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Amy Mitura
Amy Mitura
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May 23, 2014
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about me

Bridge--During undergrad, I met a junior bridge player who had traveled to Poland, South Africa, and Cuba who was patient enough to teach me how to bid a bridge hand and saintly enough to watch me declare one. Still, I was over thirty before I learned to read a hand record and am still looking forward to my Cuban vacation...




Non-bridge--Vegetarian since age nine. Wanted to be a writer since age nine. Have had gray hair since sixteen. Often unsure as to whether people are asking me if I am too young to 1) have gray hair, 2) play bridge.

Live in New York. Love old game shows and pizza, UCONN basketball (more before the demise of the Big East), the Constitution, El Greco more than Velasquez, and Shakespeare (who did write his own plays for...sake). 

United States of America

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The day Steve Weinstein followed me on BW or managing to operate a screen properly at least one time. Tough call.
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Ron Haack
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Fall Nationals
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Any artificial club bid? (I almost understand the difference between a system and a convention).
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Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
DJ: I don't like that rule, but unfortunately the reasoning is quite persuasive.
One Disillusioned NLM
Oh Michael, I wanted to leave you with the final comment to oversimplify what my opinion actually is. After all, perhaps your oversimplification is a logical alternative and I ought to have anticipated it. Like I'd have to anticipate holding the tray so I can choose my lead on ...
One Disillusioned NLM
Anyway, I can't say this has been fun, but I must have covered almost everything, most things more than once, if not on this thread, on the other. And ultimately, my opinion does not matter. Or maybe, in a way, my opinion is like a lead against a grand ...
One Disillusioned NLM
Not necessarily Max, because I do not know what information was made available to them in the process. Nor am I convinced that they are taking into account methods of partnership as written in the laws. Anyway, this whole situation is a complete mess.
One Disillusioned NLM
Max, I do not feel it is necessary to put together all of these factors and what the net effect of the comment is to have a justified opinion in this case. This diamond lead is clear. It is almost 100% at the table. Even without the comment. It has ...
One Disillusioned NLM
RY: I think the words "would seriously consider" have been lost in all of this... how is any expert player seriously considering something other than an action that can be so easily seen at the table and proven 100% correct? Even if you can make an argument for a spade ...
One Disillusioned NLM
Andreas, I won't say that only one of the pollees found the comment irrelevant. The write-up doesn't actually tell us what any of the other pollees said about the comment. So, we can't know. So many missing details...
One Disillusioned NLM
JL: I am amazed that the pollees found the comment irrelevant, but I also wonder why they found it irrelevant. If they found it irrelevant because they were always leading a diamond anyway, but then are told they cannot lead one, I suspect some might say, but the comment was ...
One Disillusioned NLM
MS: If Michael says he prefers chicken, but for every meal Michael chooses beef, or he raises cows, but no chickens, has pictures of steaks and hamburgers framed and staged throughout his home, etc. one might wonder if he really prefers chicken. P.S. I prefer neither.
One Disillusioned NLM
RY: To think that I will have nothing better to do is a little depressing Ray :)

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