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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Convention Cards in NABC+ events
There are degrees of laziness and rudeness. Only having a WBF convention card is obviously better than not having a convention card at all (or having an actively misleading ACBL card). But the amount of time needed to fill in the ACBL card really is trivial, so there isn't ...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
When I play bridge in France I complete a French convention card in bad French, and find out from a French person what the alerting rules are. If I'm playing something that the opponents might find unexpected (like 4-card majors, or transfer responses to 1), I tell each ...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
"The impression I get from this site is that most US bridge players would prefer that foreigners do not play in US events" I don't think that's true, certainly not at the top level. Most US bridge players have the normal bridge player's attitude, that they like ...
What does 3!S mean?
I'd expect something like Ax AQxxx xxx Kxx.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
The WBF and EBL rules already require this ("each member of a pair must hand to one of their opponents at the table at the start of each Session of an event their duly completed Card and Supplementary Sheet(s)"). The same top players routinely ignore those rules in WBF ...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
My view is that when I'm a guest in someone else's country I obey their rules. If you already know what you're playing, it takes less than 10 minutes to fill out two ACBL convention cards.
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
[i]Almost[/i] nobody.
Is this X takeout or penalty?
"Have to" is a bold assertion. If I passed and then bid 2, I'd have diamonds and clubs.
Double on bergen/mixed raise
It only leads to UI if you're lazy about asking questions. If you get an alert in a situation where you might want to bid, always ask. If you get an incomplete answer, always ask for a complete one.
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
You seem to have left out a key word, Paul.

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