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Andrea Roitman
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Oct. 1, 2014
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Feb. 29
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There's No Justice in Bridge
I agree with your assessment, but so much was wrong with the opponents' bidding that I thought they were lost. I couldn't see bidding 4 spades when we were doubled at 3 spades. Even her partner viewed the 3 spades as penalty and not takeout, because she pulled the ...
There's No Justice in Bridge
Everyone I play with and against used the redouble to show 10+ points. It allows you to bid over the double and let your partner know your hand is limited to 9 points. With the combined majority of the points (my 12 and partner's 10+), there's no issue ...
There's No Justice in Bridge
Interesting question. I couldn't figure out what she was doubling with but trusted she knew what she was doing. I knew we had the majority of the points so decided to double whatever they bid.
There's No Justice in Bridge
This is the first time I used bridge winners and knew none of that. I'm getting insulted by others right and left. Thank you for being helpful and not condescending.
There's No Justice in Bridge
I fixed it. She had 5 spades. Sorry. Thanks for catching it.
Board 5 from the 03/24/2017 Common Game
I was playing North and got a heart lead, followed by a heart return. I tried to get out the A of clubs and back came a heart, which I had to ruff. Now I found myself with a loser in spades, hearts, 2 in diamonds, and a club. What ...

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