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Amnon Harel
Amnon Harel
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Feb. 20, 2012
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16 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Started playing bridge in high school. Badly. Took me over a dozen years to start unlearning bad habits and start to understand the game.


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Two great runs in the (main) team event in the International Israeli Bridge Festival, back when it was in a three session format. Tying a match with the Herbst brothers after finnessing declarer's 5 on defence, way before we had any clue how to play, when they were already international-caliber.
Bridge Accomplishments
Met previous two bridge partners through bridge, and they ended up my good friends.
Regular Bridge Partners
Uri Epstein, Dror Shahaf, Hanan Sher
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Favorite Conventions
Support with support. Immediate double negative.
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
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How do you sort out this one?
Sounds about right. Especially about the importance of deciding whether the contract should be changes to 3CX. A few further thoughts: - the AC lead is counter-indicated by the UI, and might well have been led in order to avoid any appearance of using the UI - after dummy appears and no ...
I try not to downgrade HCP when it comes to NT openings (or equivalent through 2C/2D). I wouldn't downgrade any of these examples with a generic "x". Make them all 2-3-4s and I still am unlikely to downgrade your examples. Still "never" is too strong. There are hands ...
What is this double?
Nice. Especially point 2 :-) But for us playing without screens, the problem is that it's possible to unconsciously pick up partner's intent from his behaviour. Our minds are brilliant at this. Something as subtle as how quickly he went into his poker face (realizing you have a problem ...
Agreement over (1!S) - 2!H - (2!S) - ?
For us it's just another Good/Bad 2NT situation. We use a simple lebensohl kind of structure, so 2NT = transfer to 3C aiming to stop at the 3 level with some sort of competitive bid (could have some sort of slow-show-stopper strong hand as well), other bids are natural ...
What do you need to bid 2!h here
@Roland "They already know they have opening strength plus response strength". Yes. But now-a-days opening strength can be KJxx, x, AQxxxx, xx or Axxxx, x, AJTxxx, x, and responding strength can be xxx, QT9xx, x, xxxx or xxxx, Axxx, xxx, xx etc. I think that partner's bid is more ...
Yuan Shen's bidding problem: 3 AKJT9 53 JT982
As no one spelled it out yet - it's not (standard) good-bad since it's in response to your double. I wouldn't expect lebensohl here, undiscussed, though it obviously makes sense. Clearly the best is to look annoyed and suffering while bidding 3C. I hope I prepared my 3C ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: K9 AQ74 QJT765 5
Interesting to try and construct hands that are worth double rather than 2D (say 12+HCP, clubs not much better than the spades) and would escape from the double (so probably aceless and the strength is in the short suits) yet have no play in 3NT. It's not that ...
What's this Pass?
Last time my partner made one of these redundant-looking leading direct doubles, we was preparing for a 6NT contract played the other way. I think it even worked.
What's this Pass?
Why not? The odds of getting away with it just went down like a brick. After all, when he chose 4NT "their suit" was spades.
About Frivolous 3N
I prefer "3N should be frivolous only if we have an 8+ card trump fit", which I believe is standard. This includes known 6-2 fits, or even 8-0 if you have sequences like that :-) Not that I'm 100% sure this is best.

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