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Dec. 29, 2016
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March 18
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Palo Alto, CA

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Lame Claims
Is it even possible to state a line of play which involves an infraction? Could you state you were going to revoke?
3-level responses to 1NT
So, Gordon, after a 3 response is there a difference between opener bidding 3 or 4?
3-level responses to 1NT
It seems that a lot of people use the 3/3 bids as showing shortness in that suit. How would the auction continue, if 3NT isn't appealing? Would bidding the other major show a 5-card suit? Would a 4-level minor-suit bid show something different from a 5-level ...
Play (Interruption)
The rules say you have to designate a card by suit and rank. Even saying "small club" is technically not a legal call for dummy's card, even though everyone gets away with it.
Is there a standard meaning for this redouble?
A "raise to 1"? That's a new one.
Some rulings questions
Absent some other agreement, if you show a 2-suited hand and partner bids a suit which isn't one of yours, it shows a weak hand with great length and pass is definitely a LA. In this case, though, with long clubs and a bust he could have passed 2 ...
Xmas party bridge
Or you can reverse the point values of the major and minor suits, so that 4 or 4 is a game but 4 of a major isn't.
2C Response with 2/ 1 Hand (maybe GF)
So Drury is not alertable? Jacoby 2NT? Splinters?
Is 2N Lebensohl or not here ?
What would you have needed to have bid directly over 2? 8HCP and a 5-card suit? Less? (Depends on your style.) Whatever it is, partner knows you have less than that, so lebensohl seems unnecessary. Anyway, since opps didn't explore for game, partner has a pretty good guess ...
Slow Play, a day behind the “ Flash”
Seems like law 8(c) says the last round of a session ends when you've finished playing your boards. Not sure how Debbie could have been penalized for slow play in the last round.

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