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April 25, 2016
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William Kochneff's bidding problem: KQ632 JT KQ82 J7
Surely partner denies 3S by failing to bid 2S after your 2D FSF. Especially since partner has a weak hand (has made a NF second rebid) he or she should have made the lowest, most descriptive bid. I don’t think a 3=5=0=5 should be possible here ...
Jim Perkins's bidding problem: K8 T94 AT98 AKQ4
What would a direct 2 over 1 be? If something other than a wjs, 2 here could be on a 0-count (for my precision partnerships, at least). It still could be if the shape is something like 5314.
Printing problem
Sounds like it must be a problem with either your web browser or BridgeWinners' convention card editor. Can you try another web browser or if that doesn't work, another computer? Those would rule out the problem being anything on your end and after that it would have to be ...
Printing problem
Trying choosing to "print as PDF". That should allow you to save the convention card as a PDF file on your computer. Then you could try opening that file to see if it looks correct. If the file looks correct but still prints wrong, then it's a problem with ...
In Context
Michael, if you edit quick enough Bridgewinners does not add the "Michael Xu edited this comment 8,675,309 hours ago" note.
In Context
Hand diagram, please.
2NT and puppet stayman
4m is not a great contract at matchpoints. There are a lot of published systems out there you can use, but not once have I ever seen one that has ways of responder getting out in 4m. Do you really want to go against the tide that much? 3S and ...
Auction Whacking
I doubt the longest possible auction has occurred before. That is, P-P-P-1-P-P-X-P-P-XX-P-P-1-P-P-X-P-P-XX-P-P-1...7NT-P-P-X-P-P-XX-AP
Ed Judy's lead problem: J7642 32 J85 932
I’m not quite sure exactly what you’re waxing poetic about, but the people have spoken. X asks for a heart.
A new type of regionals
For me, there are effectively 3 regionals per year. From the Bay Area I'm not willing to go farther than Sacramento, Monterey, or Santa Clara. A think a lot of players are in my boat. Do you really think 3 regionals is too many for one year? This is ...

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