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Andy Hung
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May 8, 2011
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about me

Team EG ftw!

Editor of the Australian Youth Bridge Bulletin.

Core member of the Milne Team. 


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BBO Vugraph Operated 2.5 tables simultaneously.
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Gold Coast Congress - Simply the best :)
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Board 21, 16 April, Norway vs Poland BB 2007
Definitely agree with Kate above. Preemptive raises at V vs NV shouldn't be a balanced 3 count, it should have a bit of character. If partner has the SK or either minor suit aces, game is reasonable. Sure there are also hands where there is no play for a ...
Board 18 16 April BB2007 Norway vs Poland
I remember one hand playing with Sartaj in the World Pairs in Orlando. I was dealer at all vul and opened 1H. The auction then went something like: my LHO overcalled 2D, Sartaj bid 2NT 4+H INV+, RHO competed to 3D. I had a balanced minimum and really didn ...
april 16, board 17
I like to play Ace=Attitude, K=Count only for 5+level contracts, or when declarer has shown a 6+suit (e.g. 3S P 4S AP). Some pairs extend this when defending against any contract which I did used to play, but never understood why, and often found myself ...
Board 22 - BB Norway vs Poland
Did the 2NT guarantee a balanced hand? I guess it's still OK to be in 4S if North has a singleton spade since we have the KJT9. My worry about the 4S bid is that it precludes a potential cue bidding auction. It's true that the 2D bid ...
Board 22 - BB Norway vs Poland
As for the play on the HJ lead, I don't know the exact percentages, but I think taking the finesse is best. If it loses, you can still use the HA to pitch a loser. Let's say the finesse loses to East - sure, we can see that a ...
Board 22 - BB Norway vs Poland
Good auction, especially the point about the 4H showing the club control and doesn't say anything about a heart control. I definitely agree that the (non)serious 3NT should only be applied when a fit has been confirmed (amongst a couple of other partnership rules that you'd have ...
Board 32 April 16 Bidding Forum
By the way, no one has mentioned North overcalling 1S. Call me (slightly) crazy, but at favourable vulnerability, a 5431 shape, and a five-card [b]spade[/b] suit, getting into the auction now is imo very important.
Board 32 April 16 Bidding Forum
I think the important decision to make on this hand is at trick 1 - whether to duck the CK lead or not. East's double strongly suggests that the DA is with East, so if we take the CA, we will have to give a heart trick to West at ...
Board 23, 16 April
I think the North's hand is a bit too weak to bid 2S at vul with 2 queens and a jack and not much shape. However, after the 2S bid, South should definitely make a move. The DKTxx is a downgrade that's right, but we could easily have ...
Board 31 from April 16 matches
I'm definitely a doubler as I don't want to give away an opportunity for a juicy penalty! As Kate said, we have the entries to keep playing away at the spades. If you decide to bid over 1NT to show the spades, sure you get to play the ...

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