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Amaresh Deshpande
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Nov. 27, 2015
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about me

I am just a (intermediate) social-bridge player; an odd-ball I think on this forum. A teacher at heart, my mission is to introduce Bridge softly to children (and adults) via my Double Dummy App - KIDA. The App is translated into 40 languages.


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First three classes
N-S are partners playing against E-W. The 13 cards that each player gets are arranged suit-wise on the table - face up. The objective is for each pair to win as many tricks in No Trump. Opening leads are by rotation. Partners are encouraged to talk aloud to discuss their strategy ...
Fortnite When was the last big revolution in Bridge?
The powers in charge of Chess understood a while back what people are saying here about the spectator angle – how Rapid Chess, Blitz Chess, Bullet Chess and Armageddon Chess evolved.
Lessons and Power Point
Set up a HOOL table. From my experience, it appeals to newbies - both kids and adults.
The 3 word challenge
ACBL Educational Foundation - Executive Director Search
Hi Chris, Yes, you can run the Kida app on Windows PC as well as a Mac computer. For this you will need to download the (free) Nox player on your windows laptop/desktop and then download the Kida app - which the Nox player will run.
Xmas party bridge
A variation I heard some time back from a friend: First trick goes clockwise, second anti-clockwise - alternate clockwise/anti-clockwise till the last trick. Rest of the game stays the same.
Kida- A Double Dummy App
Ian, In the example that Michael has used, it absolutely does not matter if East plays H10 or H7 when South leads HA - I just checked it. The thing is, every problem has its own algorithm and I keep improving the algorithms as and when a mistake is spotted. It ...
Elucidating My Previous Article on Hool
Jeff, I wasn't aware of the Declare Only game on BBO. Can you tell me how it worked? Also, can you please tell me the variety of MiniBridge that you introduce to the kids? I think MiniBridge is quite boring for the dummy – because all he/she has done ...
Elucidating My Previous Article on Hool
Michael, I totally agree with you regarding criticism versus constructive dialogue. Perhaps it was not clear – but my two animated dialogues were meant to be from one beginner to his/her beginner partner. The line between showing passion and being rude is no doubt thin, but I think theatre (of ...

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