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Allen Kahn
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June 27, 2010
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Meaning of 4NT
In reading the excellent comments others have advanced I realize that I should have added several parameters: 1- Playing with an expert partner but the partnership is new so there are no general principles to apply 2- We are playing standard RCKB with no Kickback 3- We are not playing ...
James on Jeopardy TV show
I have no idea about the strength of his game, but I’m confident he doesn’t forget conventions!
Allen Kahn's bidding problem: K A632 A7 A97632
Partner's hand was: AQJ10975 1095 5 K8 Best contract is 7S making on 3-2 clubs or on 4-1 clubs if the lead is the (conventional wisdom) trump. So a 4S bid won't do the job. Can one get to the grand after 4D?
How Should the 2D Bid be Treated
Well there is a cue bid available, that being 2NT. Granted that would only be reasonable with 4 card support. With only 3 card support one might chose to defend or perhaps even double with sufficient values. That is why I think a natural interpretation is more useful.
Allen Kahn's bidding problem: AQ64 AQ762 95 75
Some thoughts: Patrick: the hand you ask about (4-4 in the majors) would have made a negative double over 1 Diamond. Aviv: Your game try hand is very reasonable. So what is North to do with a minimum hand with 4 spades. There could still be a 4-4 Spade fit ...
Breaking the Code
Rick: If I were cheating I certainly would change the meanings of the various signals from one event to another (maybe within the same event). I might even use a whole different set of signals. Extrapolations from one event to another may prove to be difficult.

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