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Andrew Robson
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June 25, 2010
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June 26
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Slow play and campanology
Absolutely hilarious, especially knowing all characters well
Defense From the Bermuda Bowl
Yes, we (I) did let it make, although it was played by the other side (feeble excuse) ...
Crunch Time
Absolutely no chance of Alexander Allfrey and I playing against collusive cheaters in Istanbul or anywhere, anytime.
Well done Marion, 100% with you. They did not cheat once, or a hundred or a thousand times. It was way more. They cheated multiple times per deal. Deal after deal; year after year. They severely tainted over a decade of top-level Bridge. We’ll never get it back. Can ...
Ben Green's bidding problem: 2 AKQ852 A7 AJT3
For me 4♦ is an amorphous slam try in spades, perhaps even without a diamond control. You'd rather have more than a singleton spade but there's no other option. Over 4♥, I'm bidding 4♠ and over 4♠, I'm passing. If partner has (almost) solid spades he ...
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
Thanks so much Amy. The more he thought, the more I was confident he would pass. In fact I think he knew to pass after half a second but was just checking and checking he wasn't about to be foolish.
Great Grand Slam auction in the Transnational playoff in Lyon
As Tom, says, a gift from the gods. I knew David held ♠KQxxx and, from hid 4♣ bid and subsequent interest in third round control (6♣) ♣AKxx, I knew little of his diamonds other than the ace but he presumably had a heart control (with two small cards, he'd ...
PASKE Wins Mixed BAM
yay, brilliant, well done
Which is the most descriptive sequence?
I think this is a perfect textbook hand for Two Clubs then a jump to 3NT (showing about a Strong Notrump). You may still get to Six Diamonds if partner patterns out to Four Diamonds with, say AKxxx, KQxx, Kxx, x
Christina Syrakopoulou's lead problem: Q872 954 8 AT942
I would have bid over 1N even if partner had passed let alone bid 1H.

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