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3 practice finesses on one hand! all winning!
CZ's line is better than mine because it avoids the risk of an early ruff.
3 practice finesses on one hand! all winning!
Tom: South wins the ace of clubs. Declarer needs to draw two more trumps, but is not in dummy to do so. Heart return. Win the ace, then play diamond ace, discarding a heart from dummy, and the spade ace, and decide which whether to play the diamond king or ...
Attitude or Count Signal?
Of course, if declarer holds the jack of spades, ge can force out the queen. But he might choose not to do that, hoping for a diamond shift. Or even a club shift, depending on his holding and West's.
Attitude or Count Signal?
Using the obvious shift methods, your trick one signal is attitude.. Here - assuming that declarer ducked the ace -= partner's lead has left dummy with a major tenace over partner. with a You need to warn partner that you lack the jack. So using UDCA, play the seven. That you ...
I hate Deep Finesse
Declarer seems to have two spade tricks, three hearts, and two clubs no matter what East does. Seven tricks. Further, if East wins the first round of diamonds, then declarer needs only one entry to dummy outside of diamonds in order to set up and run the suit. Ducking the ...
Declare 7NT on the Nine of Diamonds lead
Here is my try. Can anyone do better? Win the ace and jack of diamonds,. Then the ace of clubs, and the ace, king of spades. Now, a heart to the ace, and run the diamonds, discarding one spade and two clubs. If a squeeze exists, you have set up ...
Kit's Korner Seats and Contracts, 2018--2015
Thank you.
Kit's Korner Seats and Contracts, 2018--2015
How far back does this series run? If prior to 2-015, will you include the earlier articles at some point?
Restricted Choice and it's application outside the bridge table.
Original answer: Those who say "girl" can never have two sons. So, zero percent there. Those who say boy, can have boy then girl (son is older); girl then boy (son is younger); or boy then boy. So, one-third there. Revised answer: I don't see more than a semantic ...
Fourth-suit forcing responses
With such a strongly typed minor siot hand, you can rebid 2!Of course, w. But with Qxx x KQxxx AQxx, a direct raise to 2 has much to commend it. After all, partner does not have to hold a four-card spade suit; but, even ...

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