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Cater for as much as you can
When you say "your line", which line do you think I'm advocating?
Some rulings questions
Thanks for that helpful contribution Ed. I was using the word "dummy" in the sense in which it is used in Law 20F5(b)(ii), and also in the post by Nikos earlier in this subthread. (I'm not going to try to guess what you meant when you used ...
Gambling Actions (L-12)
The most common examples of this rule in action are when the gambling action hopes to score more than the adjusted score you'd get if there were an adjustment. This is a candidate: K7 A1098743 KQ53 - [code]p 1 p 2NT 3 3 4 5 ...
Cater for as much as you can
"if K is not ducked, declarer loses when West has KJx or K10x with xxx." Why? I win A, cash A and play three rounds of diamonds. East ruffs, I overruff, I cross to a heart, and play another diamond, throwing a club.
Gambling Actions (L-12)
The example isn't intended to demonstrate what a gambling action is. It is intended to demonstrate how to assign scores under this Law, given that you've already determined that the action was "a gambling action, which if unsuccessful it might have hoped to recover through rectification". Since it ...
2!D opening
And also in all EBL/WBF events. Not being able to open KJx x AKJxxx xxx is quite a high price to pay, though.
Cater for as much as you can
If I thought they were likely to duck K, I would definitely play that line. Then I'd play A followed by three rounds of diamonds throwing a heart. They'd play back a club, and I'd play a fourth diamond throwing the club loser. If diamonds were 3-2 ...
2!D opening
An improvement when non-vulnerable is to play 2 as two way: either natural with opening strength, or a bad weak two in hearts. That is quite difficult to defend against, because you can happily pass 2 with a weak hand, but the two hands have similar frequency. There ...
Some rulings questions
One could refine Jeff's approach by agreeing that if your partnership's meaning for the bid would be unusual, you assume the most common meaning. For example, in some of my partnerships I have the unusual agreement that (1) 2 shows hearts and diamonds. If an opponent ...
Some rulings questions
If you correct an explanation at the end of the auction, the last opponent to call may change his final pass. If he does, the player formerly known as dummy becomes a participant in the deal again. What he learned from the explanation is both relevant and unauthorised.

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