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Andy Hung
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May 8, 2011
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BBO Vugraph Operated 2.5 tables simultaneously.
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Gold Coast Congress - Simply the best :)
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Board 5, 2 July, Netherlands vs Norway
It's probably been more than 4, but my sample size isn't that big as I don't play that often! It's just that I find it hard to be transferring with a 4-card major with say a 4144 type shapes as responder, so I think 'upgrading' with ...
Bermuda Bowl 10.7.19 Board19
Sorry, I'm not a big fan of the auction. Could E/W have been playing a potential slam with xx opp KQxxxx, and have missed a potential eight or nine-card heart fit? Or was 4 a re-transfer showing hearts? If East wanted to RKC in spades, then the ...
Board 5, 2 July, Netherlands vs Norway
I've been a very firm believer for a while now that 17 with 44 in the majors should be 'upgraded' to 18 so you don't miss out on games when responder has a semi/unbal hand with a 4-card major around 6-7 HCP. So far I'm 4 ...
Board 21, 26 June: 2007 Bermuda Bowl Netherlands vs Sweden 6/6
After a strong 2NT opening (or via 2, but not a 2NT overcall), I think it's a good idea that over a transfer, to play some sort of responses to show whether you have a fit or not. The downside is that with a weak hand and 5cM ...
Bd 24, 25th June Netherlands vs Sweden
Seems bad defence by West. Even on a spade lead to the ace, it can't be wrong to switch to the A to get a signal, especially looking at dummy with seven diamonds and the A.
Board 28 - 25 June
I mentioned above that I play it as 5/5 majors. 5/5 minors sounds interesting, as it's true it's a hand type that you can't show opposite a 2 opening as you'd need to bypass 3NT. I guess the one potential problem might be ...
Board 28 - 25 June
I play it as 5+/5+ Majors with at least 1.5honours in each major suit. That way, it seems like a hand where you won't need to play in NT's, and it relieves pressure off the sequences 2-2-3m-3.
Hand 32 Forum June 25
Is your 2NT rebid forcing? If it is, then fine that's OK to be rebidding 2NT. But if it isn't, what is responder meant to do over the 2NT rebid with 4(144) or a hand with 5 (e.g. 5(431) or 5(422)) that had ...
Hand 32 Forum June 25
Completely agree with Stephen here. Unless you play a conventional 2NT rebid where it's forcing or something (and one of the hand types is 18-19 with 4-card support), then you should never be in favour of hiding four-card support.
Brd 27 June 25 BB 2007 Sweden V Netherlands 6/6
Barbara makes a great point that you might need to tread carefully when South has responded 1NT. Given the hearts are badly placed, there might be more harm in competing to 3, although down three is a bit unlucky! (I would think down two would be more normal if ...

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