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Andrew Sinclair
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April 25, 2016
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Andrew Sinclair's bidding problem: A52 K86 --- AKQJT87
And when N holds Kxx Axx KQx xxxx how should the rest of bidding go?
I'm not quite sure what your question is saying. The wording of it is hard to understand. Are you asking if everyone spoke the same language and thus everyone had equal access to all bridge literature, discussion forums, and other learning tools, which country would win a worldwide bridge ...
After Openers Re-opening Double
What would a direct 3 be instead of Dbl then 3?
Is this announcement required for forcing Stayman?
All the ACBL announcements are listed on the Alert Chart: Explaining that a Forcing Stayman bid may not contain a 4-card major is not listed, so no, you don't need to announce it. If your partner is asked by an opponent ...
HELP please
First, restart your computer. If that doesn't help, more information might be useful. What operating system are you using? What web browser?
Defence to openings showing shortness
As a novice, I would be inclined to play the same defense as over a natural 1 except double would show spades. 2NT minors, 2 Michaels. I would be more hesitant to raise my partner's 2 bid on only 3 card support given the known bad ...
What do you think of the following explanation?
You don't know if it's game forcing until you ask. Also, I'm torn between the approaches of never ask so your opponents can't clarify their bids and always ask so you don't give UI to your partner by sometimes asking and passing and sometimes just ...
I would put this as a bidding quiz but . . .
What were the director's options? I would let East pass if it would bar West from leading spades for a round and I would bid 3NT. If East decides to bid 4 then I double.
Play 6NT
Mike, it's because he's assuming that the opening lead was from QJ or QJT(xxx). Being able to place at least two hearts in North's hand means that North has 11 unknown cards, and before we know if South followed to the first trick, South has 13 ...
You can. I find it very useful though cumbersome to use. Click My BBO -> Hands and Results -> Hand Editor. Create the hand and save it in a new folder. Then start a teaching table, sit at all 4 positions, and click Deal Source and choose the folder. Then Redeal.
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