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Amber Lin's bidding problem: AJ8x Jxx K9x Jxx
Thanks Michael! That makes a lot of sense. Quick follow-up... it seems like a decent number of people voted for treating this hand as a limit raise. Do you have any thoughts on that, or maybe how much better values wise (let's say same shape) it'd need to ...
US-China Online Junior Matches
Thank you so much to Jan and all the coaches for all the effort put into planning and organizing this event! I just want to flag that I believe the U21 and Women U26 match dates are flipped! Women U26 should be July 10-11th and U21 should be July 17-18th ...
Amber Lin's lead problem: JT72 J752 KJ82 T
Thanks for the comment Michael! We were discussing this hand after the match and were also thinking a trump would be best - we were thinking S has at most 2 spades for not raising and N has denied 4 hearts. W is most likely 2344 or 3244. N is either ...
Plan the play in a tenuous 5!C
Thanks for the thoughts Michael! The JS advice is really helpful, and good to know that sometimes (or a lot of times) there is not a "clear" answer! In case anyone is interested, here is full deal (Board 13):
Amber Lin's bidding problem: 72 J AKQJ973 AQ8
That's a great detailed explanation, thank you Bobby!
Plan the play in a tenuous 5!C
That's really interesting Adam - that means you are also not cashing the A at T2 then, or do you mean T4 for diamond finesse?
Plan the play in a tenuous 5!C
Thanks Craig! Really helpful bidding comment - want to clarify to readers that LTC is Losing Trick Count, I'm assuming.
Plan the play in a tenuous 5!C
Thanks Adam! Really appreciate the explanation of your line too. Could you clarify why you would cash the A first, and the general principle around it? I think that would be helpful!
Amber Lin's bidding problem: 72 J AKQJ973 AQ8
Thanks so much for the reply, Bobby! Something interesting that came up in the post-mortem for this hand was when to "fake a 2H reverse" instead. I posted a follow-up bidding poll with hopefully a more contentious hand, maybe can try to create more of a discussion there (not totally ...
Amber Lin's bidding problem: KJ82 7632 Q K974
Thanks Craig!

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