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Andrew Lazarus
Andrew Lazarus
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March 3, 2015
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June 21
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bridge player

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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Reasons to attend the Eastern States Regional (NYC)
I played in the New Yorker for the first time last December. I liked it. Although lighting at a couple tables wasn't good. And I got a room below $200.
ACBLscore"+" - a short history
Most midnight-hack garage-written programs are disasters; just, unlike the NHS or other large government projects, they stay out of public view. As technologies mature, the opportunity for one brave soul to do something earth-shattering therein drops. Although I admit, ACLBScore looks to me like it shouldn't need more than ...
ACBLscore"+" - a short history
SNOBOL. Wow, thought I was the only person left who wants to revive it. But I don't think it's a good choice for ACBLScore.
Bidding Style Variation during an Event
Even against a particular partnership, my double of Player A's 3-level preempt is takeout-oriented while my double of Player B's is "As usual, B doesn't have his bid; is 500 enough or do we need to declare?"
ACBLscore"+" - a short history
"Contract award was back in 2011. Technical options for Java meant using Swing or similar to run on multiple platforms." And the problem with this was what, exactly? Admittedly I'm mostly a back-end developer, but I would think Java and Postgresql (prefer over MySQL) would be a reasonable architecture ...
Bidding Style Variation during an Event
Are you going to tell me that you can't consider an opponent's past pre-empt history (soundness) in deciding whether to double, bid on, or pass? Not likely.
Moving to Bay area (Foster city)
The BA economy can be gauged by the traffic. The economy is good. Traffic is a nightmare. Judge your commute, if you want to see your dog and child.
What is your ruling?
I'm one of the weaker players here, but did you really think that hand should bid Texas? On a weak 5-card suit? I'm wondering if my partners would read 4 as a splinter, and I will probably raise the reply to 6. I might try 5 ...
Thinking - About what?
An understatement. World class players, tyro ethics.
Unusual action with UI
I agree that the best explanation is not UI, but a desire that South should play as many contracts as possible.
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