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Andrew Gumperz
Andrew Gumperz
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Sept. 18, 2010
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Jan. 19
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Andrew Gumperz is a part-time bridge professional based in the SF bay area. He has numerous regional victories, but his proudest bridge accomplishment was upsetting the CAYNE team at the 2009 Spingold in Washington DC. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys musical theater, especially when his daughter is performing.

United States of America

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Gumperz and Brenner
2 over 1
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Gumperz CC
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Gumperz and Wagner
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Gumperz-Reitman CC
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2/1 Game Force
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Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: ATx AKQ Txx KQT9
When the opponents jam to a high level, you must make compromises. You can either have a takeout double, or a card showing double but not both. Of the two, a takeout double is much more valuable. so while I'd like to increase the penalty, I can't. I ...
Meaning of double
Do something intelligent?? Then I am doomed!
David Soukup's bidding problem: J954 QJ432 --- 8752
In my partnerships, the double of 5 is defined as takeout. It is a more difficult decision if double might show a big balanced hand.
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: KQJT9xx QJTx x x
Ar IMPS, 5 is clear since you won't be getting rich against 5. At matchpoints, it is much closer. Defending could be the winner, but against that 5 can make opposite a useful 11-13 balanced and there is some chance the enemy will misjudge and bid ...
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: AQJ54 K5 AK63 54
Ideally I would offer a choice of games, but I don't have a call that does so. 2NT is an obviously flawed bid, but it is the only call that both shows extras and keeps both games in the picture.
Adam Kaplan's bidding problem: A9xxx Txx AJxxx ---
If the auction had been 1 -- 4 this would be an auto 4. After 2 -- 4, the considerations are different. RHO might have a good hand and a dub heart or a big fit. I suspect the dub heart in dummy is the layout. Given ...
Peter Gill's bidding problem: AK9432 K985 8 Q4
We enjoy your vocabulary exercises Marshall.
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: Q2 87 KQJ7 AQJ42
IMO, showing 6 is a much better treatment and this hand shows why. I based my answer (3) on that assumption
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: K84 AQT6 K7 AK85
4NT is a natural quantitative slam invite including a 5M in my methods. This prime hand is worth cooperation, despite the submin HCP. I chose 5NT, pick a slam, to leave 6C and 6NT in the picture if his hand happens to be appropriate.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: QT975 K7 976 A98
1 is marginal but will be disruptive to the enemy bidding. I could be convinced pass is better when vul at IMPs.

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