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Andonis Dalgas
Andonis Dalgas
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Aug. 9, 2013
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I was dummy watching partner go down -7 in 1NT doubled.
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Escape When Nonvul Mini-NT Is Doubled or Do You Wanna Dance?
Our systemic redouble is 10+. With 8+, the frequency would be a lot higher of course.
Escape When Nonvul Mini-NT Is Doubled or Do You Wanna Dance?
"The problem I had was that all too often, fourth hand would bid something; opener then has to pass, in case responder is weak, and then when responder is strong she has to decide how to balance without having more information from opener." Doubling after a first round pass could ...
Yigit Ozcelep's bidding problem: AKJxxx x xx AQxx
Space invaders
Escape When Nonvul Mini-NT Is Doubled or Do You Wanna Dance?
The sequence we play after double(both opener and advancer may use) is like this(Brozel escapes if I remember correct): Pass: Relay to RDBL. Either want to play redoubled, or will bid my 5+ card suit. Puts some pressure especially on LHO. 2: and . 2 ...
Keith Dowdall's bidding problem: AJTxx KQxxxx Kx ---
I would have opened 1, then bid 4.
Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: KJT2 QJ J73 AK62
Partner's 2 bid has started a sequence where we begin showing stoppers for NT in order. Thus, 2.
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: 4 KQT62 QT54 A84
Redoubling instead of a natural 2 is a bit unusual IMO.
Ralph Lipe's bidding problem: Axx Axx Jxxxx xx
5 card suit, two aces, IMP scoring, vulnerability. Furthermore, I don't want to bid one round more to show invitational values and give away clues to opponents.
David Germaine's bidding problem: J864 KQT98 KQ T6
Did we open 1 after two passes and partner responded 1? The bidding sequence seems to be missing.
Andonis Dalgas's bidding problem: QJ74 7 AJ4 A8652
Thanks for commenting. I was given this hand as a bidding problem. Squeezed between 5 and 4 myself, 4 seemed the most natural bid. Wanted to learn expert community's thoughts.

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