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Feb. 26, 2013
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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One way reverse Drury; Weak 2!D
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Consequences of Forgetting an Agreement
Absolutely agree with what Michael says about the real agreement being "no agreement" in these scenarios. I wish this were standard TD practice. I believe that it is standard practice in the Netherlands for first round auction agreements but I may be wrong.
Willenken's defense from Friday's bulletin article
Thanks for sharing Scott great hand. It would be nice if Bridgewinners would link directly to the bulletings directly somehow to bring more them more traffic from users outside the US.
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Ax J Q9xxx AQTxx
Sigh... I knew I was wasting my time last time.
A Bit of Everything
We play clubs and discover for certain that he does not have a club honour... If he has nothing in either minor he might have led either - however, he chose clubs. If you accept the premise that he is unlikely to have led from an honour (which seems normal against ...
A Bit of Everything
The major premise is that West would not lead from an honour against 6N. Therefore the fact that he has led C not D suggests that he is more likely to hold the QD. The fact that he has no heart honours has nothing to do with it. You might ...
BetaBridge? A bit better?
Surely computer chips/processers are an "aid to calculation or memory" to the same extent that our own brains are.
Niall Igoe's bidding problem: ATxx x Qxxxx Axx
Lynn - you are missing the point. The x's signify that you should assume the smallest possible spots.
Niall Igoe's bidding problem: ATxx x Qxxxx Axx
The x's signify irrelevant/small spot cards. Pretend they are 2345 etc if you like.
Aaron J Jones's bidding problem: AKJTxx A9x AQ8x ---
Partners do sometimes bid like this so can't see any reason to abstain. He is guessing (with a S void) so I will guess too and bid 7D.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: Q754 AK3 QJ42 K8
If the double is actually "negative" as opposed to simply takeout then I would always bid 3H holding 4H. In that case 2NT stands out to me as 100% clear looking to convert 3C to 3D to express H tolerance.

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