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Andrew Yeckel
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July 9, 2016
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Can you beat Zia? (logic problem)
Declarer has no jacks. Declarer played two kings, which is 6 hcp. So declarer's remaining points must come from the missing queens and aces, which are worth 2 and 4 points and can only combine to make an even number, Therefore declarer must have 12 or 14 points. Declarer ...
Alert Question
To my mind, discussing and deliberating this bid in advance suggests an intent to make it systemic, especially when saying that other people do it on a regular basis. Psyches should be situational, and I don't just mean third seat with light values at favorable colors. It might depend ...
Andrew Yeckel's bidding problem: A852 532 5 KQT87
So far three out of four bidders agree this hand is worth a game force of some type, evenly divided whether to splinter or show their club suit. Viewed in isolation the hand has seven losing tricks and 11.85 K&R points, and opposite a 1S opener looks even ...
A remarkable bid
Did South pause before passing the 4 bid?
A remarkable bid
Opposite a bust our side can probably take 8 tricks in spades when 4 probably makes. If partner has a minor suit honor we might set 4, but we might also make 4 if partner has Kxx(x). Anti-percentage, perhaps, but if you are behind and need ...
Active Un-ethics ??
I am rarely annoyed by a director call against me (or my partner, as in this case). I get the occasional call for revoking, and other dumb things during the card play where the penalties are straightforward and deserved. I've only had a few UI calls ever, and have ...
Active Un-ethics ??
In a recent game I lingered perhaps 15 seconds before passing after dealer on my right opened a weak two. His partner passed and my partner overcalled in the balancing seat. Dealer called the director claiming UI. I had some values, but nothing special, and I wasn't a maximum ...
I would like to swap some of my gold or red points for silver. If a player has 500 platinum points and no silver points, they cannot be a life master in the ACBL. Does this make sense?
Showing the Ace of Spades
Your own sentence you've just quoted doesn't fit the preconceived notions of some readers here that you are just cherry picking, conflating, manipulating, and so on, so they have chosen to ignore it in their quest to school the rest of us on the dangerous nature of your ...
Showing the Ten of Spades
These leads don't seem exceptional to me. At the table I would consider them plausible, and might make either of them as an anti-percentage play. On the other hand, they could make a useful consistency check if the form of UI hypothetically employed strongly suggests these particular leads over ...
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