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Andrzej Matuszewski
Andrzej Matuszewski
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Basic Information

Member Since
July 21, 2012
Last Seen
Sept. 23
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Bridge Player
about me
Statistician with interests in: sociology, history, psychology, pure mathematics, ecology and MUSIC

Bridge Information

Regular Bridge Partners
Jerzy Orysiak, Tadeusz Skalski, Roman Krzemien
ACBL Ranking
subjective Standard Polish Club
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Mike Giesler's bidding problem: AJ62 KJ8654 --- QJ6
How pd is going to interpret my 3? Ask for stopper?
Thibault Wolf's bidding problem: 7654 T9 QJ K9753
But I have defensive values! Also I'm happy that I'm not a declarer with all trumps values of side (I do not believe pd has AKQJ)
Adam Janas's lead problem: J873 QJ6 Q8 KQ74
I had partners, who were in despair with bad 23...
Adam Janas's lead problem: J873 QJ6 Q8 KQ74
"Modern" players start with Q in a second!
A definition of the good player (defender)
I'd qualify those plays as psychological or table presense...
Benoit Lessard's bidding problem: KT Q AKJ9x J8xxx
Pass is bad. At MPs it would be impossible!
Robot meltdown
In bidding robots take into account tips or stronger tips i.e. principles. Sometimes the actual (i.e. considered for a given bidding position) tips are contradictory. The reasoning can lead then to an "impossible" bid.
Ron Smith's bidding problem: J98642 AJT43 A K
Is double t/o in this position?
A definition of the good player (defender)
Is it the table presence and or psychological maneuvers what you have in mind Steve? Those advantages are equally important (and difficult...) for declarer's play and defense.
Itzik Ezra's bidding problem: 9654 852 AK9 A63
3N and their 2x have bad expected scores.

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