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Andrew Robson
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June 25, 2010
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April 4
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Christina Syrakopoulou's lead problem: Q872 954 8 AT942
I would have bid over 1N even if partner had passed let alone bid 1H.
Videos added to Bridgecheaters Website
Cleaning up top level bridge is vital for its future. Otherwise our wonderful game will continue to be enjoyed by many socially but die out at the top - a real danger in any event. We must applaud Boye for his courageous initiative and tireless work to clean up the game.
Playing to the Letter of the Rule Book
I strongly believe, like Steve Bruno (and others) that the defender should play the heart as he planned. Frankly I would think nothing of it. To enforce the unintentional spade is not in the spirit of the game of bridge and the more people who enforce such things, the poorer ...
A matchpoints decision
4D. I would have thought partner does not have four spades, or he'd have bid 2S, therefore he is something like KQx, xx, xx, AQJxxx or KQx, x, xxx, AQJxxx. Bidding 4D, cue bid (can't be natural having failed to bid 3D over 3C) gives partner the chance ...
Nervous Moment
Kit, I think a really excellent article, one of your very best. The hidden gains of the favourable vulnerability is really worthy of study, whether you are a PAW or a POW...
In the Well: Ishmael Del'Monte
Fab win in Memphis Ish, I for one was not surprised having played with you I know what a great player you are. However great you play though, It is your giving back to the game, as you do so well, marks you out as a true great. See you ...
Yes, I think Marty did too much here. After 1-P-1-P-? you'd get votes for 2 and 3 but none for 4 and certainly not 4. Understand the desire to bid more after the competition but surely Tom's 4 is better than ...
Video: Robot Duplicate Part 3
Yes, really good Gavin. I was also surprised by your comments re the 4 v 4 on the board Michael flags up. I strongly recommend and play natural slam tries here. Also I thought you might have considered passing after 1 2 P P with AQJxxx ...
Q is an interesting card. Steve implies it's more defensive, I'd say it's a warning that West may have extra offense to compensate for missing that card. Probably not getting so much v 4 changing the odds in favour of bidding. Perhaps.

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