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Amnon Harel
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Feb. 20, 2012
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Bridge Player
about me
Started playing bridge in high school. Badly. Took me over a dozen years to start unlearning bad habits and start to understand the game.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Two great runs in the (main) team event in the International Israeli Bridge Festival, back when it was in a three session format. Tying a match with the Herbst brothers after finnessing declarer's 5 on defence, way before we had any clue how to play, when they were already international-caliber.
Bridge Accomplishments
Met previous two bridge partners through bridge, and they ended up my good friends.
Regular Bridge Partners
Dror Shahaf
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Favorite Conventions
Support with support. Immediate double negative.
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Active ethics: A Step too Far?
Both options seem fine. I would support partner's decision either way. BTW: Is this the correct ruling? Is the one trick penalty mandatory even when the score would've remained the same without the revoke? I don't think that's how they rule over here...
What does double mean here?
I guess that just goes to show how important the level of the opponents and the setting (IMP match / an evening at the local club?) are. With the opponents I usually get, even in IMPs, I'd be thinking West may have a 5323 hand or something like that, and ...
UI from CHO. What may I call ethically here?
Hypothetically, I'd go to the hypothetical director and politely ask him to enlighten me as to why he ruled as he did. Then the discussion can start.
Opening 2N for the minors. Is including a strong possibility 4 losers or less a good idea?
But 4NT as a specific ace asking can earn a lot of IMP when it does come up. Especially if bidding agreements are short on asking bids. And if you're willing to gamble early, it can also be used semi pre-emptively, especially when void in spades, which increases its ...
Some help needed.
I loved the last sentence. The rest is also spot on - we always use Larry's definition.
What is 4!C?
In uncompetitive auctions we often play 4-of-a-new-minor as a cue bid. Because slam tries seem to gain more than looking for a minor-suit fit at this level. But here, 3S is available en-route to 4H showing slam interest. So not only can you have your cake and eat it too ...
Advice on Smith signals
Odd-even just means that the "3" is the most encouraging, then the 5, 7, 9, T, 8, 6, 4, and the 2 is the most discouraging. Why? Because this has the advantage that the lower cards give the strongest (clearest) signals. If you play Smith to show "I like the ...
Delayed spade overcall
One of the top international players in the country once made such a 3-card reopening overcall against us, and her student knew enough not to raise with his 5 card support.
Advice on Smith signals
I think Auken's solution to ethical signalling at trick one also works well-enough for Smith: do not signal opinions, signal facts. For example, do you have another honor in that suit that dummy isn't aware of? Or, if you're known to have no honors, do you have ...
Can you change your mind after doubling to show a big hand?
Because it's a cue bid in the suit bid above us. So what do all the experts who treat 2H as natural here rebid with the really strong 2C-opening type of hands? Another power double (no good suit)/ jump shift (with a good suit)?

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