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Andy Caranicas
Andy Caranicas
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Aug. 31, 2011
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in Minnesota and play when I can, with the demands of a full time job and family allowing.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning GNT B or being in the elevator with Bill Gates and not realizing it until my friend pointed him out
Bridge Accomplishments
GNT flight B Champion - 0-1500 Spingold Champion
Regular Bridge Partners
Richard Lawson, Eric Hendrickson, Paul Gutterman
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Favorite Tournaments
BBO Username
Greek A
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: 74 QJ4 AQT64 KQ7
Yes we play 15-17. I considered 1NT but I didn’t like my spade holding.
Why Don't We Attract More Bridge Players?
Unfortunately I don't think the problem is specific to BW. Have you ever looked at other online forums? I think the majority of them are filled with this type of behavior. The problem seems to be more of a question about society and online behavior in general, but I ...
Impolite to compliment partner?
The OP is my regular partner and I voted to suppress the compliments. However, if you know the opponents then judgment should apply.
How should the director adjust on BBO?
The point being a slow play penalty could be awarded just as in a regular ACBL tournament. If 1.5 boards isn't enough then look at all the boards played by those pairs. This is more of a theoretical point than anything.
How should the director adjust on BBO?
One other point: I assume there is a time stamp on every action, so if time runs out a director should be able to determine who was slow and penalize accordingly. I don't know if this happens though.
Andy Caranicas's bidding problem: 93 AQJ84 QT53 T2
At the table I bid 1N, and the opponents quickly arrived in 4S with my bid being inconsequential. My partner said he didn't agree with my bid hence this post. The danger lies in the case of a misfit where they can't make anything but can hurt us ...
Steven Gaynor's bidding problem: 5 AT74 KQ652 A73
1NT gives responder the most options.
What does 4!C mean?
Board 15 from the common game Friday 1/31:
What does 4!C mean?
When this hand came up, I was the 3 bidder favorable at MP holding: xx QJ1098xx xx xx. Responder had a balanced 15-count and they played in 6NT making 7. I'm just wondering if there's an intelligent way to bid 7.
What does 4!C mean?
The idea is to poll for the undiscussed but if you have some great system to handle this then please share. The 3 bid is really obstructive.

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