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Andrew Black
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Jan. 13, 2017
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Dec. 5, 2019
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Close odds
...also this West wasn’t the only one that lead the 6 - two others towards the top of the tournament also did so.
Close odds
I think W can infer from the bidding that I likely have a singleton and he might want to take away the potential optionality of the heart position before I know much about the hand. I may still make if the finesse loses - it’s not an all or ...
Close odds
FWIW The actual hand is here; I think cashing the A at T2 is correct if you are going about the Hearts; it loses when the next round of Hearys is overruffed with a singleton K (the actual case). The low H at T2 route gives you a problem when, following a losing Spade finesse, a ...
Close odds
I cashed the A for a discard and decided to treat the K as a true card. I played a to the Ace and ruffed a planning to ruff two more with the 8 and the A (unless LHO showed out). That felt like pretty good odds ...
Close odds
It was IMPs - I'm not proud of the bidding sequence - we were down in the set. 2 - 4 - 5 - 5 - 6 2 was Lucas - and minor 5-5. I didn't ask about the lead - RHO followed with the 3 but I assumed ...
Is using the rules (even obscure) always ethical?
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