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Alvaro Ronderos
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Sept. 8, 2015
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Dec. 24, 2019
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Defensive Problem
Good comment. I guess I could have improved the problem by changing it to be after trick 2. In any case, cashing a 2nd club yields the remaining 2 small clubs, leaving only Q and J outstanding. So it is still the same problem at that point.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: J85 AJ9874 54 A5
This poll is biased by the superfluous information that Ogust is available. At the table, it's either a weak 2 or a 1 bid, depending on your style, and Ogust doesn't enter into it (except perhaps as a reflection of style). My style is that this is a ...
ATC (Assess This Catastrophe)
Hmmm..... West did not bid his 7 card diamond suit. East did not bid his 6 card club suit. North did not bid his 3 card heart support. Therefore, I give 100% of the blame to South. But seriously, there are multiple ways to go right (or at least righter ...
15 Card each Bridge
Dave Treadwell used to play a great game called "partner leads". Win a trick? you're not on lead. Partner is. Win in dummy? lead from hand. Win in hand? lead from dummy. It's really a blast and a great party game. Try it!
Newsweek Speaks
There is an old saying: "There's no such thing as bad publicity." This scandal, believe it or not, can only be good for bridge. And kudos to the author for capturing the essence so well. Perhaps other main stream media will pick up on this story and generate interest ...
Dealing Effectively With Cheating Allegations
Chris Williken’s proposal is excellent. However, what seems to be missing is the concept of a professional POLICE FORCE -- A paid person (or persons), whose job is to prevent cheating and to investigate allegations of cheating at world class events. This would be someone selected by an expert panel ...

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