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July 23, 2012
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Defense is still hard
A strong player partnering a novice would bid 3NT even holding Qx in spades.(FN) So, either you need to knock out the ace of clubs to prevent reentry by playing the queen, which partner seems to be asking you for (he played the three, UDCA, but you can't ...
Are system psych allowed?
Has North psyched? Or has South raised to 2 with three card support, then decided to pass a diamond raise 9which might include five or more diamonds)? Granted, the director should be called. But how is he to rule? And when? If he does so at this point, he ...
Lecture for Flight B players
Alan: If a writer creates a hand for his book, that hand is as much his intellectual property as are his comments about the hand.
Lecture for Flight B players
Kantar wrote two books on this subject. Suggest you seek his permission to use hands.
Splitting honors: which honor to play?
I goofed. Miles gave declarer eight tricks in the other three suits, so East must duck with QJxx, and hope that declarer misguesses, playing the king from K10x. Or as Michael Kopera pointed out (after I wrote the above), West can play another spade on the second hand. But he ...
Splitting honors: which honor to play?
Look at the two hands in the middle of page 82. When East holds QJ10xx against notrump, he wants West to overtake declarer's king and return the suit. When he holds only QJxx, he wants West to duck declarer's king (from K10x), then run the suit starting with ...
Splitting honors: which honor to play?
Using Kleinman's method, it doesn/.t matter if the jack is highest or second highest. You would play the jack from QJ10 and J109. You would also play it from QJ9, if dummy held the ten (whether or not it is led). In all such cases, you want partner ...
Splitting honors: which honor to play?
Danny Kleinman wrote an article which suggested that you and partner pre-identify (I. e. make a convention out of) which honors would suggest to partner that he overtake declarer's higher card. For example, if you hold QJ10 behind dummy, you want partner to cover declarer's king with the ...
Advice on Smith signals
Huh? " Dummy hits with 92 A94 Q102 QJ1054. On dummy's 2, you play the 9." Doesn't dummy hold the nine, and what is your hand? How can anyone know what to signal without knowing his own hand?
Why I like mini-splinters
There are problems with using mini-splinters. The opponents will bid diamonds on the first hand, and clubs on the second. So, you may not get to make the call you want to make. Also, you may have other methods for the three-l3evel response. Such as Bergen (or Oslo, or Ismir ...

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