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Andrew Spooner
Andrew Spooner
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Sept. 14, 2015
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Can the Director do this?
Law 16B3 says When a player has substantial reason to believe that an opponent who had a logical alternative has chosen an action suggested by such information, he should summon the Director when play ends. The Director shall assign an adjusted score (see Law 12C1) if he considers that an ...
Remarkable Bidding Sequence
did she bid 6?
Cheaters will just encrypt their messages
Encryption is one thing, but it'd be far harder to conceal the actual existence of a code. a good example is the Fantoni-Nunes case, where they would lead vertically to show strength and horizontally otherwise. It'd be possible to encrypt this code, to make it hard (or impossible ...
The Videos Shout: Balicki-Zmudzinski
i guess they play reverse signals
weirdest Conventions and Treatments
My father told me a story about an Australian player (don't know who it was) who got dealt a solid 9 card minor with 2 outside aces, and didn't know what to bid. after the hand he gave it to a bunch of players as a bidding problem ...
Who devised the Becker Defense to 1NT?
oh dear
Chess champion Emanuel Lasker
Emanuel Lasker was also a mathematician. The Lasker-Noether theorem in ring theory is named after him
We are where we are
We're where we're
Extremely Happy Not to Play in the Bermuda Bowl!
join the
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
I guess this raises the question of how much proof you would need to be confident that someone was cheating. In a comment earlier, someone said that fantoni-nunes would always play their cards horizontally as declarer. If they played their opening leads as sometimes horizontal and sometimes vertical, and were ...

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