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Andy Bowles
Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Young Chelsea
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Lame Claims
When the director gets there, perhaps he will ask declarer what he was thinking when he claimed, declarer will tell him, and you will have your answer. Sadly, what was in declarer's mind isn't actually relevant. The Laws tell us to rule on the basis of what he ...
TD please
If you'd said [i]If you think that an eight-card suit is implausible and a misunderstanding about the meaning of 3 is equally implausible, you must pass.[/i] or [i]If you think that a control bid in hearts, an eight-card suit, and a misunderstanding about the meaning ...
TD please
"But if you think that a control bid in hearts is implausible and an eight-card suit is equally implausible, you must pass because the UI suggests not passing." David, I usually understand your arguments, even if I don't agree with them, but I don't understand this one. If ...
The Meaning of This X?
That's more or less what I meant.
TD please
It's inconceivable to me that he'd have xx 10xxxx Kxx Qxx.
Lame Claims
On the first one, I think that declarer has "conceded a trick that could not be lost by any normal play of the remaining cards", so he's entitled to all three tricks under Law 71B. Anyway, I'd let him have them. On the second one, declarer's stated ...
The Meaning of This X?
Yes. I said I was surprised.
TD please
What's interesting about the problem of what to do with AKQ10xx xxx A AK10 ? Anything but pass is inconceivable.
The Meaning of This X?
I'm surprised at this discussion of what 3 shows. Without any agreement, I'd assume that: 2 = strong with clubs 2 = strong with diamonds 3 = competitive with clubs 3 = competitive with diamonds Double = clubs but less shape. If I did discuss it with anyone ...
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