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Amir Farsoud
Amir Farsoud
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Feb. 5, 2015
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an hour ago
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Bridge Player

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Winning my first regional event at the Toronto Easter Regional many years ago.
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Bridge Centre of Niagara
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Multi 2 Diamonds, Transfer Pre-empts
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Silver Life Master
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Time for a rethink
Yeah, sure, whatever.
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: --- KQ85432 --- QT8654
I didn't say that they'd be right, or justified in calling the director, only that most of them would.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AQJT9 5 AQJTxx x
Since a normal 1 opening was rejected for reasons beyond my comprehension, I abstain.
Yehudit Hasin's bidding problem: --- KQ85432 --- QT8654
The opps are probably going to scream for the director after my "7 point" (god I hate HCP as a method of hand evaluation) 1 level "psych, but I'm never pre-empting a 3 loser hand capable of game or slam in 2 suits, at least not in 2nd seat.
Time for a rethink
To Robert, David, et al: When I say the rules, I'm talking about things like Aces are high, deuces are low, the auction precedes the play, No Trumps are the highest ranking strain, while Clubs are the lowest ranking, declarer's LHO makes the opening lead, play and bidding ...
Time for a rethink
Robert, that would be why I specified the RULES of the game, NOT the LAWS of the game. Two utterly different concepts.
Time for a rethink
Give it up Gene. Trying to use facts and logic here is pointless.
Time for a rethink
Just as a clarification, Robert, my problem, and apparently many other peoples as well, is not with banning ferts, or any other specific bid or system, but rather with banning innovation, thought and progress by placing completely arbitrary bans on anything, even though there is nothing in the actual rules ...
Time for a rethink
Wasn't this whole constructive VS. destructive tripe what brought us the misbegotten (and thankfully defunct) Marty Bergen Rule in the 80's? I find the argument as valid today as it was then, which is to say, not at all.
Time for a rethink
You beat me to it Richard. No one is advocating letting deuces beat Aces, or adding wild cards, or adding Crowns and Anchors to the suits, or All Trumps to the bidding. That would be analogous to changing the rules of chess.

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