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Andrew Gumperz
Andrew Gumperz
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Sept. 18, 2010
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Andrew Gumperz is a part-time bridge professional based in the SF bay area. He has numerous regional victories, but his proudest bridge accomplishment was upsetting the CAYNE team at the 2009 Spingold in Washington DC. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys musical theater, especially when his daughter is performing.

United States of America

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Gumperz and Brenner
2 over 1
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Gumperz CC
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Gumperz and Wagner
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Jason Feldman's bidding problem: AJ QJ Jxx AKQJxx
Double, then 1NT over partner's 1M
Data regarding notrump evaluation
If you have a serious interest in this topic, I suggest you read Thomas Andrews.
Joshua Donn's bidding problem: Q Ax AKQJT9xx xx
Maybe a jump to 4 should show this hand. But like everyone else, I have not discussed it.
Score keeping should be disallowed in the semi finals/finals of all major national matchpoint type events
If we adopted Eric's suggestion, we might also adopt a stricter requirement for entering score. For example: 1. the contract must be entered and approved before the dummy is tabled 2. the score must be approved by both opponents
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: A72 KJ953 T4 J53
If your partnership normally does not opens light, double is reasonable. If your side can make a 3-level partial, the matchpoint difference between +100 and +200 on defense against 3NT or 4 is large, while the matchpoint difference between -400 and -550 is probably small.
Danny Sprung's bidding problem: A72 KJ953 T4 J53
My choice too.
Negative Double opposite 1NT opening
It depends on colors. Playing 12-14, when white-on-white, I would always reopen with a small dub in their suit. Vul-on-vul I am much more cautious.
Becker Wins Reisinger
Absolutely. They performed magnificently, and should be very proud of this accomplishment. I am sure we will hear much more from them in future.
Mark Lombard's bidding problem: --- Q954 Ax AKJT965
This hand has the playing strength for either 3 or 2. I am not thrilled about reversing into such moth-eaten hearts, but at least I am showing 9 of my cards. If I rebid 3, I have only shown 6.
Jackie Matthews: 1936-2016
I am so sorry to hear that. Jackie always had a smile on her face; she was charming and sweet and caring. The ACBL is a poorer place today, but perhaps her spirit will infuse us all with some of her kindness and humanity.

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