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Ambrose Mackie
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Feb. 26, 2013
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One way reverse Drury, Weak 2D, support doubles
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Kirsten Thousig's bidding problem: A76542 54 K83 K2
2S seems normal to me playing weak jump shifts. Partner could be 1-4-3-5 and the hand is a total misfit. 2S shows roughly 9-11 with 6 spades which is what I have. Double also reasonable.
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: A53 --- 765 QJT9854
Imo 3 is pretty pathetic
Apportion the blame - no play slam
Without discussion I would assume 3N was an offer to play and 4m is a natural slam try. It's possible 5H shows this but most would be very hesitant to bomb past Blackwood and cramp the auction.
Apportion the blame - no play slam
Which one of those three would you use with a big bal hand and no spade cards?
Apportion the blame - no play slam
See my comment above. I think he can still be a big balanced hand for the pass.
Apportion the blame - no play slam
I agree that 6 was a bad bid but I think East's 5 bid is such a gross overstatement it deserves 99% of the blame. Also by the time the partnership had bid to the five level this was already a bad board.
Apportion the blame - no play slam
In fairness, it is understandable that good players would have this misunderstanding. East thought that he had limited his hand by not making a slam try immediately over 3 (I disagree - I think he can be big and balanced). He then thought that, as West was unlimited, he owed ...
Apportion the blame - no play slam
East (pass of 3): I don't have a hopeless hand. West (pass of 4): I'm not sure whether to bid on or defend 4Sx. East (5): I have a slam try?? 100% East.
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: J4 J74 KJT962 T5
Why not a big 1-4-4-4, say? I wouldn't be certain on this one without discussion. (I think t/o of H is best because responder can pass for pens)
Why am I not that crazy about Bridge anymore these days?
Bang on from Alan. Some are lucky enough to combine all three.

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