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July 20, 2018
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GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
>Andy, what is the range and midpoint for the second range (repeating your terminology)? 4 to 8 has a width of 5 (4,5,6,7,8) with its midpoint at 6. -3 to 3 has width of 7 (not 6 as I wrote initially).
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
While the fractional VIP scales are better for obvious reasons (making each additional IMP worth something), the ACBL discrete VIP scales for longer matches are also flawed in a less obvious way. The whole point of a VIP scale is to reduce the effect of blowouts by making each IMP ...
This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
While I would not be inclined to adjust on this particular hand, I share the distaste with pairs at this level claiming to not have agreements on reasonably straightforward auctions. Even if the exact auction has not come up, surely they have had some sort of discussion about what variation ...
Bermuda Bowl-1959 Segment 1
Wikipedia also says he played for the Dodgers, citing the Encyclopedia of Bridge. But baseball-reference stats for the majors are generally complete for anything after 1900, and they even have box scores for every game after 1914, so it's basically impossible for Hazen (b. 1904) to have played in ...
Your UI ruling?
At least four people have suggested that West was trying for a double shot, even though the original poster says "I was South. I suggested a director call after the hand but opponents declined." Strange double shot, where you decline to ask for redress even after getting a bad score.
Did the Director get it right?
The interesting part is that the opponents, having seen the hand before, were still prepared to go for a number against a part score.
Washington 2016 and Toronto 2017 NABC Appeals Casebooks with commentary now available
It seems to me that there is a need to clarify and standardize the way peers should be polled. Kit Woolsey in the first case (N1): "Polling players to ask what they would have bid with the MI is meaningless. The only issue is: Would South have been significantly less ...
Congratulations to Monaco! Now named official 'winners' of the 2014 European Championships
(Hm, standard emojis do not seem to work)
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
With Dilbert labeled as a certain former high-level bridge official? Wow, that survived for a long time.
Why does Harvard hate bridge?
It's disappointing to hear this. If the decision is up to the Undergraduate Council, then some of the suggestions like alumni pressure on the University administration are unlikely to accomplish anything. Have you tried to talk to your House's representatives on the UC, to see if they can ...

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