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Aloke Chakraborty
Aloke Chakraborty
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Sept. 13, 2016
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36 minutes ago
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bridge player

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Iinteresting hand in the Bolivarian Championships
6 will be from North, A & back will be a remote possibility.
ATB - Another Missed Game
Put North & South hands separately as bidding problems to prevent masterminding of calls post mortem.
Play of hand
Duck the J & you are assured of your 10 tricks.
Play This Hand
A ,finesse J, K ,cash all s, lead a small from dummy.
Do you play this as forcing?
Optimistic Slam
A, low to K.
ATB after enemy unusual 2NT
After initial pass by South if anybody is to compete it is South not North as from North's perspective South could easily have 3-3-3-4 with 4/5 pts & any action by North may turn a par/positive score into a negative one.
What was the worst call?
There is competition for worst bidding but by far best biddings were by North.
Plan the play
Finesse twice. Playing A & finessing J( when rho plays small) loses to J doubleton with lho & finessing twice will lose to KJ doubleton with lho. As chance of J doubleton is considerably higher than KJ doubleton, finessing twice is preferred.
How do you play this at IMPs
There are 3 losers in s & Play of will not gain anything even if J is with rho as you will be required to play further from your own hand. For bringing home the contract you have to have K with rho so why not try it in the ...
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