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July 23, 2012
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After a quantitative 4NT
I think the question is, assuming one can decline a slam invitational 4NT by passing, and accept by bidding on, and there are any number of possible partnership agreements (to be alerted, of course), for bids at the five-level and six-level, which make the most sense? This formulation of the ...
What is 1NT after a Redouble?
Granted, the doubler's side is outgunned. But how else does advancer show a hand with 3=4=3=3 and about six/seven HCP in hearts?
What does 4NT mean here?
"Without much discussion," the partnership is playing whatever version of ace/keycard asking the partnership has agreed on, assuming they have. Without any discussion of that issue, probably simple ace asking (though technically this is an un-agreed convention).
Counting HCP or Cover Cards and Tricks
Over opener's return to hearts *if responder's 3 is GF, is 3/4 fast arrival or a picture bid?), responder can use RKC, find out about two aces and the queen of trumps, and then ask about the club king. Several different ways to do ...
Question concerning negative (non-forcing) freebids at the two level
With one partner, I play the methods outlined by Eric Crowhurst (for weak notrumpers), in his Precision Bidding in ACOL. These work well in our K-S structure. As for the extent of the force created by 1/ - (1) - Dbl. - (P); 2/ - (P) - 2, it ...
Defensive Signalling (Might be more beginner than intermediate, but check my work, please)
Against notrump, with a weak suit, headed by spot cards, lead the highest spot if the top two are touching, and the second otherwise. Lead the nine from 983 and the seven from 973. This allows partner to read useful cards. Unless seen in partner's hand or dummy, declarer ...
Precision interference
Why can't responder hold 5-7 HCP with useful spades, such as KJ8x? How else can he show this? Can he assume that his partner holds the other three suits and bid notrump?
Trick 1 signal
Sorry. I missed that. It means that there is no ruff, and declarer is short in hearts, no more than two. SO, the defenders cannot take more than two heart tricks, plus one club, if partner holds the ace or king. And, to defeat the hand, he needs at least ...
Trick 1 signal
Yes. Is it clubs or diamonds?
Best Bid by Bot Ever
Great bidding, until next time, when the LHBot holds the tqo queens now with the RHBot, and RHBot holds the spade ace.

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