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Ambrose Mackie
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Feb. 26, 2013
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May 21
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One way reverse Drury, Weak 2D, support doubles
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Two from the Buffett Cup
Ah yes you're right. The double end-play doesn't work at all if that is the layout and you win as East has an entry to put a heart through.
Two from the Buffett Cup
Might you not consider winning the first trick on board 1 in case East has T8 doubleton?
Play Bridge Offline on Android?
Great, thank you. Saves me trawling through the various app reviews. Once I've had a good go with it I'll add a review here.
What Does This Double Mean?
So Steve, essentially for you the double is either penalty or takeout, there is no in-between. Maybe it is simply semantics and what you would call a takeout double, I would call an optional double. I would have it more tightly defined in a regular partnership. Also different considerations at ...
What Does This Double Mean?
Whatever you've agreed but without discussion, penalty. I tend to play it as optional.
7NT redoubled
It was, yes. But choosing 7N instead of 7m without the Ace in the opponents' suit would be particularly batty.
7NT redoubled
I'm simply saying that if he does draw that inference, he should get clubs right. He might do though. I'm talking about a hypothetical auction where there was no exclusion but assuming NS have still bid both minors and N 7NT it should seem likely to East that ...
7NT redoubled
Declarer should probably still get the suit right with no exclusion bid if he draws the inference that East has no spade to lead. If East is 0-7-4-2 rather than 0-7-3-3 then the hand can't be made. Truly amazing hand to appear at the table by the way.
The extra B is for BYOBB.
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: AKxx KQxx Jxx xx
Yeah 4 against good players. If KQ were the H!A I would pass hoping that either they don't lead correctly, or the suit is blocked, or it is 4-4.

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