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Migrating to 1NT semi forcing
Do you play semiforcing NT along with constructive raises? I have found mixed views online as to whether this is a viable combination.
How Does Your Club Handle Director Pay, Recruiting, Partnerships, etc?
We are a member-owned club, so there is an element of volunteerism that may not be present in for-profit clubs. That said, our approach is as follows. 1. Based on tables, but with a minimum and maximum. 2. Nothing specifically for two sections, but as we only run multiple sections ...
What to do holding (5-4) in the majors after 1!C - (1!D)
Other - double with a one bid hand, else bid the 5-card major.
Andy Eastwood's bidding problem: KQ6 AQT76 JT9 Q9
With xx Kxx xxxx Kxxx? 2S is making and 3H down 1. Nobody voted for it, but what would double of 2S by South show, in the context of a general agreement that all low-level doubles are takeout unless otherwise agreed? That would suggest it is takeout, but on what ...
We run two games twice a week. One room, one director, one computer. Typically 15-25 total tables.
Andy Eastwood's bidding problem: KQT8 Q32 QJT73 5
Thank you all. I held the hand and bid 2S. Partner drove to game, which had no play, and she felt I should not have bid again with a light opener. I agree with the comments stating it is a full opener opposite a spade response.
Andy Eastwood's bidding problem: KQT8 Q32 QJT73 5
This is about whether, having opened light, you should shut up on the next round else partner thinks you have a full opener.
ACBL surcharge at tournaments good or bad?
The last two sectionals I have played in, Savannah and Macon, were $10/session.
ACBLScore in a multiple monitor environment
Interesting. I am not a director and do not know ACBLscore - I did not know about the text file option. We are currently using the snip tool, but I will ask our directors about the text file option.
ACBLScore in a multiple monitor environment
Update: used the system on Monday for the ACBL Instant Matchpoint game. We ran two sections. One ran flawlessly. The other had lots of problems. A number of scores did not transfer from the Bridgemates into ACBLscores. Some scores are wrong, but could have been caused by errors when manually ...

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