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Andonis Dalgas
Andonis Dalgas
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Aug. 9, 2013
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17 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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I was dummy watching partner go down -7 in 1NT doubled.
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Dorn Bishop's bidding problem: KJT2 QJ J73 AK62
Partner's 2 bid has started a sequence where we begin showing stoppers for NT in order. Thus, 2.
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: 4 KQT62 QT54 A84
Redoubling instead of a natural 2 is a bit unusual IMO.
Ralph Lipe's bidding problem: Axx Axx Jxxxx xx
5 card suit, two aces, IMP scoring, vulnerability. Furthermore, I don't want to bid one round more to show invitational values and give away clues to opponents.
David Germaine's bidding problem: J864 KQT98 KQ T6
Did we open 1 after two passes and partner responded 1? The bidding sequence seems to be missing.
Andonis Dalgas's bidding problem: QJ74 7 AJ4 A8652
Thanks for commenting. I was given this hand as a bidding problem. Squeezed between 5 and 4 myself, 4 seemed the most natural bid. Wanted to learn expert community's thoughts.
HAL, Watson, Deep Blue and ?
"Sorry pd"
Andonis Dalgas's bidding problem: QJ9 QJ8652 A7 A3
Partner's hand was 542 A3 K95432 75. Defending 3 results in down 1 and 40%, 3 makes thanks to friendly spade distribution. 3 goes down due to 4-1 heart distribution.
ATB : Expensive Misdefense
A small chance that the unusual order of cashing trumps could "wake" partner to something unusual or need for immediate action.
ATB : Expensive Misdefense
If N decides to cash two trumps and then switch to his singleton , he can take first trick with A of trumps instead of the K.
Bridge Anecdotes
Had a friend to whom we did the same trick. After that he began peeping into both LHO and RHO's hands, to double check.

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