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Andrew Lazarus
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March 3, 2015
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Oct. 19
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(1) West's 2 is the principal source of their poor score; (2) there is no sign this psyche was fielded; (3) but I believe a great many psyches _are_ fielded, often without being noticed, and Mark's point is generally well-taken.
Convention Chart Revisions
Basic+ says "6. An Artificial NT overcall at any level for 2-suited takeout. A 1NT bid in this category must show at least Near-Average Strength. Below the 4-level at least one suit must be known."
Convention Chart Revisions
Am I missing something, or it required to have 7 HCP for a 5-5 Sandwich NT?
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
The "O" visa would be appropriate here. However, it isn't required for participants in chess tournaments. Don't know about paid teammate.
club night bad feeling
Unusual 2NT is in black on the ACBL CC. Is it alertable because it is over Stayman? Cite? With a hand that could open 2NT, double would be lucrative at these colors.
club night bad feeling
West doesn't X 4 because why should he rescue you from a likely bidding accident.
Setting the record straight: the French pair did it
I am not at all sure DeMoivre would want to be on the list. As a Huguenot (Protestant), he found it convenient to move to England as a young man, and we were taught he even Anglicized the pronunciation of his name. (Rhymes with loiter.)
Can dummy point out in this situation
I played with a partner who was nearly deaf. He wouldn't hear an opponent's question. Most realized that, but if someone asked, I would tell him that Joe asked him something, since he could read my lips. I can't imagine any problem with this.
Peculiar ethical situation
The first time partner overcalls NT without a ghost of a stopper is like the dog's first bite. From now on, you have to alert this as having a potential unusual and unexpected meaning, viz., may be gambling with not even a partial stopper, indeed, with a void. I ...
Late Start in USA - Spain Match
Wow. Even if this accusation were true, you could never generate enough data from that sample size.
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