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Facts About Online "Support Your Clubs" Games
Ed, my experience is that you get assigned a score based on a computer simulation of what would likely happen with the remaining tricks. I presume that can be appealed. It's not ideal, of course, but neither is any other solution to slow play.
Weird director ruling effects
Don't the opps also have the option to accept the insufficient bid and continue the auction from there?
Weird director ruling effects
There was no NOS. EW made their own ruling before calling the director, so they deserve whatever bad thing happens.
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: QT92 Q76532 T A8
In that case I would think that making a negative double and THEN volunteering 3 shows at least a 5-card suit, likely 6, and partner failed by not supporting it.
"Systems on" or "Front of card" after NT overcall
I'm assuming lebensohl is OFF even if we say "systems on" and it appears on the front of the card. If third hand bids something I'm going to take any bid by advancer as a signoff, perhaps even a bid of opener's minor.
Richard Traxler's bidding problem: QT92 Q76532 T A8
The diagram shows north bidding hearts. Is that what you meant?
Questions about 1NT overcalls
I'm not so sure about point (C). Most partners I've played with who prefer DONT treat the 2 bid as showing clubs-and-a-major, reserving 2NT for the minor 2-suiter.
3C/3D response to 1 NT (15-17)
Transfer to hearts then 2 is invitational, although assessing what constitutes "invitational" values is tricky with distributional hands. With a hand like Axxxx Kxxxx x xx game could be a breeze if partner has help in both suits, but even making 2 might be a struggle otherwise. This also ...
3C/3D response to 1 NT (15-17)
If you have 5-5 in the majors, you can transfer to one major and then bid the other, which typically means 5-5. So there's no need for a dedicated bid just for that. My partner and I do use one of those bids to mean 5-5 in the minors ...
Comedy of errors: how do you straighten it out?
Should have been West who called the director, since that's the correct procedure when there is MI. Also, I can't help but note that West waited until after the opening lead to even inform the opps of the MI, a second violation of procedure.

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