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Andrew Spooner
Andrew Spooner
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Sept. 14, 2015
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about me

australian youth player


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two-way puppet gerber
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John Newman's bidding problem: QT432 --- KJT9842 7
John didn't hold this hand, which is a shame because he probably would have done something more sensible than my choice of 4
Hool - A Prelude to Bridge
HOOL is pretty fun - I played a bit in China as well, although I don't think I ever met you, Michael Something that I found very neat about the game was the scope to give tactical information to your partner about your hand, especially in the bidding. There was ...
Why You Should Learn Bridge Article
the greatest game of all time is Stephen's Sausage Roll, but bridge is pretty good too
Matchups in the USBC Round of 8
That is true, and I'm not at all sure what the best line is. I certainly don't think the line you selected was a "clear error", as you described it above.
Matchups in the USBC Round of 8
If you were going to try to squeeze North, would it be better to duck a spade instead of a heart? that would give you the 12th trick easily if spades are 3-3, and I don't think it damages your squeeze chances
7 tables and want to play 24 boards? Try Hesitation Mitchell
I run a Hesitation Mitchell when I have 6 tables and want to play 28 boards, but I've never tried using one in any other situation
2018 Gold Coast Teams won by mixed England/Australian Team
good job renee!!!!!!
Can the Director do this?
Law 16B3 says When a player has substantial reason to believe that an opponent who had a logical alternative has chosen an action suggested by such information, he should summon the Director when play ends. The Director shall assign an adjusted score (see Law 12C1) if he considers that an ...
Remarkable Bidding Sequence
did she bid 6?
Cheaters will just encrypt their messages
Encryption is one thing, but it'd be far harder to conceal the actual existence of a code. a good example is the Fantoni-Nunes case, where they would lead vertically to show strength and horizontally otherwise. It'd be possible to encrypt this code, to make it hard (or impossible ...

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