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Sept. 5, 2015
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Aug. 11
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Gabriel Carrasco's bidding problem: 4 J74 AKJT76 864
Sure it is DRAMATIC !!! to play 3NT with singleton opposite Jxx in spades. You can not call it bridge. May be in your bridge club...
Sad story in South American Championships
That is why we have to use computers. It has already reached its time. Even in football they ended up accepting electronics. Bridge society is very conservative. For example, it took years to accept bidding-boxes.
EBL Convicts Fisher-Schwartz
A surprise. Because if found guilty the penalty is very small. It may be thought that even worth cheating for that price … However if they are innocent it is huge. In any case the shadow is going to haunt them for the rest of their´s life.
Press conference by Yves Aubry
I'm still in shock. I can not believe in what is happening with a couple of BZ. They are punished but the evidence is not there. I hate to think what will happen as it turns out that they were innocent. I know both of them personally and I ...
Regarding the WBF Decision
This conversation took place. And it looks very, very honestly. Balicki is strongly indignant and annoyed to switch to diamond. I think with this hand does not prove anything. Just Mr. Adam Z. played bad, but accurately.
Credential committee´s decision
We have to start playing by the computer. I do not see any other possibilities.
Credential committee´s decision
Boye. And the evidence against the F-N and F-S, however, were published here in BW. Why is against the P-S and B-Z are not?
Credential committee´s decision
I'm sure of that. And the rest of the world? You have no right to know? We played a lot of years against them.
Credential committee´s decision
And why do we have to play "cat and mouse". Tell us…
Credential committee´s decision
Nobody knows anything nor me. I have such a hypothesis. BZ is caught cheating at some other tournament, not in Opatija. And in Opatja they play clean, at least there is no evidence in Opatija.

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