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Andrew Gumperz
Andrew Gumperz
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Sept. 18, 2010
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May 21
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about me
Andrew Gumperz is a part-time bridge professional based in the SF bay area. He has numerous regional victories, but his proudest bridge accomplishment was upsetting the CAYNE team at the 2009 Spingold in Washington DC. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys musical theater, especially when his daughter is performing.
United States

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Adam Kaplan, Michael Crawford
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Gumperz and Brenner
2 over 1
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Gumperz CC
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Gumperz and Wagner
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Joshua Donn's bidding problem: --- QT642 --- JT987632
IMO, hands with a 3-card difference in length should be treated as 1-suited so I prefer to preempt immediately. 2NT at this point is profoundly misguided--telling the opponents about your shape, without providing adequate preemption on a hand where you have little chance to win the auction.
Fast Arrival and Picture Jumps--the 3NT Slam Try
Yes he does. Major suit bid and raised plus a game force, Therefore 3NT nonserious slam try is on.
Geeske Joel's bidding problem: AK42 A82 T6 T976
This is a mildly strange partscore situation. Normally 2M is an attractive partscore contract at matchpoints. the 4-3 fit often scores better than an alternative minor suit contract. In this case, the alternative partscore is in NT. I.e., if some players choose not to overcall 2 your partner ...
Rainer Herrmann's bidding problem: AT872 J3 JT2 K72
That is true. Maybe you need a few extra percentage points to compensate you for getting too high on some nonaccepts. i am still happy with my choice to invite.
Rainer Herrmann's bidding problem: AT872 J3 JT2 K72
You are vul at IMPs. In that context, you are worth a game invite since you need only about a 33% chance to justify being in game. You will get to some cold games, and you will get to some no play games. But if you invite, I am guessing ...
Max Aeschbacher's bidding problem: K8 8432 A62 KJ65
This is the very rare hand where I'd like to be playing Puppet Stayman over 2NT. If partner has a 5th heart, then i am happy to be playing slam in hearts, but as you point out if he only holds 4, then a grand slam is likely to ...
"Maximal" or penalty double by takeout doubler
How do you handle a good hand with 3 hearts, perhaps: xx, KQx, Axxx, AKQx?
Better Notrump Leads
i do not have any such lead convention. But in practice i find that accidents occur much less often than leads from broken suits surrender tricks.
Restricted Choice
Nice to see you here Thomas.
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: QT94 K J7 AQJ732
I remember this hand from a Reese book where he took a couple hundred hands from bidding contests. He reproduced the original articles and then added his own remarks as an ubermoderator. As I recall, Reese liked 1NT on the theory that the hand was a misfit and didn't ...

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