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Amnon Harel
Amnon Harel
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Feb. 20, 2012
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Started playing bridge in high school. Badly. Took me over a dozen years to start unlearning bad habits and start to understand the game.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Two great runs in the (main) team event in the International Israeli Bridge Festival, back when it was in a three session format. Tying a match with the Herbst brothers after finnessing declarer's 5 on defence, way before we had any clue how to play, when they were already international-caliber.
Bridge Accomplishments
Met previous two bridge partners through bridge, and they ended up my good friends.
Regular Bridge Partners
Uri Epstein, Dror Shahaf, Hanan Sher
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Favorite Conventions
Support with support. Immediate double negative.
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
How would you interpret this bid?
@John: Sounds neat. Never heard of this idea. To make sure I got it, give opener something like AKxx AKJxx xx Qx your suggested bidding would then go: 5 by opener would be an ask for A, AK, void and A, and possibly the Q ...
GTO in the WYTC
Make sense. I wonder if EW had a clear understanding on what X by W over 4S means. I wonder if me and my partner(s) have one... I think that absent a very clear understanding, West should probably gamble on 5H.
Greed is good - or is it?
Re. the title: I'm not under much pressure to make all 13 tricks. At the table I would certainly play to make, expecting that many pairs will fail to bid 6H, bidding instead 7H or 6NT or maybe only game after their opponents did some wild pre-empting. But thinking ...
UI question #1623
That all sounds reasonable. But on second thought, Righty preempted, you have 4HCP, and Lefty furthered the preempt. So I think any "medium strength" hand is already counter-indicated (I think he rates to have 18+ HCP).
@Peg, thanks for the explanation of how you play McCabe. I didn't know it can show merely tolerance and more or less denies game interest. All relevant. But as many commented, the big picture is still that without some unusual agreements that the OP did not mention, North's ...
Overcall in long suit or double?
Why are you called this "a minimum double"? That's something like x, AQxx, KQxx, xxxx. Do you mean "a minimum power double", that is, "too strong for a 2 overcall"?
@Richard: because it's a forcing pass situation, and bidding 3S normally shows the weakest possible hand. In this sequence, I guess that 3S should show a defensive minimum. With the A and two little hearts, North's hand should sit if South takes a penalty double, so North ...
What do you lead at trick 2, and why?
Where's South's opening bid? He rates to have lots of winners. I hope he has something like Qx(x) x(x) AJ9xx KQ(xxx), so partner's Qxx will be a problem for him after he has to ruff in dummy at trick 2.
Assuming that you play Leaping Michaels, is 4m forcing?
That's a nice hand. Fit in one suit, tolerance for another. Even the T may be worth something on its brute strength. But what about a hand like 9 T753 32 986532 where your hand is worst than a (4333) yarborough?
Mini & Weak No Trump
In some places it is legal to play 1NT as 9-11HCP. I think that requires more work than the other options, as there is far less material on it. I'm guessing that is the most powerful range, more or less from the same reasons that the ACBL bans this ...

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