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Amnon Harel
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Feb. 20, 2012
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12 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Started playing bridge in high school. Badly. Took me over a dozen years to start unlearning bad habits and start to understand the game.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Two great runs in the (main) team event in the International Israeli Bridge Festival, back when it was in a three session format. Tying a match with the Herbst brothers after finnessing declarer's 5 on defence, way before we had any clue how to play, when they were already international-caliber.
Bridge Accomplishments
Met previous two bridge partners through bridge, and they ended up my good friends.
Regular Bridge Partners
Uri Epstein, Dror Shahaf, Hanan Sher
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Favorite Conventions
Support with support. Immediate double negative.
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Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
Well said, though we tried a different implementation of these ideas: With one partner I play this as a 3 card raise. Either invitational or balanced and 16+ HCP. The invitational option is surprisingly useful, like the 1M-3M of old, but with room for trial bids. The strong support option ...
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
Not everyone would overcall over a 1NT opening with 8 points and a (4333).
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: AQJ83 9853 62 72
Are you talking about the so called "regular Stayman", promising invitational values? That's is such a rare beast it wouldn't assume it. @OP can you please clarify what follow ups you have available? If 1NT-2C - 2D-2H invitational? Weak and 45 in the majors? Weak and (45) in the ...
To claim, or not To claim
To clarify, my suggestion was triggered by the original post, but did not refer to the specific hand shown there. I agree with you that, in theory, the laws sort of cover this because, as John write, the TD is supposed to assume both careless and inferior plays. But in ...
2!c With an Unbalanced Hand
That's excellent. I also find the two Queen test useful - if partner has two random queens (or if that's impossible, a random king), do I want to be in game?
To claim, or not To claim
I think the rules are clearly against this kind of claim, as detailed by others above. I wish the rules also recommended (or mandate?) a procedural penalty for any defensive claim that depends on the order in which partner plays his cards. It's all too common for a defender ...
Keycard response with ten trump
I played kickback for a few years, but in that partnership we had a hard time taming it. So now-a-days I try and talk my partners into Redwood. If they're willing to listen a bit more, than the caveat I wrote above complements Redwood. I estimate that this compromise ...
Keycard response with ten trump
In one partnership we played, for several years, that when s are trumps, we simply don't respond 5 - a 5 response to RKCB shows 2 key cards and says nothing about the Q. Worked fine for us.
Unbalanced weak hand opposite strong
Why not 6? The double 9-card fit (maybe more in s) makes slam quite attractive (see Craig's results above for the situation one round earlier, and that's without the robust heart fit and with the lead running into the wrong hand)
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
What Felix said. When I was your age I once butted into a heated partnership argument about how they managed to lose a board to two hopeless beginners (in retrospect, my partner wasn't that bad) and was immediately slapped in the face. This probably dates how long I've ...

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