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Alon Amsel
Alon Amsel
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Sept. 23, 2016
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2 hours ago
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about me

Daddy of two cute boys.

Working in credit risk modelling.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
making slam with AQxxx opposite xxx in trumps with the king offside
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Royal Squeeze
Favorite Conventions
invitational bid upon invitational bid, allowing to blame partner in each possible situation
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Buratti is on team VINCI, isn't he?
Responder’s rebid
I don't think there is a standard meaning, but it should be discussed in any serious partnership. My personal preference: 2: wide variety of hands with spade support 3 and 4 level should be more specific as they take away much space. My preference: 3: 13-15, 3 ...
A thought much would it be worth to see dummy before the lead?
It would be a far greater advantage if our side can see the dummy before leading while our world class opponents do not know that we see the dummy.
Two jacks in a 2533 is not what people generally understand as a weak 2 bid, that can include a 5-card suit. If this is a normal partnership bid, the explanations should contain more body, such as: very weak hands are possible. You will probably not get a score adjustment ...
You play Gazzilli but not Flannery
depends on exact hand, may also depend on vulnerability (might be tempted to upgrade a 14 count 4522 more quickly if nobody is vul)
I'm baffled
I'm baffled that you're baffled. You need to be prepared against elementary conventions, especially with only one weak possibility. You can't expect to have the time to discuss defenses against any simple convention at the table.
1!D - P - 1!H - 4!S - ?
meaning of DBL: values; meaning of 4NT: a priori 64 but could also be e.g. very strong raise to 5. Hands 1,2,3 are straightforward DBL's Hand 4: 4NT, followed by 5H Hand 5: hesitating between 4nt and pass, as I'm actually missing ...
How do you play 5!h in this sequence?
is xx AKxx Ax AKQxx ok?
How do you play 5!h in this sequence?
sorry edited, one x too many compared to my thoughts. With only 6 hearts, 6NT is optimistic
How do you play 5!h in this sequence?
There is a very fine line between the first two answers. Just to be obnoxious, I'll give a counter example: Kxxx QJxxxx xx x holds a spade control but should not bid slam for obvious reasons.
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