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Sept. 5, 2015
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Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: AKT954 Q AQJ76 3
I would love to play 1 ♣ doubled. I hope my honors and my partner's clubs will put many down. But I'm afraid someone will change it for hearts. It's when I'll start bidding my suits.
Craig Zastera's bidding problem: K52 QJ9643 --- A975
Robert Gellner's bidding problem: --- J984 8762 J8432
time for coffe...
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: A5 KJ76 JT AK876
The island is very nice and definitely worth a visit. And as for the auction, there is no good answer. A 2NT jump may reflect the good number of points but Ax in spades is certainly not too good after we have already bid the rest of the suits. It ...
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: A5 KJ76 JT AK876
"Of course" where author lives, Lanzarote Spain. 1H is un-balanced, not necessary 5+ - 4. Without any better agreements was better to open 1NT
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: A53 9 QJT864 A82
When not playing inverted minors you have to bid 2 with hand like this K65K3AQ875434 or try to jump to 5 may be 6... Also you can try 1...and after you have to explain that it was a joke( take care with ...
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: 5 J72 AKQJ76 KJ3
Would have rebid 2♣ also. But now, after 3S i would bid 3NT.
Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: 4 J74 AKJT76 864
Sure it is DRAMATIC !!! to play 3NT with singleton opposite Jxx in spades. You can not call it bridge. May be in your bridge club...
Sad story in South American Championships
That is why we have to use computers. It has already reached its time. Even in football they ended up accepting electronics. Bridge society is very conservative. For example, it took years to accept bidding-boxes.
EBL Convicts Fisher-Schwartz
A surprise. Because if found guilty the penalty is very small. It may be thought that even worth cheating for that price … However if they are innocent it is huge. In any case the shadow is going to haunt them for the rest of their´s life.

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