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Andy Hung
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May 8, 2011
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BBO Vugraph Operated 2.5 tables simultaneously.
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Gold Coast Congress - Simply the best :)
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Bd 3 (19) BB 2011 Italy vs Pakistan - Tuesday November 5th
FWIW, my partner and I play after 1-(3): 4=Good heart raise 4=Clubs 4=To play 4=Diamonds 4NT= RKCB It has some gains and losses, but I haven't had that come up yet to know whether it's good ...
Bd 3 (19) BB 2011 Italy vs Pakistan - Tuesday November 5th
Hindsight always seems to make things easier! The 5 bid may have helped East bid 6, but I don't think it means North shouldn't bid it as this deal might just be a decision at the 5-level.
Board 22 - November 5th
I'd feel slightly uneasy doubling. I guess if anyone is going to double, it would be with East's hand as it has the potential defensive tricks (West can only see one trick). The thing with East's hand is that you might be thinking 5S is probably down ...
Bd 24 5th Nov
With dummy this strong, I'd certainly have little interest in this hand as well! But I guess I was wondering whether you guys play any form of Smith Echo or Suit Preference vs. NT? Imagine a weaker dummy, and now it seems you need more important information rather than ...
Board 27, 5th November
It can matter because North needs to investigate a potential grand slam via some sort of RKC so you don't start jumping and hopping to guess. But also, the jumpshift doesn't always guarantee the HCP. Could South have xx AKQT9x AJTxx - and didn't want to rebid ...
Board 28, 5 Nov
I'm not sure about the "has no play" part, or maybe I've missed something. Actually perfect defence would make that statement true! At the point where declarer led the J, it looks like it's better to lead a low spade to the 9. North has to win ...
Board 27, 5th November
This hand seems difficult to bid in a natural system. After 1-1, does South rebid 2 or 3? Probably 3, but over this, North should bid what? South's 3 may be bid with 3631 planning to 3 later, so maybe North should ...
Board 22 - November 5th
Think West should've played the J to signal that West has something in diamonds. On most layouts it won't really matter as partner should defend correctly, but at least it's good to tell partner some information and that sometimes you can collect more undertricks (like here).
Board 18 5th Nov 2019
Isn't West's hand worth a bit more than a 2 raise? Granted that partner is likely to be 4135 and we may have four losers in the red suits, but then 3 may play just fine. Just that if on THIS East hand it makes 10 ...
Bd 24 5th Nov
Definitely a boring hand. But North's 5 followed by 3, what type of signal was this?

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