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Andrzej Matuszewski
Andrzej Matuszewski
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July 21, 2012
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Jan. 21
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Bridge Player
about me
Statistician with interests in: sociology, history, psychology, pure mathematics, ecology and MUSIC

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Regular Bridge Partners
Jerzy Orysiak, Tadeusz Skalski, Roman Krzemien
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subjective Standard Polish Club
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Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AT8 x T987 K98xx
I think that Lefty has hearts: the natural reason to enter 1N and wait for the hearts lead. That is why one may consider a risky double now.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AT8 x T987 K98xx
1N of Lefty was fatal for me, but I didn't know that he is going to bid it :-(
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AT8 x T987 K98xx
Say, AQT or 4 not bad spades.
Andrzej Matuszewski's bidding problem: AT8 x T987 K98xx
In my standards now x is propositional.
Not optimistic picture
Yes pd's 2 instead the first double was better. Even my 3 was better since LHO could bid 3. But after so many bad bidding decisons we must face a bad contract. It is frequent bridge reality. Declarer did not beat my J to play - most ...
Not optimistic picture
First sentence of my problem is: Pd can have 5 hearts. Now he can consider my doubleton. As you see even with my good tripleton our contract 3 is bad and it will be doubled.
Not optimistic picture
1. We must consider also declarer's shape: 5-1-4-3. 2. Opps enter the bidding in reds vs greens with weak spades. So they are strong. Pd knows that my opening is weak therefore. I must tell pd: I do not have 4 in s and s and I do have ...
Not optimistic picture
In my second round position we do not play the support double, which seems to be standard.
Not optimistic picture
With this shape pd had to bid 3 once I didn't bid 3 in the second round, showing 5 clubs.
Not optimistic picture
Take into account that declarer has most probably 4 diamonds, while in dummy there are only 3 of them.

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