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Ambrose Hol
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Feb. 26, 2013
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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One way reverse Drury; Weak 2D
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A few 2/1=FG style questions
1) Cue bid for spades. Not 5-5 blacks. For me 3C shows extras. 2) Whatever call shows 6 spades. (For me this is 2NT). Otherwise simply 2S. 3) Abstain. See above.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: --- AKT AK876 AQ986
No, but they saved over 6S - why not over 7? OTOH many players are unwilling to save twice.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: --- AKT AK876 AQ986
7 is probably good and 7S is likely a good save. So isn't there something to be said for walking the dog in this way?
Standard on the Ace-Lead
At Meckwell's table the standard 4 looked encouraging when declarer dropped the 5 so they continued spades. Sometimes you just can't win it seems.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: QJ J98732 7 AK95
Kieran, how can responder bid 3H with a singleton over 3C when 2H didn't promise 6 and he has an easy 3D punt available?
Ed Judy's bidding problem: AKJ9 AQ6 9642 T3
Well, to me it says I have three good hearts and no club stop which is just what I have.
Is it forcing?
I acknowledged that these were different scenarios. I was not conflating the two auctions, simply pointing out that the argument that 4 must be NF as it could be a better spot than 3 or 5C is flawed.
Is it forcing?
Oren, the same argument could be made of, say, 1 1N 3 4 (uncontested). Of course I'm aware this is a wholly different situation but easy to construct hands where playing 4C is right. Surely the point is one of utility? And I personally think it ...
A "TYP" Bid
Kit said: "I doubt if I would sign off over 5 with my example hand." This I don't understand. Opener has denied a S control, you lack one - why would you bid anything other than 5? " ...make the hand any stronger then I definitely would not sign ...
A "TYP" Bid
Kit, I'm not following you as your first example hand would [i]always[/i] sign off over 5C as it lacks a spade control. I agree with your comment that splinter auctions are different beasts but I'm not (yet) convinced that what I said above is incorrect.

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