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Andrew Sinclair
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April 25, 2016
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Bid these hands.
1S-2H-3C-3D-4N-6D 1C-1H-1S-2D-3C-3D-4D-4H-4S-4N-6D
Even though I've only discussed Kokish with my partners through 2-2-2-2-3NT, it logically extends to 2-2-2-2-5NT to show this hand. Then partner is forced to 6NT or can show a long suit at the 6-level.
Bumper Movement Foul-up
How about post-it notes on all boards that will be played by the bumper pair saying, for example, "NS5 do not play. Bumper round". I think there would be even less of a chance for people to miss it then.
Contested Claim
Here is the ACBL law regarding claims not addressing outstanding trumps: C. There Is an Outstanding Trump When a trump remains in one of the opponents’ hands, the Director shall award a trick or tricks to the opponents if: 1. claimer made no statement about that trump, and 2. it ...
Contested Claim
What suit is trump? Who is the declarer and who is the dummy? Who are the defenders? Some necessary information is missing.
Personal angel 1
First the Jack of Spades. If trumps break, club to the Ace and club back. If trumps don't break, heart to the King and ruff a diamond.
The hands.
As usual, poll options should partition the universe. It seems like you didn't see the crossruff line?
Kickback and 1430
For me, 1430 is just the default. Like Michael, 90% of people I know play 1430. When the opponents bid 4N I ask "1430?" and they say "yes" most of the time. If you are already going to play 4N as "ace" asking, then you might as well play the ...
4!S play
WIn in hand and play a spade toward the ten. I'm trying to find a second entry to the dummy to lead hearts through East twice. Fall back on clubs 3-3. If East wins the ace and plays a diamond, discard a club.
Something unusual ...
With any hand of 10+ points, start with a double.

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