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July 23, 2012
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The Worst Convention Ever
Stolen bid doubles also include, as a part of the convention, that bids of higher suits remain transfers. For example, 1NT - (2)- 2 shows spades. Most who object to the double as a transfer do not mention this. To me, the problem is that this is a needlessly ...
ACBL Bridge Teacher & Club Manager Questionnaire - Have you completed your survey??
Contact the managers of the most successful (following) clubs and the lease (shrinking, folded) and find out what it is that each did to retain/grow the membership and their participation.
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
I agree with Jane Eason that all of the hands she posted are minimum ! openings (and, somewhat better than minimum 1 o/c s). By the standards I am addressing none are 3 o/c of 3, and none can expect to make 4 opposite ...
What's My Range?
Responder has bid 1NT, not 3NT. His philosophy may be to let the opponents take the first five or six tricks, then to take the next seven.
What's My Range?
Much depends on partner's hand. If he always has 9-10 HCP with a good spade stopper, you can invite with 15-16 and bid 3NT with 17+. If not, you need to be stronger. I voted for 18-19 because partners usually hold less than you expect, sometimes 6-8 and sometimes ...
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
I am not taking over the director's job. Rather, I am assuming that a 3 o/c of 3 has the values for a 3 o/c of 3, rather than the values of a 1 o/c of 1, and that if ...
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
Regardless of whether he thought he was opening or overcalling 1, when he learned about the 3 opening, if he lacked a 3 o/c of 3, he should pass.
ACBL Bulletin Ruling the Game column - adjusted score or not?
I would raise to 4 at all forms of scoring. When I first played (c. 45 yrs. ago), a "normal" 3 o/c of a 3 opening was substantially stronger than a "normal" 1 o/c of a 1 opening. Although bidding styles have changed ...
Mediate This Auction
Steve: Sorry, you are right that East is on lead against diamonds. And he will almost always lead a (low) singleton heart.
Mediate This Auction
On whether the ace will be stiff, the preempt should deny a side ace (not always, but usually), and a priori, the ace is more likely to be with the length, not the shortage. So, that should affect the odds. As for"five diamonds will always go down when East ...

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