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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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Nov. 17
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Young Chelsea
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common game deal best line for 6NT
It was worth considering.
Ripped Off
I've found a use for US pennies that greatly outweighs their face value. I use them to discourage moss-growth on the corrugated roof of my garage, by placing coins at intervals in each corrugation. They function in the same way as zinc strips. British pennies, being made of copper-plated ...
common game deal best line for 6NT
If you plan to duck a club, you should cash one diamond first, in case an honour appears.
2 Day Trials Format
For it to be a straw man, wouldn't I have had to imply that you were arguing for using a BAM trial?
2 Day Trials Format
Is that an empirical result or a theoretical one, or both? I'm struggling to think of reasons why a matchpointed pairs event should be more effective than a reasonably long cross-IMPs event. And, whatever those reasons are, wouldn't they also apply to a teams trial too? Nobody ever ...
The Right Shift
How does a defining meaning differ from a non-defining meaning?
2 Day Trials Format
"the best team needs to be able to beat any of the other teams" It's rare for the best team to be certain of beating any of the other teams. When that situation does occur, then the format is probably irrelevant anyway. It's more common to have one ...
Definition of a penalty double
That might not be all the pertinent information. If you know, from partnership experience, what hand-types partner can or can't have for his double, that's a partnership understanding and it's disclosable.
Play this hand
With Qxx AJxxxx A xxx, shouldn't West have played a low heart back, rather than ace and another, and then thrown a spade on the long club? He knows that hearts are 6-2, but we don't. Expecting that hearts are 5-3, we might be inclined to play him ...
2 Day Trials Format
That would be my choice too. In the second round-robin, the two teams that were leading at the start of day two should play each other last.

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