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Information about Orlando World Bridge Series
Is there an obligation to play in the B final if one doesn't qualify for the A final, or are pairs allowed to withdraw from the pairs events if desired?
Big Decision
Or maybe it's better to just duck the heart after all and play for the 9th trick in that suit
Big Decision
Just noting that if the duck does catch AT, you're still down if the defense switches to a heart from Hxx and the diamond finesse is off. As noted you have to fly A to prevent them from going back to spades, and if the heart suit isn't ...
Board 15 in USA2 vs. Sweden QF Bermuda Bowl (47th Board of QF match)
An interesting aspect to this position is that if declarer held AJx, it would appear to be normal to start the suit by leading the T. This always leaves declarer with a more flexible position to choose which card to lead on the second round. So there is a kind ...
The rest of the story...
I had the basic issue being raised here come up in the Vanderbilt. I'm afraid I don't remember the exact hand, but for the purposes of this discussion, let's say it was AKx KTxxxxxKxx Red on white, LHO opened a 10-12 NT, and it went ...
Earning your Average in Platinum Pairs
Well to me Txx is a terrible lead. Certainly anyone choosing to lead passively would always prefer xxx. I would rather play LHO for Hx/Txxx/KJTx/AKx than xxx/Txx/KJTx/AKx
Earning your Average in Platinum Pairs
Yeah to me, once LHO makes an awkward lead from KJTx, I would always assume he has something in spades since otherwise he might have led that instead. Very hard for you to do anything other than what you did.
Earning your Average in Platinum Pairs
I led a spade on the second hand. I must admit I can't imagine making any other choice. It made it trivially easy for declarer as he could play a club at trick 2, which I (seemed to) have to duck to kill the suit. Anyway all routes led ...
a MP bidding/play problem
I coded it up to what I think is a reasonable enough approximation. As we had reasoned, it is sufficient for declarer to play the pure strategy of always repeating the finesse and playing for the squeeze. The defense must play a mixed strategy. Specifically, a defender holding Kxx of ...
a MP bidding/play problem
I think Kit's short answer is the practical one. But for the sake of it, here is a longer and more theoretical take on this problem, which to me looks potentially very complicated. First off, I think it is ok to effectively treat this problem as IMPs rather than ...

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