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Ambrose Mackie
Ambrose Mackie
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Feb. 26, 2013
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United Kingdom

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One way reverse Drury, Weak 2D, support doubles
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Age Is Just A Number
Michael Rosenberg's classic line "play the 9 unless you must" might have helped! Thanks for sharing
Allan Simon's bidding problem: AKJ8 AJ7 Q753 Q5
There we are. Four different, reasonable interpretations of this sequence. Don't you just love this game.
Allan Simon's bidding problem: AKJ8 AJ7 Q753 Q5
Another lively possibility is that partner thinks double then 3 shows 5-3 in the Majors and keeps open the possibility of finding a 5-3 fit (that is probably what I would expect but I see the logic of what Richard is saying). I like 5N and will gamble ...
How do you play 4!H
David W - sarcasm tag needed! :)
Yusuf Sohtorik's bidding problem: A986 --- A76 KQJT76
Kieran - how standard do you think that is and do you mean this for direct seat t/o doubles as well?
Obviously Ridiculous Comments
Alan: example?
Obviously Ridiculous Comments
I could not agree more about that particular joke format "a slow call means this" etc. It's extremely boring now.
Help me out in this - am I mad?
1) Okay - semantics. 2) I am not necessarily suggesting having the conversation at the playing venue. Have it afterwards when you have time if you like. 3) All I am advocating is for you to take your best guess given partnership history/tendency etc and not make a call just ...
Help me out in this - am I mad?
I believe I suggested a conversation, not a lecture. Sorry, you are not going to convince me that jeopardising our result on a board to tell partner off is going to be +EV than sensibly discussing his bidding strategy afterwards. If you are willing to say all of this on ...
Help me out in this - am I mad?
I think the politest way to say that is to actually say it - politely. Communication trumps manipulation.

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