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July 23, 2012
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David Lin's bidding problem: A75 2 63 AKQJ862
2. Trying to get partner to rebid 2NT (or 3NT, weaker) with a diamond stopper. Will raise 2NT to 4NT, inviting slam. There might not be a clearer way to find out if partner can give us four tricks without two red suit losers. If partner raises spades, I ...
What does this bid mean/ show?
Very strong, just under a 2 opening, with running club suit, and a spade stopper. A really strong version of a gambling 3NT. No promise of a heart stopper, but hoping that partner holds one; if not, he should bid 3.
Completing the transfer after interference
"I open a std 1NT (15-17), and partners bids 2♦ to transfer to 2♥. Opponent overcalls 2♠. What type of hand do I need to respond in these situations? In which cases would I go to 3♥? In what cases would I bid a new suit? Etc." Here are some ...
Is this double take out or lead directing?
Yehudit: (((Sorry, fixed))) I misread the auction. You are on lead against spades or clubs; partner is on lead against notrump. But that is not all of the story. If you double 3NT, are you asking for a spade lead or for a club lead? If you double 3 ...
Is this double take out or lead directing?
Deleted. Sorry.
Questions about bridge terms
Andy: While I see the merit of your statement, the definition is as stated. The magazine also maintains that an opener's reverse obliges opener to make his second bid in a higher ranking suit than his first; that is, as you know, not always accurate either. (And, no. The ...
Questions about bridge terms
Bridge World Standard 2017 states "A competitive action is one taken over an opponent's bid, double or redouble. A competitive action taken in direct position immediately follows an opponent's action; one taken in reopening position follows an opponent's action and two passes."
Questions about bridge terms
Are you asking for a term to refer to the following: (a) a bid to the immediate left of a bid which is a one-round force, I. e. a pass by the bidder's LHO will not end the auction; and (b) by the partner of the overcalller. "Advancer" is ...
Why was this easy slam missed?
If the positive 3 bid promises a side ace or king, together with the diamond suit, then North should bid 6. End of story. (((FN))) However, it might not have that promise. E. G. South might have shown only AKQxxx or the like. If so, then North ...
Smith Echo Situation
Basically, BR is suggesting that Smith asks for another underlead. Basically, that supports JM's statement that he sees Smith in books only when third-hand has played his second highest of touching (or possibly finessing) honors. Thus, he wants the same play again. This cannot apply when third hand plays ...

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