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Andy Bowles
Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Young Chelsea
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Director Ruling
"South is only entitled to know what the East-West agreement is." South is also entitled to have his opponents act in accordance with the rules. If doing that would reveal what East thought West's bids meant, then South is entitled to that information.
Permissible enquiry?
If Steve would underlead an ace three times more often than an average player, it's not just bridge - it's bridge as played by Steve and as previously experienced by Steve's partner.
Lebensohl lucidity
I'm curious. What [I]is[/I] the worst takeout double of 2 that you've seen?
Permissible enquiry?
"When you ask me what I think my partner would lead from a particular hand, you are asking what I think the correct lead is." No, she's asking what you think your partner would think the best lead is.
Lebensohl lucidity
Because of the (very rare) problem described by David, it's better to play a direct 4m as the 4M-6m hand, and a delayed 4m as a natural slam try.
What is the difference?
In both auctions, the director had to determine what the partnership understanding was. That doesn't just mean what you've got written down, but everything else that contributes to your shared understanding - knowledge of each other's habits, history of forgetting agreements, shared experience with other partners, etc. In ...
Rare High-Level Decision
"Anything else that I think requires judgement" might include judging that passing 6 is never an option. Although it could be right to pass with a hand like KJxx xxx Qxxxx x, in case partner has AQxxxx Kx AKJxx - .
What Does This Bid Mean?
Personally I would have opened 2NT with that, but if you make it Ax AKxx AKxxx xx then I'd bid 4.
What Does This Bid Mean?
3=3=6=1 is more mainstream.
Mindful revoke
The rules claim the right to use the word "ethics" in the narrow context of the rules. They don't, and cannot, claim the right to override Aviv's personal ethics, or his right to evaluate the rules in the context of his personal ethics.

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