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Sept. 13, 2016
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Declare or defend 4!H
Original line was correct. If East ruffs 6th trick & returns a take it at dummy ,ruff a & Draw trumps with 3 card ending. North A8-NIL-10-NIL, South Q-NIL-KJ-NIL, West Jx-NIL-A-NIL ,East irrelevant & lead with North. Declarer will take two tricks irrespective of combinations West keep.
Declare or defend 4!H
You are correct, it is modified from trick 5) on wards as 4)K 5) say ruffed by East & played a 6)take in dummy 7)Ruff a with K 8)IO to A 9)Q 10)Low to Q 11)Finesse 10 12)A ...
Declare or defend 4!H
PB, 1)Ruff 2) to Q 3)Ruff return 4)K 5) to 10 6) to A 7)Ruff return 8)K if ruffed by East. He can either play a - ruff at dummy discarding Q from hand & cross ruff & , OR ...
Declare or defend 4!H
You ruff & lead another , the idea is to force East ruff once.
Declare or defend 4!H
Declare. Ruff then lead a Diamond.
As double dummy, wrong play was at trick 3 as 3) to J 4) ruff 5) to 9 6) ruff 7) to A 8) 9 discard a from hand 9) to A 10)K (last in hand) discard a from ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
JL, If I understand correctly the priori odd strategy (different from running odds) will always be to finesse 2nd time irrespective of what honours East plays & his playing habits. It is also supported by priori distribution of 4 cards between 2 hands (3-1 is 50% ,more than 2-2 or 4-0 ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
Roland-- That was my point though restricted choice is a superior tool for success as a priori odd strategy, but as you say running odd changes substancially as after West plays 2nd the chance of remaining K/Q in either East or West's hand is 50%. So if ...
The Fallacy of Restricted Choice
KIT--After the 1st finesse loses to K(say), when the 2nd one is played by South does not it preclude layout b) in East's hand ?
ATB - Doomed Grand
With 2 bid from West & after South's 4 bid, North was convinced South has K instead of K where his Q will be of immense value & GS will be a mere cakewalk.
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