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Alvin Bluthman
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July 23, 2012
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ATB grand slam with missing ace
This is, and should be, virtually unanimous. North saw the duplication (ace of hearts opposite a void) and should have signed off in 6.
ATB but go easy on them, they're 199'ers
I wish I could argue that they shouldn't play WJS until they are ready for it. However, I have my own horror story concerning how a one-time partner bid when I agreed to his idea that we play WJS. With that agreement, I have to place most of the ...
ATB but go easy on them, they're 199'ers
Both North and South were too cautious. With 7 1/2 tricks and a solid suit, South could could readily have jump shifted to 2. After 1, North could have shown greater strength than a (standard) rebid of 3; realistically, he could have bid 3NT, which would ...
Trial Bid after 1M-2M
Nagy tries. "In which suit would you reject a short suit game try?" plus a "help-suit try." And, yes, a "help suit try" is not the same thing as a "long suit try." It means, "I have losers in this suit. Can you help?"
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
I found the article. This is, in part, what it says: The Schuler Shift--The Best of Both Worlds (by Andrew Gumperz) Last week, we discussed the Bergen and Lawrence styles of rebidding after a 2/1 game-forcing response, and advantages and disadvantages of each approach. The comments were interesting, and ...
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
Please explain the Schuler Shift. A new term for me. Thank you.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
This issue is so connected to your agreement about a 2NT rebid and a raise to 3m that it cannot be answered in the abstract. If your 2NT rebid guarantees three cards including a stopper in both of the unbid suits, and if your minor suit raise promises extras, then ...
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
More than 80% of ACBL members have fewer than 1000 MP. The median is under 200. Players with many thousands of points tend to think (because they are playing only amongst players like themselves) that the median (and the "intermediate" range) is much higher. Let us also not forget that ...
Can you help me figure out if I am crazy or not?
A reverse is a bidding structure, not specifically a way to show extra strength. Whether it does or not depends on the sequence. And if respo0nder's negative double shows four spades, opener's 2 bid should show extras. (Though if the double promised diamonds, or denied spades, or ...
Jay Whipple District 9 Elected President 2018
If this is correct, then the ACBL changed the basis of awarding for Howells and Mitchells. It may moot my argument, and allow for ACBL-wide "club games" with a single set of overall results. Good.

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