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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Adobe Flash: End-of-life and BBO
There's no need to find a different word: "end the life of Flash" preserves the intended meaning perfectly.
English tournament entries
Assuming nothing has changed in the past two years, the Selection Committee's budget is agreed yearly, when the main international commitments are already known. For World Championships and anything else where qualification is required, the amount in the budget depends on which teams have qualified, and which of them ...
Advice sought on ethical question
I think it was a 1NT opening not an overcall, but yes I've seen the 1NT-bidder bid a new suit above his partner's minor. He had a singleton in the suit he bid.
Advice sought on ethical question
It's true that you can lie about what you intended to do and not get caught, just as you can lie about your agreements, take advantage of UI that the opponents aren't aware of, or vary your tempo in order to put someone off. There are lots of ...
2nd round dbl by advancer
If the original doubler is 4=3=3=3 he usually bids 2. As Kevin says, he might leave it in with the right hand. Would you prefer me not to take care when posting?
Advice sought on ethical question
If you bid 2 thinking it showed diamonds, heard partner say "clubs", then say "sorry, pulled the wrong card", you're cheating. This procedure is only allowed if you actually intended to bid 2NT.
2nd round dbl by advancer
Obligatory raises with four-card support are quite a bad idea if responder might be trapping, and advancer might have a three-card suit. Also, your proposed solution doesn't work very well when the doubler is 4=3=3=3 and advancer is 2=4=3=4.
Advice sought on ethical question
We do know what the partnership agreement was in the auction where responder has shown diamonds - it's in the original post. We also know what the partnership agreement was in the auction where 2 showed clubs.
Advice sought on ethical question
I think it depends on what South's mistake was. If he intended to bid 2NT, then he's allowed to know that he didn't, even if it was the explanation that told him this. Knowledge of the auction is authorised, even if that knowledge came from partner's ...
What do you return at trick two?
That also applies if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, or anywhere on the surface of the the earth except the poles.

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