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Some 1430 questions
The current version of Bridge World Standard (2017) still uses -314 rather than 1430. The vote, if I recall correctly, was about 60% in favor of 0314. Re: the other questions - the ask for the trump queen and side suit kings is in the first step after the key card ...
Crane Trophy
Thread drift - nothing to do with the Crane. I'm waiting for one club to submit two July games, an August score correction, their Sept. and October results, and their new December results (they did submit Nov.). So, clubs should be required to submit results the next update, currently the ...
Minimum shape for equal-level conversion double
Henry: I'm not sure if this is why some people play ELC only when advancer has bid 2,. A better rule would seem to be to use ELC only when intervenor has both a major and diamonds. That would allow you to use the Ewen rule you reference ...
Minimum shape for equal-level conversion double
Addendum to the above: Perhaps I'm overthinking this, but Mike Lawrence (in his Complete Book n Takeout Doubles) gives t6his hand for the sequence: (1) Dbl. (P) 2; (P) 2: KQ83 42 AQJ73 94, so perhaps a five-card suit is acceptable when ...
Minimum shape for equal-level conversion double
Playing ELC, when advancer replies to your off shape T/O dbl in the lowest suit not bid by opener, you correct to the middle suit, and are willing to play there even though partner did not have sufficient length to bid that suit, So, for example, when opener bids ...
Double of 2!D Flannery by Passed Hand
Fair enough. Probably only five cards long though. With six, you would have bid the suit on the previous round.
In 1 - 1 - 1 - 2, responder is showing five or more hearts and a weak hand (less than invitational). In 1 - 1 - 1 - 2, he is showing a four card raise in a weak hand, less than invitational. In 1 - 1 ...
4=3=3=3, if out of range for a 1NT or 2NT opening, should open 1 and rebid 1NT or 2NT (in standard, the rebid is weaker than the opening).
Bidding questions from TCG hand
In the method in use (based on 1930s ACOL and perhaps still played), a bid at the four-level in a new suit (responding to a jump by the 2 opener to a solid or semi-solid suit at the three-level (NOTE:P THIS HAND DOES NOT QUALIFY) shows the ace ...
Is it Restricted Choice?
Is this a RC problem? With the A3 in dummy opposite KQ9876, you lead the ace, and LHO plays the jack. If the jack is singleton, you need to finesse. If doubleton J10 or tripleton J10x, you need to play thre king amd queen. If the jack is from J10xx ...

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