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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Really bad or not
It's a bad bid, but not extremely so. I wouldn't bid it.
David Burn's bidding problem: A9 AKQJ2 AK97 T8
Patrick, I understand that you may play double as "cards" or "nebulous". I understand that if you doubled it wouldn't imply diamonds. I, however, play it as a takeout double. I asked David whether I could make a takeout double, and he seems to have said that I could ...
David Burn's bidding problem: A9 AKQJ2 AK97 T8
I wasn't suggesting making a nebulous double. I was suggesting making a takeout double. That is, a hand where it might be right to play in any of three suits, where I wish to consult partner as to the right strain. Partner will assume that I have five hearts ...
Apparently I'm all of "sane", "not completely nuts" and "sane" again. That is, I think that you might want to play in spades, but I prefer to agree that 2 is natural and invitational, or that it's either spades or a three-suiter.
David Burn's bidding problem: A9 AKQJ2 AK97 T8
I'm not sure that partner has even shown six clubs, let alone seven. How would he have bid with xxx xx QJx AKxxx?
David Burn's bidding problem: A9 AKQJ2 AK97 T8
Can I make a takeout double of 2S?
Gordon Rainsford's bidding problem: KQT9 AK96543 --- A3
I doubt if many of the voters are peers of the person who bid 3.
A very basic auction?
How many billion supporters does a sport need to become a major sport?
Just Curious
At EBL and WBF events there are usually several staff whose sole function is to write for the bulletin. The USBC seems to have one bulletin editor who also the appeals administrator.
"The alert, whether expected or not, is still UI!" The Law you quoted refers to "unexpected alerts". It is, of course, possible that the Lawmakers wrote "unexpected alerts" when they meant "alerts". Or maybe they only gave the example of "unexpected alerts" because they thought it was obvious that expected ...

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