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April 25, 2016
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Kevin O'Dea's bidding problem: K5 A872 QJ74 Q84
If forcing to game, I would prefer a 2 response rather than a 2 response with this hand shape.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: Qxx xx AKQxxx Ax
3 seems like some kind of probing bid to see if we can bid 3NT. We have just about the worst spade stopper and heart stopper we could for this auction. Assuming partner has something like the ace of hearts, we still can't make 3NT so I'll ...
declarer play (30.5. NR. 2). What is correct?
That's exactly what I was thinking, Simon. Is there a reasonable way of calculating the odds of the 7 being from 1 or 2 cards rather than 3? I guess a simulation would work, with some assumptions based on the auction and lead, but that is beyond me. Equally ...
Substitutes for Drury When Opps Overcall after 1!H or 1!S
What methods make sense over P-(P)-1M-(1NT)? What about (P)-P-(P)-1M-(1NT)? (What is a standard passed hand 1NT overcall of 1M anyway? Minors? Major-minor 4=6?)
Speedball Claim
North is known to hold 6 clubs because South ruffed the second club trick, and therefore North can have started with at most 3 diamonds. A player who can count a hand will never finesse North for the J. To me, all signs point toward 4-1.
Substitutes for Drury When Opps Overcall after 1!H or 1!S
If you're going to give up one bid, does it make sense to play 2 as Drury? You could double and then bid 2 over 2 to show diamonds.
BBO Declare Only Hand
It's a BBO bot, so who knows. But I would agree with you.
Precision 1D Followups
I don't quite understand what you mean by the first sentence. As for the second, with the East hand, what contract do you want to be in opposite: 1) x, Axxx, KQxx, Axxx 2) x, Axx, KQxxx, Axxx 3) x, Axx, KQxx, Axxxx Yes, the K is a wasted ...
Precision 1D Followups
3 tells the story of West's hand much better than 3. Importantly, 3NT also might be a bad contract with 6 cold.
Weak two?
Isn't Alexander saying the opposite of that, Michael (well, opposite and inverse)? I.e. that Ogust is better if you play more wide-ranging preempts in HCP and feature is better if you play more disciplined preempts in HCP? In any case, I actually tend to disagree with that, I ...

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