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June 22, 2014
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Nickell-Berg Board 26
Shouldn't declarer just cash a top diamond in the end and end play West? I mean, East is marked with cashing the Jack (regardless which 3rd diamond East has) seems like the clear choice.
Paul, A great summary. Both amusing and disturbing...I should add to the bill 150 Euros for having to fix a flat tier (because didn't pay attention and our rental car hit one of the sidewalks in the "parking field" you've mentioned).
Looking For a Brilliancy from Montecontini
I have a board...from the Open Pairs Finals last session. Declarer was Andrew Robson who needs no introductions. He held as dealer: A AQJXXX - KJ10XXX Btw, this was not the only 6-6 hand from the Finals. Anyway, he opened 1H, next hand (me) overcalled 2D, and it comes back ...
Playing conditions in Montecatini
I agree with David completely. The conditions were a disgrace. Also would like to add that I still fail to understand why the lunch break was after 1 match/1 session in the morning. Seems more reasonable to me if it was after 2 matches/session.
BZ - "People and their strange mannerisms"
I find this video astonishing.
FS sentencing from IBF
My bet is that they won't go to court, and even if they do...they are headed for a big surprise, and not in favor of them.
FS sentencing from IBF
"Then we all pay". Haven't we already paid enough? All these years during which IBF members paid their share of dues...including for training and financing Juniors and Open Championships in which this pair participated (under Israeli flag of course). I wonder what more should happen and how much ...
FS sentencing from IBF
Thank you dear:)
FS sentencing from IBF
I, on the other hand, think that they should actually be quite relieved with any verdict that is without payment of fines; legal costs (the procedure did have some cost on the IBF); reimbursement of all those who they stole money from... Appeal to a civil court? Good luck with ...
Decisions of the Appeals & Charges Committee, November 2016
Well...where to start? What to say? Let me start by saying that in my opinion, when a player and/or a pair is convicted in collusive cheating, I think the assumption MUST BE that they have been cheating for all of their respected career together! Not a year; not ...

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