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Andrew Sinclair
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April 25, 2016
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Nicholas France's bidding problem: Q53 KQT J AKQJ62
With Qxx KQ10 AKQJx Jx I’d bid 2N. This hand is one trick better so I bid 3N.
Stop! Thief!
That sounds more complicated than Lebensohl to me. If you're going for less to remember, why not just play whatever you want to play, i.e. stolen bid doubles. Sure, it might be worse than other conventions, but how much worse? How often does it even come up? Better ...
David Stevenson's bidding problem: AQJ3 Q3 KT62 QJ8
With Ax opposite Qx in the opponents’ suit, which hand wants to declare is whichever one puts the opponent with the K on lead. It’s essentially random, though you might infer which opponent is more likely to have the K based on length or suit quality required for an ...
18 bids in a row
That's great. I wonder what the length is of the longest possible sequence of consecutive bids with an actual meaning within a non-contrived system.
1N - 3m
What's your NT range?
What's your bid? And what is standard here?
That's an 11-card hand, Martin. Thanks for your input on the first bidding problem. Any thoughts on the second, or additional questions on the last page?
David Parsons's bidding problem: K53 K52 AKQ54 32
That’s not a thing.
How should these hands be bid playing 2/1 GF?
If 3 asks for a stopper, then South should be able to deduce from North's 3NT bid that North has Qxx. South can then bid 4 to set clubs as trump and let the bidding go from there.
Jarek Langer's bidding problem: Q85 K94 T6543 AJ
Not quite good enough for 3. With the honors moved around like xxx, K9x, AQJ10x, xx it might get there.
Daniel Bako's bidding problem: AT AKQT952 864 K
2 says to partner this is our hand on power. That’s not what we have here.

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