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Andy Hung
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May 8, 2011
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BBO Vugraph Operated 2.5 tables simultaneously.
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Gold Coast Congress - Simply the best :)
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Board 15, 26th May
Yeah, I was rather thinking that if declarer is 0913, then a diamond (small or king) would be a natural play at trick 2.
Board 5, May 26, Spingold 2016, SF 3/4
I believe East pretty much has the textbook XX especially when it's by a passed hand. All the right conditions are there: 1) we are a passed hand (so we can't have more), 2) we are happy to double anything and happy if partner can double the hearts ...
Brd 1 May 26 2016 SGold SF 3/4 Zim V Lav
Putting it another way, if the deal is a partscore battle, overcalling 1 will immediately find your (potential) fit but 1NT will often make you miss your fit. In the BB Wuhan, my partner had 1082 AK1082 J97 AK and his RHO opened 1 (2+ but may ...
Brd 1 May 26 2016 SGold SF 3/4 Zim V Lav
I strongly agree with everything that Kate said here in regards to Pass vs. 3, and 1 vs. 1NT. In competitive auctions, I generally think that loser count and HCP is not something you should look at, but it's about your distribution and the number of trumps ...
Bd 8 26/5
I wouldn't have overcalled North's hand. If I held the South's hand and auction did go (2)-2-(4), it seems crazy not to go to slam imo. Assuming 4NT is two places to play (minors), you'd probably have to bid 5 ...
Board 15, 26th May
Running a long suit is definitely something that shouldn't be overlooked, but so is picturing declarer's probable distribution! I think West is able to formulate the (almost?) precise distribution of declarer when trick 2 was completed.
Bd 3 Tues May 26th Spingold SF 3/4 Zimmermann vs Lavazza
For me, I don't treat -500 as a 'successful' sacrifice (maybe more so in MPs or BAM), as there could be plenty of room for the opponents to go down. I think North has too much defensive potential to be taking the dive.
Board 21 - 19 May
In regards to the step bid over the 4m SA Texas, if you play 1NT-4M as natural to play, then there's probably no need to be using that step bid since responder could've bid 4M themselves (and also the step bid can allow [another] potential lead-directing double). When ...
Hand 12. 12 May 2020
Does that mean if West has 35xx and an accept they jump to 4 (or would that suggest a 36xx?), or if it's a 6-7 count they can now bid 3? Or what if West has 34xx and an accept, should they not bid 4 and ...
Hand 12. 12 May 2020
Is there a way to find a potential heart fit? E.g. If West's hand was 3523 (also on the current hand) I'd be a bit sad to miss out on 4.

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