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Negative Free Bids and the consequences
George Semos and I play NFB somewhat differently than in this discussion. All one-level responses (e. g. 1 - (1) - 1) remain forcing for one round, as in standard. However, our two-level non-jumps are essentially preemptive (1 - 1) - 2 shows about 5-8 HCP, essentially a ...
Sorry: What's Standard?
Partner could raise to invite in either black suit so for partner to make a "fourth suit forcingish" bid suggests that he found an ace he didn't know he had when he passed on the first round. That means he is asking for something, rather than telling about something ...
Debate on Fast Arrival
That there is still a disagreement about this after forty years shows that there is no one approach that is best in all situations. Different auctions might require different approaches. The question is which is better, FA or PB, when the auction has already forced to game and all suit ...
Support Double with Subminimum?.
Prefer cooperative penalty doubles when the opponents make a sandwich overcall. But support doubles when opener's LHO bids or doubles and advancer either raises the overcall or selects from his partner's suits.
Why the focus on "active ethics" is the death of bridge
Agreed that N-S ought to be taught to be more polite. Also that declarer (apparently the hands were switched, so I assume West) should be politely taught by director, (not by N-S, who seem incapable of it) to count the tricks and claim whenever holding 13 or more off the ...
Lawrence's article on jump raises in competition
Four trumps, limit4ed point count, and distribution, such as a singleton or void in the opponent's bid suit. In other words, preemptive. Lawrence's point of view, assumes that, when you preempt, the opponents hold the balance of strength, and are prepared to jump kin their suit, and to ...
Yes, we would all prefer not to have to deal with the 2 opening. However, once it occurs, why not simply show a heart void with support, then bid 4NT? Suggest consecutive rebids of 3 followed by 4, then 4NT. Partner should learn/be taught that double ...
Thirty nine to go, but I ain't keeping score
To me (your mileage may differ), the delay suggests that responder is off-shape and has a problem deciding what to bid on the second round. Hence, the second hand is more likely than the first hand, with which he would not have much of a problem.
continuance after a void response
Kantar's RKB book (5th ed., sub-titled, "The Final Word," pub. 2008) states that after a jump to the six-level, if there is room, the next step is the trump queen ask. He gives only one example, in which responder, after showing his one ace and a void, denies the ...
What sort of strength does doubling and then making a free raise of partners response to the 2 level show?
My bidding is sufficiently old-fashioned to disagree with the trend toweard lighter raises expressed here. You have forced partner to bid. His 1 advance promises no high cards at all and he might hold only three spades because the alternative, to bid at the two-level was even worse. A ...

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