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Alvin Bluthman
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July 23, 2012
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Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
Sorry about the mis-count, What matters is the failure by the director to use the "Foul" feature, not the actual number of cards in each hand as the board was fouled.
About that demographic cliff...
"Novice group"? In two "learning" groups in Brooklyn, Flight A is LM+, and people are moving up though some have not learned basic skills. In the third group, (In the third Brooklyn group, Flt. C is > 1000 MP.)
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
Sorry. misspoke (or mis-wrote) about the opponents holding seven each; they actually held ten each. But the rest is accurate.
Regulation of Strong 2C opening bid
Recently, in a club game, I received a seventeen card hand after the previous table had fouled the board. Each opponent held only ten. My stalwart partner had her usual thirteen. The director ordered a re-deal, but then failed to use the "foul" feature of ACBL-score to correctly score the ...
About that demographic cliff...
I stand corrected. Actually only a few hundred run multiple games each week or play in non-shred (and specifically designed) accommodations. If that many.
About that demographic cliff...
When discussing the subject of the wealth of ACBL members, please consider medians or modal numbers rather than arithmetic means. This would better describe the ability of the ACBL membership to pay for tournament attendance or improvements in equipment (such as replacing cards with computers. I know you are trying ...
About that demographic cliff...
Re: "I suspect that areas with low population density will be devastated." They already are. We used to have c. 5000 clubs, now c. 3200. Many are small and dying. As for the idea that ACBL members are above average in socio-economic status, there does not seem to be any ...
How was your first bridge clob experience?
Wasn't the Beverly at East 50th and Lexington. (Beverly Hotel)? Was this during "Tommy" Harris' time as owner, or Jim Becker's?
What do you return at trick two?
Yes. What I haven't figured our is how, as East, I can know that a second club will cash. Could partner hold JTx, or some other three card holding? As I said, we can hope for a second club trick (and this hope is needed, for us to defeat ...
What do you return at trick two?
"Yes, a world of difference. Partner knows quite well that the third round won't cash. What I am trying to tell him is that the second round will cash." I'm still not getting the difference. The only way for three rounds to cash will be if partner led ...

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