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April 25, 2016
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MI (?) Ruling
Also, I do not agree with your assertion that "Had double been alerted, and a David Burn explanation of "we don't know what we're doing, but amongst the possibilities are spades, not spades, and values" South would still have bid 3, and North would have bid 4 ...
MI (?) Ruling
When did East and West offer their opinions on what the double could mean? Was it during the auction? If there were no questions from North or South during the auction, what could possible be construed as misinformation? The lack of an alert? Shouldn't there be an easy reference ...
2-way NMF treatment, please?
This one by Gavin Wolpert is good:
After a troublesome negative double
This poll needs an "Other" option. What if I don't like any of your ideas?
Defense to Cappelletti 2D
With some partners, I play the following: X suggests penalty in at least one of their suits. Unusual/unusual cue bids 2NT = lebensohl 2NT then a cue bid on the 3 level shows a stopper in that suit and denies one in the other suit. 2NT then 3NT shows stoppers ...
WBF alert procedure
A double is not a bid.
Treatment Name 1m - 2H
I don't know the name, but I can give you the rest of the system that I learned with this. After 1m, 2 = (10)11-12 bal. 2 = mixes raise for m 2NT = 13-15 or 18+ bal 3NT = 16-17 bal After 1m-2, 2 = relay to 2NT ...
Defend 3NT
East followed with the lowest spade possible; playing upside down attitude how does that show a dislike for spades? It seems consistent with either liking spades (if attitude), even count in spades (if count), or preference for clubs (if suit preference).
IMPed Pairs: towards a better datum
If your scoring method would encourage people to take fewer tricks, then it's not unethical, it's just playing intelligently. Is it unethical to try to make 10 tricks in 4 rather than try for 11 because you're playing a knockout match? Is it unethical to make ...
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: AKJT QT8x A Kxxx
Your partner needs too specific of a hand to make slam that it will not be possible to ask for it. First choice 4, second choice keycard and go opposite two.

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