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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Steve Barnfield
"Anon, on the other hand, I do know." Indeed. I'm not sure whose blushes David was trying to save, or why, but it didn't work. There are entire tribes in the Brazilian rainforest who weren't even alive at the time, but still know who he's talking ...
Reviving old questions.
It depends on the whole hand. For example: If my 3-card side-suit is KQJ, having winners in the splinter-suit isn't going to be useful, so I'm happy to splinter with an honour. If my 3-card side-suit is Axx, winners in the short suit may be useful, so I ...
Why Abstain?
I click Abstain when I want to see the results of the poll, but don't want to vote myself. I would prefer it if the button were called something else. When I actually want to abstain (that is, a meaningful refusal to participate), and don't want to see ...
Ruling fron Eastbourne
"I can't imagine what else we might do other than have rulings (that cause acrimony)." We could have rulings that are accepted with equanimity. That is, mostly the same rulings, but with more adults at the receiving end.
Probability, probability...
As noted by David Yates above, with five diamonds west might have led a trump. With 10x and a singleton diamond he probably wouldn't; with a spade void he definitely wouldn't.
Probability, probability...
"gains against a stiff diamond East with S10 any length" It doesn't gain against the dummy-reversal when East has a stiff diamond and 10x - both lines work.
Probability, probability...
After A, A with both following, diamond with East following, shouldn't we ruff with the jack? That works against all 4-2 breaks, and doesn't risk an overruff from 10x when diamonds are 1=5.
3!S INV or GF?
Yes, although I'm not sure whether the range determines the methods or vice versa. American authors generally recommend a range like 2-5 for the WJS, whereas in the style described by Richard G they go up to about 8. So in the American style you need three other ranges ...
3!S INV or GF?
That's a common approach in England. It's not normal in North America.
What is the meaning of this double?
I'm astonished at the number of people who apparently think this is the wrong answer.

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