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April 25, 2016
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A new type of regionals
For me, there are effectively 3 regionals per year. From the Bay Area I'm not willing to go farther than Sacramento, Monterey, or Santa Clara. A think a lot of players are in my boat. Do you really think 3 regionals is too many for one year? This is ...
A new type of regionals
Regional = most players are willing to drive to NABC = most players are willing to fly to At least that appears to be SOP here in the SF Bay. There are many players who will go to a regional in the area but not fly to an NABC. Why take away ...
Chris Chen's bidding problem: Jx ATxxxx AQJx K
Partner is unlikely to bid 1 with that hand.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: AJT5 AQ32 J7 753
Partner will bid a minor suit because you asked them too. Looking at your hand, partner is unlikely to have a spade stopper or an extra heart, and more likely to have a long minor suit to bid. How will it help to know which minor suit partner prefers? If ...
Assign the Blame
How does ELC apply here? BridgeWinners is my bidding coach so the blame could rest with an equal level on your shoulders :-).
Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: AJ J A9764 J9865
A LOL tried to psyche against me in an NABC midnight game. Last hand of the match. Long pause before she opens. This is just above that.
A fine line between...
Against 4, East could have led low from the A. Declarer might not play East to underlead the A and not play the K, thus lose the first 3 tricks to Q, A, ruff.
John Vega's bidding problem: J854 --- K872 AT762
What would partner have bid with AQxx, xxx, Axxxx, x? If slam makes with a fitting subminimum and good breaks, why not make at least a game try at IMPs?
P/C or Pick
With North a passed hand, can he or she really suggest to play a suit that is not one of South's? I don't think so. After either 2 or 2 South should correct to their major suit.
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