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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Lebensohl is useful to distinguish between, for example, Qxx xx xxx AKJ10x and xxx xx xxx AQ10xx.
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
I think it's important to tell both opponents what the likely hand-types are. Especially the hand-types that you're likely to have when they might be thinking of bidding. What on earth is wrong with "competitive with a minor or various stronger hand-types"? Or, more succinctly, "Lebensohl".
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
I prefer the explanation "lebensohl" to "He strongly suggests I bid 3 clubs, after which he may or may not continue describing his hand." With "lebensohl", I have a good idea of the possible hand-types. With Hank's explanation, I know only about one hand-type.
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
That would help, but it doesn't really solve the problem of identifying game-forcing 2/1 responses.
To the Bulletin Office or Anti Cheating Committee?
Next time I've had a look at the hands and worked out a good play, I'll be sure to take an extra 30 seconds to make it look more convincing.
How High for Equal Level Conversion Doubles?
Double-and-convert always shows a choice-of-strains or flexible hand, rather than a strong one-suiter. The higher the level the less well-defined it is. The strength shown is a function of the level that it forces you to. I might double a 4 opening on a 2164 shape, planning to pass ...
Master as a racist term
Are you suggesting that an MA from Cambridge is in some way meaningful?
Master as a racist term
Actually for me it's nearer to 15%.
Undos in the Reynolds KOs
Kit, the point I was making was that there are two possible effects of UI: - The recipient breaks the rules and uses it to avoid a misunderstanding. - The recipient obeys the rules, so his choices are constrained by it. Both effects are undesirable. Your comment only mentioned the first one.
Undos in the Reynolds KOs
"The only reason in f2f play we use alerts rather than announcements is ..." Actually there are two reasons. One is what you said; the other is to avoid unnecessarily constraining the partner's actions by giving him UI.

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