by the tarantula than he is by CLAUDE!
Extreme Bridge #1: The 7NT Opening Preempt (Amended Version)
Well, there are bridge stories about vulnerable endplays, virgin rubbers, hooking, tricks, etc. but for some reason, bridge publications and websites ban the ones that I have!
RIP Henry Bethe 1944-2015
That’s so sad. I knew he had some serious health problems, and I hadn’t seen him at tournaments for quite a long time. However, he continued to make interesting comments on the web. I had many interesting hands against Henry, including one in the 1981 Spingold. Warren Rosner ...
Claiming Counterfactual
Regarding Ron Gerard: While these may not quite be usual bridge claims, I've heard him say it doesn't matter what he and his partner will do, or what they did. For some obscure reason, it always seemed to happen when I was on his team at the the ...
BTW, I also could get you truckloads of bridge tournament scoring lunacies from the times when computers were not used! :)
What’s the matter with you people anyway? Don’t you understand ACBL “scoring”? For example: 1. In the first session on 2014-12-07, Schwartz’s team got 15, not the 16 on the recap. With carryover, they had 16.55, not the 17.55 on the recap. 2. In the ...
That's what one might think, but per the above, Henry first noticed that something seemed haywire somewhere, even though the final results may be correct. I looked and saw that they are messed up for the 5th session of the Reisinger, probably at least partly due to a correction ...

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