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Anders Ström
Anders Ström
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March 5, 2012
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Dec. 9, 2017
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about me
Retired export sales director. Fluent in Swedish, German and English. Limited in French. Interested in design of bridge systems.

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Grade this call II
Did Cayne not agree, Jay?
ACBL Fall National Viewgraph?
My experience is that young peole are superb operators and older better as commenttators
Why I like mini-splinters
Minisplinter looks fine to me, but why not use both 9-11 spl (3, 4 and 4) and concealed 12-14 spl (3 and 3nt? Voids are so rare and not too difficult to show by repeating the spl bid or a jump bid after trump agreement (not ...
opening a weak NT , edited version, jacques Faure
There are several good defence methods versus NT especially when you know that opener has no 4-card major. Thus I think this is not such a good idea.
What is a Bloomer?
Another "Bluhmer": after low level trump agreement next bid is shortness (or no shortness). Then a raise of the short suit is "no wasted values" but else normal strength in actual context. You will find some super fits this way.
2H as weak both majors (2 good examples!)
Maybe you would be better off increasing strenght to 8-11.
Polish Club question
I like 5 or 6s plus 4Ms to be the ONLY alternative for a 2 opening. I know this goes against Meckwell and others but have you considered the advantages in constructive bidding? I.e. light reverses OK now, quick definition of exact distribution, better resistance versus interference ...
ofc Gazzilli 2 and not 2nt be used
Bidding 2/1 in SAYC, K-S or French style bidding systems with light opening bids
I skip Bergen and use 3m as invitational with a decent suit
Why play a Big !C or Precision?
Make a thorough study of Bill Jacobs book "Fantunes Reveaked" and consider the advantages of transfer bids, one of a suit forcing, weak no trump, unbalanced diamonds etc. Surely most of this is simple to apply in a 2/1 system and it is great fun to play!
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