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Amy Mitura
Amy Mitura
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May 23, 2014
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about me

Bridge--During undergrad, I met a junior bridge player who had traveled to Poland, South Africa, and Cuba who was bad at poker, patient enough to teach me how to bid a bridge hand, and saintly enough to watch me declare one. Still, I was over thirty before I learned to read a hand record and finally get to Cuba.

Non-bridge--Vegetarian since age nine. Have had gray hair since sixteen. Often unsure as to whether people are asking me if I am too young to 1) have gray hair, 2) play bridge.

Live in New York. Love old game shows and pizza, UCONN basketball (more before the demise of the Big East), the Constitution, El Greco more than Velasquez, and Shakespeare (who did write his own plays for...sake). 

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
The day Steve Weinstein followed me on BW or managing to operate a screen properly at least one time. Tough call.
Regular Bridge Partners
Ron Haack
Favorite Tournaments
Fall Nationals (BRP, of course), WBF Mixed or Online Women's Festival
Favorite Conventions
Any artificial club bid? (I almost understand the difference between a system and a convention).
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Confession of a Self-Kibitzer
Can we make it a rule that you have to be born prior to 1987 to rickroll someone? :)
Master as a racist term
You are right, Louis, I don't agree with some of what you said. Or how you said it. But I wrote my first comment violating community guidelines to defend you anyway :)
Master as a racist term
Daniel, Oregon has to "officially permit(...) openly racist hate groups like Proud Boys and other to hold marches and events in their city." The right to assemble even the right of openly racist hate groups to assemble is protected by the First Amendment. A classic case on this matter is ...
Master as a racist term
Michael, I didn't make a general argument, I gave a factual statement and took a guess. And I even prefaced that fact and guess with a FWIW. I think taking guidance from a historically black organization that does philanthropy for its marginalized brothers and sisters is reasonable here.
Master as a racist term
FWIW, the ABA has "masterpoints" and uses the term "grand life master" on its website. I'm guessing if it was offensive to the community, those terms would not be used.
Master as a racist term
@Nicolas, the context is that I was writing on a bridge site and used NLM in the bridge sense. And I think it's clear that I am not laughing at racism.
Master as a racist term
Amaresh, a new woke language is not going to be easy, but I think you have a great start there with "woperdaughter." In the seventies, feminists adopted the spelling "womyn" because they didn't want their identities to rely on a "man." More recently, in order to be sensitive to ...
Master as a racist term
Louis, according to the "Equality Wasn't In Cards" article mentioned early in the thread, members enjoy the ABA for its social and philanthropic endeavors. I actually looked into playing an ABA event, but there were none in my area. Perhaps when live bridge returns, I will try again.
Master as a racist term
I just want to thank Timo for his comment :)
Master as a racist term
I think y'all should give up your racist and sexist titles and become an NLM like me :) If anything, I would say the term is more sexist than racist because at its origin, the word referred to a man. There were all sorts of masters. Schoolmasters. Master's Degrees ...

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