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Planning the play
I agree that West is unlikely to hold Kx, but he might well lead a spade if he held Kxx. Given that spades are 1=5, Kxx-void is more likely than xx-K - after giving West the small spades, the vacant spaces are 10:8. It seems to me that this ...
2nt better as a convention than a contract?
If I'd played like this, after a diamond to the king I think I'd lead J. That forces East to cover if he has an honour, so I don't lose the lead early. That is: win a heart, diamond to the king, J covered and taken with ...
2nt better as a convention than a contract?
I would take the first heart. With K10xxxx RHO would probably have bid. Winning blocks the suit when RHO has K10 doubleton. It also avoids the risk of a spade switch, which might be damaging. Obviously I should play diamonds next. Whether to lead to the king or to the ...
ATB - doubled partial score made
Marty, nobody (except you) said they "routinely open all or most 10 counts that contain a 5 card major". This isn't a 5332 10-count; it's a 6-5 10-count. It's coherent to open all 12-counts, 11-counts that have shape, and 10-counts that have exceptional shape; and to force ...
ATB - doubled partial score made
Looking at the two hands, I'd be quite happy to defend 3x.
Please bid these hands
In the modern world we probably won't have a 4-4 major-suit fit anyway. Richard's example is a 1 response for most people.
Another bridge quote (AND DON'T SPOIL IT FOR OTHERS!)
No idea who they are, but "sure and certain" seems an overbid. A priori the chance of the leader's having a heart void is close to 20%.
Please bid these hands
With the help of seeing both hands: 1 - 1 1 - 3 (Nat FG) 4 - 4 6 or 1 - 1 1 - 1 (FG FSF) 2 (4414 or 4405) - 3 5NT - 6
"over the shoulder" realtime self-commentary of some boards - Today at 5:30 EST (29 march)
I thought that was great. Thanks Shireen, Zach, Adam, Tom and Chris.
The Big Picture
I agree with Han. I don't think East is light - he could have the same hand without K. It's safer to act now than to wait for (2)-pass-pass and then double.

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