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Dec. 29, 2016
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2/1: Fast Arrival in NT?
"Never" seems like an overbid. What about 1 - 2; 2 - 4 (or 4) ? Opener isn't limited in that auction.
2/1: Fast Arrival in NT?
This is affected by some of your other agreements, too. 1. Would a 3 "high reverse" rebid promise extra values? (or 5-5?) 2. Would a 2 rebid definitely promise a 6-carder? If both of those are true, then you may need 2NT as a "catchall" for some awkward ...
Raising Partner's Club Suit with Three Card Support
You didn't say there was competition.
Raising Partner's Club Suit with Three Card Support
I assume you are not playing inverted minors...
Scrolling down to GET MORE CONTENT
When I use the Back button in my browser it takes me to the article listing in whatever state I left it. Maybe that's browser-dependent behavior? Many modern websites use "infinite scrolling" in which more articles load automatically when you scroll to the bottom, without needing to click a ...
Ruling Question
It's legal to ask about the meaning of any bid, alerted or not. Who cares WHY he asked. In this particular case it seems evident that there are at least two possible non-alertable meanings (Stayman and natural), so asking seems perfectly reasonable.
How do you play responder's second double?
I'm having trouble visualizing a hand without heart tolerance on this auction. You can't have much in the opp's suit, with them both bidding it. If you had 5152 (or more extreme) you probably wouldn't have started with a double, and with 4153 (or even 4144 ...
Another Zia class act story
Out of the Books
This one's got to be a record for the number of times Kit wrote, "the best action is this, but you did that instead."
Announced bids vs. Alerted bids
Cue bids occur with lots of other meanings besides Michaels: western cues asking for stoppers, or showing a limit raise after an overcall. It's not about whether there's a standard meaning, it's about whether the opps know that the bid isn't a natural offer to play ...

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