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Ambrose Mackie
Ambrose Mackie
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Feb. 26, 2013
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United Kingdom

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One way reverse Drury, Weak 2D, support doubles
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Memory Strain
I hear this a lot (not necessarily to me): "you think so much about your system, you forget to play the cards well!" and then that same person will lose 8 IMPs on a t/o vs penalty misunderstanding the next set. I like to give the benefit of the ...
Opp Sacrifice at Matchpoints
I would def have bid 2 as West and maybe set up a force as East but might still have achieved the table result. Opps judged well.
Memory Strain
Is there a slight error on p2? I think you mean that the finesse line will fail when West has xx trumps, not Ace and another trump.
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: AT KQT95 A963 72
Simply that I can't come up with a hand that would make a slam try opposite a diamond splinter without a spade OR club control.
Jordan Lampe's bidding problem: AT KQT95 A963 72
The Ace is wastage of sorts. The same hand with the club Ace instead would be the hand to keycard with. 5 describes my hand perfectly imo.
Paddy Murphy's bidding problem: A98 AT98 964 AT9
It's a clear opener but I don't see how 7NT bids are going to tell you anything. If you open playing 12-14 NT you will open with any other methods anyway.
AWB - Assess West's Bidding
Surprised to see so few votes for 4 over the double. 3 looks conservative to me, particularly vul.
Robert Gellner's bidding problem: AKJ98642 AK K3 7
4C seems a fine rebid to me
Assign blame
@D Burn: Sorry, but I think you need a new bit.
Michael Rosenberg on a Grand Slam
I disagree. Even setting aside the etymology, this is a perfectly acceptable and not especially unusual use of the word 'eulogy'.

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