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I've never seen this before
"If you put the bid card out, but not the X or XX, you are misinforming your opponents (and your partner, for that matter), are you not? Supposing that were true, why would it make it illegal to display the contract correctly and competely?
I've never seen this before
Ray, perhaps I can help to make it more obvious for you. The contract is information to which the player is entitled, without recourse to memory. Having the final contract displayed provides no bridge advantage to anybody. All it does is save people from the inconvenience of having to ask ...
You open 1!S, next hand bids 2!H, partner doubles....
I think it's sensible and certainly a net benefit, but "Great idea" makes it sound more innovative than it actually is. Anyway, I'd never vote for an option that contains an exclamation mark. Even when I have a natural non-forcing 2NT available, I don't bid it very ...
I've never seen this before
Why do 1 and 3 have any bearing on the legality of this practice? I accept that 2 might be relevant for those who care about these things, but as David says the player can simply not look at the bidding card except at his turn. In fact, I imagine ...
I've never seen this before
I didn't bother to look for any supporting authority. Why should I seek support for something that I consider obvious?
I've never seen this before
Ed, If I write down my pair number, that's an aid to memory. If I use that during the bidding or play in completing a pick-up slip, am I breaking the rules? If I look at the clock to find out how much time I have left to play ...
I've never seen this before
I think it's legal. The laws forbid aids to your calculation or technique, but this is neither of those. You're always allowed to know what the contract is, so determining the contract does not require either calculation or technique.
Showing the Ten of Spades
I don't think Pabis-Ticci's comment tells us anything at all, except that the person who reported it lacked a sense of humour.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
Robert, you're not breaking system, you're just misdescribing your system. Your de facto methods are that 1-2;2 is six cards, or a 5152, or (possibly) some other hands.
BW 2/1: Opener's 2M Rebid
Robert, what do you rebid with a 5=1=2=5 minimum after 1S-2H? Is it really 2NT?

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