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Andrzej Matuszewski
Andrzej Matuszewski
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July 21, 2012
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Feb. 21
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Bridge Player
about me
Statistician with interests in: sociology, history, psychology, pure mathematics, ecology and MUSIC

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Jerzy Orysiak, Tadeusz Skalski, Roman Krzemien
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subjective Standard Polish Club
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Ugur Tas's bidding problem: A975 Q A654 AT64
Whatever I say , Lefty is going to say 3. But it is exactly what I have to say!!
Which color do you choose?
Answering to Michael: we are at MPs. N's shot was very risky, but it was (or even: is) quite accurate.
Middle spots
Even with 3 diamonds in declarer's hand there is a case when clubs still have a future for us.
Middle spots
Probably it is simplest to assume that pd had no other no-risky choices.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AT8 x T987 K98xx
I think that Lefty has hearts: the natural reason to enter 1N and wait for the hearts lead. That is why one may consider a risky double now.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AT8 x T987 K98xx
1N of Lefty was fatal for me, but I didn't know that he is going to bid it :-(
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AT8 x T987 K98xx
Say, AQT or 4 not bad spades.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AT8 x T987 K98xx
In my standards now x is propositional.
Not optimistic picture
Yes pd's 2 instead the first double was better. Even my 3 was better since LHO could bid 3. But after so many bad bidding decisons we must face a bad contract. It is frequent bridge reality. Declarer did not beat my J to play - most ...
Not optimistic picture
First sentence of my problem is: Pd can have 5 hearts. Now he can consider my doubleton. As you see even with my good tripleton our contract 3 is bad and it will be doubled.

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