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Anant Rathi
Anant Rathi
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Dec. 27, 2011
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a bridge addict. There, I admitted it. That's the first step, they say.

I moved from San Diego to San Francisco in April 2016. No regrets (yet).

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
This auction: 2NT (3S) 4S (P) 4NT (P) 5D (P) 6NT (P) 7D. Made 7 missing a cashing ace
Regular Bridge Partners
Glen Perry, Ben Bomber, Ankur Rathi, Phil Clayton, Mark Leonard, Jesse Chao, Nate Munger
Member of Bridge Club(s)
QuickTricks, Adventures in Bridge
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
1430 RKC, inverted minors, Jacoby 2NT, Multi-landy, OGUST, Unusual over Unusual, Flannery
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Precision, 2/1, variable 1NT
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ATB - Fail to compete
I held West's hand too, and also passed. I still feel fine about it. But *shrug* --
Vlad Grigorean's bidding problem: A8632 A543 KJ J2
3 can be defined in one of 2 ways: 1) Artificial "punt", denying a fit, extra diamond length, or club stopper 2) Natural, showing 5-5 or longer I prefer the latter, but it seems like 3 is the correct bid either way. If partner is punting, we certainly ...
Martin Lindfors's lead problem: 4 93 T97653 QT97
I'm not a leader, but maybe they think a passive lead is sufficient here, where it looks like suits aren't breaking well for declarer. A reasonable position to take. (I disagree with it though. Dummy could have significant extra values to where the breaks only prevent overtricks ...
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: JT953 K2 T53 J73
Why'd partner bid this way? 2 over 1 seems clear
Phil Clayton's bidding problem: JT953 K2 T53 J73
Both of the reasons you state, and no other
Trick 4 Play
Florian - technically yes, you're correct - sans the minor point that if declarer goes up J (to protect against original 10x on their right), we have *2* additional tricks. But it would alleviate the head-hurting analysis that was needed to conclude that exiting passively is the right defence :)
Trick 4 Play
The arguments for not attacking clubs (yet) are fairly strong. I'd just like to point out we should have ducked the second round of diamonds. That way, if declarer plays a 3rd round (or goes up J), we already have 2 diamond tricks in the bag, so wouldn't ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
+1 Westy's! I haven't been there, but my brother went at the last NABC and highly recommends it as a post-midnights spot :)
Liam Milne's bidding problem: K A974 JT8653 A9
I’m assuming double is negative!
Anant Rathi's lead problem: 8xx Txxx AJx QJx
This poll was a sanity check. I led Q. Dummy was AQ AKQxxx Kx xxx Partner had KJ-5th or -6th (can't remember) and K10x. Declarer had J and Q. So a spade was the only lead to beat it.

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