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Andrew Gumperz
Andrew Gumperz
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Sept. 18, 2010
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July 29
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Andrew Gumperz is a part-time bridge professional based in the SF bay area. He has numerous regional victories, but his proudest bridge accomplishment was upsetting the CAYNE team at the 2009 Spingold in Washington DC. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys musical theater, especially when his daughter is performing.
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Adam Kaplan, Michael Crawford
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Gumperz and Brenner
2 over 1
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Jannes van 't Oever's bidding problem: Q5 QJ72 QT4 AKQ9
Dbl looks extremely obvious but I think there is more going on than meets the eye. Unless we are playing with a pinochle deck, there is a lot of hidden shape on this deal. Partner must have some shape to justify his 3NT since he can't be bidding it ...
Which 2 suits
2NT could still be played as primary diamonds and secondary clubs. --, xx, AKJTxx, Qxxxx = delayed 3 x, xx, AKJTxx, AQTx = delayed 2NT (less shape, more values) x, Kxxx, AKJTxx, Ax = delayed 3 But frankly, we are counting angels dancing on the head of a pin. We'll wait ...
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: T86 AK4 J94 Q943
I don't care for 1NT for two reasons: 1. LHO has a known 5+ card suit. If LHO's suit had been a minor, the 1NT call on Txx would be far more attractive. 2. It suggests wastage in spades which may discourage partner from competing with a stiff ...
What Was He Thinking?
Perhaps I should edit my sentence. When I said, "The risks are the same" I meant that the size of the number you could go for is the same in both auctions, not that you were equally likely to get caught. The fact that they are many times more likely ...
What Was He Thinking?
A lot of IMPs rest on Eric's final decision. * If slam had made, not taking the 800 sacrifice is giving away 11 IMPs. * When slam is going down, taking a phantom 800 sacrifice costs as much as 17 IMPs (assuming your teammates stop in game, you have traded plus ...
What Was He Thinking?
This article was not intended as criticism of Mr. Greco's choice. If their teammates had bid the making game, there would also be a lot less criticism of Eric's bid.
What Was He Thinking?
You are most welcome!
RIP Henry Bethe 1944-2015
i am so sorry to hear that. I loved interacting with Henry on BW and on BBO. My deepest sympathy to his family.
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: --- QT642 --- JT987632
IMO, hands with a 3-card difference in length should be treated as 1-suited so I prefer to preempt immediately. 2NT at this point is profoundly misguided--telling the opponents about your shape, without providing adequate preemption on a hand where you have little chance to win the auction.
Fast Arrival and Picture Jumps--the 3NT Slam Try
Yes he does. Major suit bid and raised plus a game force, Therefore 3NT nonserious slam try is on.

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