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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
"If your partner plays in tempo, you won't have any UI." Except when he alerts something that I thought was natural, or makes an explanation I wasn't expecting, or looks surprised at an explanation, or snaps his cards. In any case, playing in tempo isn't the same ...
Fast Spingold
Bridge does have it, at least in North America. The ACBL NABC schedule includes some fast pairs events, including one that is ostensibly at the highest level.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Most of Adam's concerns would be addressed by having enough directors who are competent and diligent. If a pair is persistently causing tables to be late, the directing staff should know about it, penalise them for it, and if necessary remove boards. If the directors know that there are ...
After a Lightner double
Richard, can't you simply tell us what the double would mean for different categories of West hand?
What is this double?
If he had a takeout double of spades, why would he consider this an opportune moment to enter the auction?
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
If you do decide that it is the characteristics of the bidding system that are introducing the delay, because of the greater need for explanations, who are you going to hold responsible?
After a Lightner double
The second one is obviously Lightner for a club lead. Partner's double of 2 suggested a diamond lead against 3NT, but that doesn't mean he wants a diamond against 6. He could have xxxx xxx AQJxxx -. On the first one, I voted for a club lead ...
The price of pessimism
So South bid a control-rich 17-count like an 11-count? Maybe that's where the problem was. Although when North bid game over that, presumably showing about an opening hand, South could now do some more sums and bid 6.
Bridge and the Environment
Tom, by missing out one of the 'n's, you use one less byte, thereby reducing the Carbon footprint of your internet usage. Unfortunately I've used 255 bytes in making this reply, so to offset that you'll have to misspell "environment" a further 255 times.
Dealing with Unusual Michaels
I never seem to get any juicy penalties after making a penalty-oriented double of a two-suited overcall - all I get is awkward decisions on the next round. Maybe I'm just unlucky.

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