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Sept. 13, 2016
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A 'Litmus' test of a Bidding System
What are the frequencies of these sorts of hands ?Every 10-20-30 years or never (for most of us) ?
Plan the Play
NF-Playing 9 wins when East has Qxx or Qx, playing for drop wins when East is Qx or West is Qx.So it basically boils down to whether East holds Qxx or West holds Qx.
Plan the Play
As there is only one entry in dummy,i will play for A onside & Q dropping in 2 rounds.
7nt by South with that lead you are already assured of 13 tricks; 3 in , 4 in , 2 in , 4 in .
Best Line
SA,Low to 9.
Article about AI vs. Humans
There is a vast difference between bridge & chess.Chess is a perfect game of logic with definitive amount of information (though enormous) where perfect game played by opponents will always be drawn theoretically & there computer scores above human with its brutal power of calculations. Bridge is a game of incomplete ...
Vanishing point.
JL- As there is no provision in OP's posting for underleading A that is the position you are to assume to defeat the contract.declarer can have QJxxxx-Q-Qx-Axxx.
Vanishing point.
If declarer is 6-1-3/2-3/4 he will always make if you duck.Next he will play 10 & discard a . West wins & say exit a .Declarer wins & play a & discards another to force West to ruff.So he takes 6s,3 & a .If ...
Plan your play16
A, ruff a , finesse , AK, ruff a , finesse ( if earlier Q/J was played), cash third , lead last . East is end played.If after ruffing he plays a take K & lead 5th .
Plan your play16
It can only be made double dummy.
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