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Dec. 29, 2016
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June 14
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Another Zia class act story
Out of the Books
This one's got to be a record for the number of times Kit wrote, "the best action is this, but you did that instead."
Announced bids vs. Alerted bids
Cue bids occur with lots of other meanings besides Michaels: western cues asking for stoppers, or showing a limit raise after an overcall. It's not about whether there's a standard meaning, it's about whether the opps know that the bid isn't a natural offer to play ...
Announced bids vs. Alerted bids
If in doubt, alert. There's no penalty for alerting something which turns out not to be alertable. But there might be repercussions for failure to alert.
Card dropped on the floor
Are you serious, Ed? I mean, no one plays sports anymore because "bitchy" referees keep enforcing penalties for technicalities like "traveling" and "offsides" and "balk". Enforcing rules has ruined those games.
Which cue bid to use?
What if it went (1) 2 (2) ? Surely you don't want to bid 3, forcing partner to the 4-level, if you don't have to.
Defending a “psych”
What would double of 3 be?
Common game deal Wed 16 April
That's what I suspected. It seems like common sense that one shouldn't post deals from the Common Game ON THE SAME DAY THEY'RE BEING PLAYED.
Common game deal Wed 16 April
What year was this from? This year April 16 was a Tuesday
Keep Bridge Alive in the USA
So we're going to convince kids to take up bridge by telling them it's good for them, like eating their Brussels sprouts? Or convince schools to set up clubs for it, like debate or college bowl? This sounds like a way to keep bridge "alive" in the sense ...

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