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Andy Bowles
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Why did partner unblock ?
If declarer has Axx KQxx Kx Kxxx, he already has ten tricks, and he has also seen West's signals. Hence he won't play low on a spade switch, regardless of which one you play. It's hard to see how he can go wrong on any defence.
Fourteen winners, one loser
With AKxxxx Jx Axx xx opener would rebid 3 over 3. He might have done with that even with the hand in the original post.
Fourteen winners, one loser
Opener's bid spades three times, so he's likely to have a decent trump holding. If he has something like AQxxxx x Axx xxx we'll have to play 5, which might be a bit uncomfortable but will usually make. Having said that, there's a hand on ...
Why did partner unblock ?
Those examples aren't possible, because we know that declarer has four hearts. His shape is almost certainly 3424. Is Kxx KQxx Kx KQxx in range for declarer? For me it's inconceivable that I'd be trying to guess his range at the table, instead of simply asking. In ...
Why did partner unblock ?
Partner knows for certain that you have three hearts. If you have only two, that gives declarer five, and he would have responded 1.
Fourteen winners, one loser
In the auction in the original post, after 3 responder has an obvious 4 cue-bid. Then after opener cue-bids 4, responder might reasonably drive slam. Obviously either player could have done something different earlier in the auction.
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: KQ xxx xxx AT9xx
I'd expect double to be 5314, because with four hearts I can just bid them.
Awkward Terrortory
1 1 1M 3; dbl is takeout, not making a specific promise about the other major or about 3-card support, but responder will assume he's opposite a 5431 15-count until he hears otherwise. Sometimes opener will in fact have a one-suiter where he's hoping to ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: KQ xxx xxx AT9xx
Was partner supposed to do something different with A98xx AKxx x Qxx or A98xx KJxxx x Qx?
Bid this grand
100% seems an overbid. Ax AKQJxxxx xx A would be a 2 opener for most of us, and that's without using any side queens.

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