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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Selection Problems
Poor Paul. It must be hard to discover that you don't live in the real world. If it's any consolation, I see from my diary that I don't either.
Selection Problems
"Would you rather play against a team of five or not play at all?" From the perspective of the England Selection Committee, I'd rather produce the best team to represent England in the European Championships. I'm not saying that the procedure followed was necessarily a good way to ...
Selection Problems
Ignoring the specifics of this case, consider what happens when a team requests and is granted a substitution. (1) The substitute performs well (better than the original player would have done). All the other teams have had a below-expectation result imposed upon them by the organisers, who allowed the substitution ...
Selection Problems
Norman, you're somewhat wrong. The scores were adjusted to ensure that the side that had a substitute did not gain an advantage from having the substitute. Or at least, so I assume - obviously I wasn't party to the decision.
Selection Problems
Entirely? Are you really saying that what Gordon is alleged to have said has no comoon meaning with what the regulation says?
Selection Problems
The purpose of any adjustment is to ensure that the team does not benefit from having a substitute, not to compensate them for any adverse consequences.
Selection Problems
"However, I was wondering what authority Gordon had to say anything." He told them what the relevant regulation said. It seems strange to object to that.
Selection Problems
No, probabaly not. Why should it?
Play a three no trump
When you play clubs, isn't it better to play a club to the 10? It probably wouldn't be obvious to RHO to split with QJxx or QJxxx.
Selection Problems
I think it's wrong to use terms like "sanction", "penalty" or "fine". The regulation says that the Selection Committee decide to what extent the results will stand. That's an adjustment, not a penalty.

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